Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Music March 20th

Not the most exciting week in music. I had time to go to a few record stores to properly review the newly released, and besides The Shins nothing on my list were available to listen to. So it isn't just me that thinks the week of March 20th isn't special. Enjoy!!!

Up on high from Daniel Rossen's debut solo album Silent Hour / Golden Mile
Daniel's fame is from his band Grizzly Bear (Anne, we saw them right?). Lovely soothing voice and stunning instruments. And his gran-daddy is film director Robert Rossen, Oscar winner of The Hustler and All the kings men. Talented family...

Cinnamon Tree from Esperanza Spalding's 4th album Radio Music Society
This lil lady needs no introduction for me, she's from my town and won a Grammy for best new artist 2011. She is the first jazz artist to win the award. She's multi talented, speaks several languages, plays a plethora of instruments. Check her as the Crystal Ballroom hosts April 25th. She will get down with her bad self for ya.

Off the Wall from Lee Ranaldo's album Between the Times & the Tides
Lee is the guitarist from the band Sonic Youth. As a solo artist he still plays the same haunting guitar licks as he does with SY. I also feel he sounds like Michael Stipe... He's a writer as well as a musician.

Fisher of Men from Margot and the Nuclear So and So's album Rot Gut
First off, there is no band member named Margot. I love their sense of humor, or perhaps candidness and self-expression. Oh my. Probably the only track I'd consider buying this week. This is their 4th album since they united in 2008.

Lust and Fame from Jesse Ruins' album Dream Analysis
Perhaps from Japan? This would explain the lack of bio on the 'net. Ambiance electronic ecstasy.

Red from Lost in the Trees album A Church That Fits Our Needs Anti
Will be at the Doug Fir March 25th.
Beautiful crisp voice. And all you music lovers in marketing, I can only assume this band is looking for a rep since this is their 3rd album, are clearly touring the country, but have no easily available bio online. ?!. Please help them, I think they are lost... In trees. Yes. Yes I did.

The Neoliberal Anthem from Anti Flag's album General Strike
Punkrockers from Pittsburgh and extreme left wingers. Started their own record label (A-F Records) to support their fellow punkers. Smart. Accused of being anti-American due to their activism in class rights, human rights, etc. They can't be that bad if this is true:
'On October 8, 2004, U.S. Representative Jim McDermott gave a speech in the House of Representatives, praising Anti-Flag for their work in encouraging young people to register and vote.'
Yes, they sound like real a**holes...!

All of me from Tanlines album Mixed Emotions
This is this duo's debut album, claiming a variety of influences and genres of music. Definitely electronic pop music, seems to be having fun. Yes please and welcome to the music industry. Now about MY tanlines... I'd like to see THEIR debut.

It's only life from The Shins 4th album Port of Morrow
I decided to purchase this album for 3 reasons: I find them fantastic, they live here in Portland, and I was at Music Millennium getting my rubix cube prize and decided to give back to the local record store. They formed in 2001 but really came to surface (in my opinion) during the movie Garden State. You can see them at the Les Schwab theater in Bend May 25th.

Analog 2 from Odd Future's 4th album The OF Tape Vol. 2
From Los Angeles, and like to dabble in RnB, Hip Hop and electronic. They also created their own record label. Don't we have the entrepreneurs this week! And thank you Odd Future for the good laugh. And making sure I have a good time.

Wildfire from SBTRKT's album Wildfire
Bizarre electronic dance music..
Oh for pete's sake:
"SBTRKT is an alias used to support the concept of anonymity. SBTRKT has explained that he'd 'rather not talk about myself as a person, and let the music speak for itself. The name SBTRKT is me taking myself away from that whole process. I'm not a social person, so having to talk to DJs to make them play a record is not something I want to do. It's more about giving them a record as an anonymous person and seeing whether they like it or not. If they play it, they play it.'"

