Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Do

(by the way, this song came on today which jarged this memory) Oh fuck. Last summer I had a best friend (well actually two) get married within 2 weeks of each other. I was (and still am) very happy for both of them, for they have found their match. Their special days were incredible and I was lucky enough to celebrate it with them. Normally when a best friend gets married, one feels lonely. I never felt lonely during that time... but something happened one day while I was rushing over to take care of a Bridal emergency (her dress didn't fit - NOT GOOD). I had popped in a cd that I hadn't listened to in a long time. Jude. Anyway. I was driving up Lovejoy from a lovely breakfast with a girlfriend in the Pearl after a night of chatting and good times, and suddenly Jude's words hit me. I started bawling. As Lovejoy turned into Cornell and you hit that corner with the florist, I decided I needed to buy flowers. They were to cheer up the upset Bride, but I think I needed some cheering up too. I bought the most unique sunflowers at the little stand with the most tard-ass sign (Roses. 5 for $5 or half a dozen for $6)

So I get to the Brides parents house. We discuss the options of the dress etc. The next project they were hoping for help is the programs. The computer program was a bit turned around and the tech expert Groom was at his job so they needed me to fix, center, and print them. No problem. But the programs were titled "I DO". and THAT was the name of the song that set me off upon my arrival.

So CHEERS to all the happily married couples, for they are few and far between. CHEERS to the happily single, for they are also few and far between. Moral of the story? Be happy with yourself, and good things will come. :)

Lyrics to "I DO" by Jude : (try and read them without getting a pang in your heart)

I got a letter today
An invitation
And the writing looked like you
Hello how are you
And by the way,
Please RSVP I do

I thought of writing sad words
Of how it used to be
But I didn't want to bring you down
I guess the bells ring pretty well
There without me
Don't worry about me baby
I'd wear the thorny crown
I would play the clown

If you think that I don't love you
You're just wrong
That don't matter now anyway
I couldn't bear to see you up there
With a white dress on
Here's my vow to you
I'll stay away

I remember when
In a lover's whisper you said
No other man
Would ever share your bed
Well we both know
That's not been so
I wish I never let you go
Now, you found a better man instead

I wish you health and wealth
And a white house on a hill
And I, I hope you raise a family
Little boy and a little girl
A little more joy in this little old world
Well that would be enough for me

Time rolls on
And dreams they die
And I've thrown out
The pictures I had of you and I
And if you're ever wondering if
Love can be true
Well, think of me remember darling
Like I Like I do

Old friendships fade away, love falls apart
And you've not spent a single day outside my heart
And there's just one more dream that I have left for you
I hope you're smiling when he turns around and says I do