Aspirin Moon from Robert Pollard's album Mouseman Cloud
Ohhh no. So I can only assume you don't remember my review of Guided by voices, the band he's a member of. I only recall because I remember their appearance on Letterman and how utterly offensive it was. Rumor has it Pollard releases a solo album within the same time frame as Guided by voices. Why? This seems really bizarre. I only picked this song for the guitar riffs and song title. The whiney voice droning on like you are an 80's rocker from the UK but in actuality you are from Dayton Ohio. Ouch.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Music March 13th

I appologize for yet again the delay in my posting, but I had family in town and they always come first. Shooter's my favorite this week.

Empty House from Delta Spirit's album Delta Spirit
These San Diegoians use trash can lids as instruments... They've been beating indie since '05... And this is the 'Spirits 3rd studio album. Totally moves my cheese. Intrumentally stunning and unusual, love the vocals. Wonder Ballroom on May 5th.

On My Way Downtown from Lucero's 9th album Women & Work
Lucero is an alternative country ginormous band from Tennessee that will be at the Wonder Ballroom March 24th. I'm gonna venture to say Lucero isnlt a Grammy seeking band but should be honored for their free spirited fun. I love when a band just plays and doesn't take themselves so gosh darned seriously. Seriously.

Say Anything's 6th album Anarchy, My Dear
Might as well pitch a tent at the Wonder Ballroom, Say Anything will be there March 25th. They are from Los Angeles and are described as emo. Ooooo so they erupted in the year 2000. Yes emo emo emo. Tickle me emo? Perhaps. And there is no way I am in the mood to paraphrase this interesting tidbit so here you go:
'Max Bemis was raised "in a strong Jewish environment." Many of Bemis' lyrics borrow from his Jewish roots. While most of band's earlier songs are free of any such inspiration, the songs of ...Is a Real Boy and In Defense of the Genre include references to Jewish heritage. "Alive with the Glory of Love," Say Anything's first single, has a main subject of a relationship affected by World War II and the Holocaust, based on Bemis's grandparents, while "Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too" includes mentions of "the old shul" and a rabbi's teachings. A strong example from In Defense comes from the lyrics of "Died a Jew". The song includes several references to the Jewish race and its history along with mentions of "the murder of God" and Bemis' departures from kosher'

Put some red on it from Spoek Mathambo's album Father Creeper
Afro beat baby. I can tell you he's from Johannesburg and is at the SWXSW in Texas (as are many artists/bands this new release blog). I can also tell you that unless my ultra chic friend from NY is taking me to a club to check em out, I probably won't ever take a second look at Spoek again... I'm just too Northwest. The music is energetic but I can't stand the lyrics. Ha.

Over the mountain down in a teaspoon from Megaphonic Thrift's album Megaphonic Thrift
Experimental rock and roll from Norway? Okay. This is the bands second album since their debut in 2011. And no, I didn't make up the track name. Absolutely instrumental and experimental. Keep having fun, Megaphonics!

Black Dog from Shooter Jenning's album Family Man.
This is his first self producing album. He's Waylon's boy, and he's an outlaw countryman. This song shows off him as a poet and as a singer. The rest of the album is equally as entertaining and unique. Well done Shooter McGavin.

Canibal Corpse's album Torture.
This death metal band has produced 12 albums since it's 1988 inception. I decided to google death metal. Here are some common adjectives: death growl, grindcore, and 'growling that is sometimes also referred to as Cookie Monster vocals, tongue-in-cheek, due to the vocal similarity to the voice of the popular Sesame Street character of the same. name.' Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!
Now the not so funny news: I refuse to pick a track from this disturbingly titled album. After all, when some are called 'F*#ked with a knife', 'Stripped Raped and Strangled', and 'She was asking for it', I decided not to preview any song. My choice.

Colonial Man from Bishop Morocco's latest EP 'Old Boys
Rocking out at SXSW as I type, debuting originally in 2008. And even though they reside in Toronto, they recorded this Old Boys EP in the Netherlands at their apartment there. Cuz who doesn't have an extra flat in the Netherlands? Must make you a little sluggish over there for this is the only track the stood out as different from the others.

Body Knows Best by Anya Marina's album Felony Flats
A musical theater geek from Michigan rocking her 3rd album. Enjoy. You've probably heard her music on many TV shows in the past few years. And hey, anyone into musical theater grabs my attention.

Moments from One Direction's album Up All Night
Debut debut!!!! Winner at the 2012 Brit Awards... Peppy poppy and playful. Heads up for this band...

Monday, March 12, 2012

New Music March 6th

Oh so very surprised by Springsteen. Ok. Here you go. Enjoy.

We are alive from Bruce Springsteens 17th studio album Wrecking Ball
I had no desire to listen to Bruce's' music after hearing him open for the Grammys this year, promoting his upcoming Wrecking Ball. He sounded messy, angry, and arrogant. But this 21 Grammy winner, 2 time Golden Globe winner, and Academy Award winner proved me wrong. I'm a fan of Wrecking Ball. And I'll betcha when Rolling Stone Magazine is compiling the best of 2012, Springsteen will be included.

If you will have me from Kaiser Chiefs 5th album Start the Revolution without Me
I absolutely love KC's song Ruby so much, it makes me want to jump up and down and flap my wings. The violins in this new track are stunning, tho the song seems a little dreary. Go see them at the Wonder Ballroom last week March 5th. Oops sorry.

The Shakedown from Yellow Ostrich's album Strangelands.
So much fun fun fun. The artwork of the album matches the rest of the tracks - slightly depressing but intriguing and you wait for it to pull you in. I believe this is these New Yorkers second album. Mississippi Studios will be hosting Yellow Ostrich March 26th. Oh and they will be at the Sasquatch Festival as well.

Heavy Metal from White Rabbits album Milk Famous.
Never having been in Jackpot Records on Hawthorne, I had a blast previewing this album there. This is the albums first track, and the best one in my opinion. Milk Famous is the third album from the White Rabbits band of Missouri. I know, Heavy Metal doesn't sound like a song I'd pick, or even kind of like, but it is. Sneak to the Doug Fir March 22nd and see what I mean!

Lusitania from Andrew Birds album Break it Yourself
Andrew. His website tour link is called 'Bird Sightings'. Wikipedia names is whistling technique as an instrument. Bird was part of a band prior to his solo stardom. His solo career started after he ended up on stage alone unplanned and was an immediate success. This is a beautifully written song, even NPR played this track this morning during an interview with Bird. He has a BA in Violin Performance, and in the NPR interview explains that the sound from the violin vibrates with the whistling and the reaction changes what we expect the violin to show. Can you imagine what that would sound like at the Arlene Schnitzer April 11th?

Andrew in Drag from Magnetic Fields 10th album Love at the Bottom of the Sea
I love this track. The title makes me laugh. The artwork is comical and intriguing to me. The Magnetic Fields are known for their sense of humour, and I can see why. Another beloved track off this album is 'Infatuation with your gyration'. The band is from Boston, emerging in '89. I woulda guessed more St Elmos Fire era... March 21st at the Roseland!!! Being that's Mom's birthday
I will probably not be attending. Something tells me taking her to the show as a present wouldn't gyrate' her.

Sweet Moment from Bowerbirds 4th album The Clearing.
This folkband is a lil lowkey. Perfect for a Saturday morning. I really like their album Hymn for a dark rose. Perhaps a little better. But this soft easy morning stroll sound can't go wrong in my little world.

Citizen from Ceremony's 4th album Zoo.
These Punks from are from Cali. I think I'm too old for Ceremony. They will be at the Branx 4/6. Just so hardcore... However I love that they are influenced by Joy Division, Pink Floyd, and Tom Waits. I respect that.

Please don't go away from The Men's album Open your Heart.
A little country, rock n roll, and Beach Boys surfin woo woo woo. That's all I got. Just don't go away.

Honey Suckle from Xiu Xiu's 8th album Always
Honestly, I am completely put off by most of the track titles. Another art-rock band from Cali circa '02. Yeah probably not a fan of this slighly uncomfortable sound.

The very last time from Todd Snyders latest Agnostic Hymns and Stoners Fables
Oooh Todd. What can I say. He's from Portland, I've attended his shows twice and loved both. Effin hilarious, like if Bob Dylan exposed a sense of humour, it wouldd sound sound like Todd. Love this guy. Go see him at the Aladdin April 18th.

Everytime I dies album Ex Lives. Oh no no no. They say 'alternative', I say growling into the mic like hatred at its utmost expression.

It hurts every time from Good Old Wars album Come back rain
I can relate to the lyrics so painfully I probably will sit out on their live show at the Aladdin March 28th. Pretty bluegrass indie alternative folkster sounds here. And it hurts every time...

Friday, March 9, 2012

New Music February 28th

No I didn't forget about the 28th. I just haven't had the extra time for research since I have been with car. I promise to dedicate plus time in future.

Raining in my Heart from The Cranberries 6th album 'Roses'
This Irish band have been 'round since 1989. This is their first album after 6 years of not working together. The Cranberries had a lot of hits while I was in school, and I still have my Cranberries album with Zombie. Gotta love that Irish shrill. There is something comforting about the familiarity of hearing them again. I'm glad they let it linger...

Release Me from Lyle Lovett's album Release Me
He sings this song with kd Lang. I'm a sucker for anyone performing a duet with kd. Lyle hasn't been on the top of my list, but he's a 4 time Grammy winner, contributed on the critically acclaimed Buddy Hilly tribute album released in '11.
And I love his song Penguins. And his version of 'Smile' off the soundtrack Hope Floats. I lov-ett. Yes, yes I did.

El Camendo de las Cabras from Corrosion Of Conformity's 8th album 'Corrosion Of Conformity'
I have to say this: 8th album and you named it the same as your band name? Ok ok. This crossover trash and sledge metal band from '82 plays a lil close to the amp for me to understand but the track I picked seems to be instrumental only and pretty sweet on its own. And please judge for yourself: Will be at Hawthorne Theater 6/12.

Rain Song from Dirty Three's 9th album 'Towards The Low Sun'
These Aussies have rocked with Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, and Cat Power. And when I say rocked, I mean musically backed them up on stage. If I backed up any of these artists I'd boast about it for decades. The Dirty Three have been playing since '93.

Deconstruction from Fanfarlo's latest album 'Rooms Filled With Light'
These Brits formed in '06. You probably would recognize their sound, as they have donned many TV Shows and Movies. This is only their second album and I would love to hear more. Doug Fir April 7th anyone? Anyone??

Aint no stoppin from Ferry Corsten's album 'WKND'
This Dutchman DJ has been spinning since 89. This is his 4th album under this name. He has the highest amount of dance singles in the UK. Boo yeah...

Year of the Gun from UFO's 20th album Seven Deadly
Started in London in '69.
A whole lot of metal. Bringing out the guns. I dunno...

Mad Mad World/The Good God is a Woman and She Don't Like Ugly (Special appearance by Chuck D) by Meat Loaf from his latest album 'Hell In A Handbasket'
This Texan theater dude calls his performance in Rocky Horror a mistake! What???? No. The mistake, per Meat Loaf, is that he only played Eddie. On stage he was also Dr Scott. I can see this work. They could and should have used Jonathon Adams as just the narrator. Anyways... My favorite Meat Loaf reference in pop culture is on the Muppets Unplugged album the Muppets are lost in a music recording studio looking for Kermit and see the door sign 'Meat Loaf' but say a big guy answered the door so he must have ate it all. Side note I couldn't find a site to listen to this album, but am assuming this would be my pick from the lot.

You As You Were from Shearwater's second album Animal Joy
Formed in 89, Shearwater is actually a seabird. Just sayin. Originally formed by 2 members of Okkervil River. Now I have to say they Okkervil River named their band after Tatyana Tolstaya's story. You know, Leo Tolstoys eldest. Right.I love the album cover...