Friday, March 9, 2012

New Music February 28th

No I didn't forget about the 28th. I just haven't had the extra time for research since I have been with car. I promise to dedicate plus time in future.

Raining in my Heart from The Cranberries 6th album 'Roses'
This Irish band have been 'round since 1989. This is their first album after 6 years of not working together. The Cranberries had a lot of hits while I was in school, and I still have my Cranberries album with Zombie. Gotta love that Irish shrill. There is something comforting about the familiarity of hearing them again. I'm glad they let it linger...

Release Me from Lyle Lovett's album Release Me
He sings this song with kd Lang. I'm a sucker for anyone performing a duet with kd. Lyle hasn't been on the top of my list, but he's a 4 time Grammy winner, contributed on the critically acclaimed Buddy Hilly tribute album released in '11.
And I love his song Penguins. And his version of 'Smile' off the soundtrack Hope Floats. I lov-ett. Yes, yes I did.

El Camendo de las Cabras from Corrosion Of Conformity's 8th album 'Corrosion Of Conformity'
I have to say this: 8th album and you named it the same as your band name? Ok ok. This crossover trash and sledge metal band from '82 plays a lil close to the amp for me to understand but the track I picked seems to be instrumental only and pretty sweet on its own. And please judge for yourself: Will be at Hawthorne Theater 6/12.

Rain Song from Dirty Three's 9th album 'Towards The Low Sun'
These Aussies have rocked with Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, and Cat Power. And when I say rocked, I mean musically backed them up on stage. If I backed up any of these artists I'd boast about it for decades. The Dirty Three have been playing since '93.

Deconstruction from Fanfarlo's latest album 'Rooms Filled With Light'
These Brits formed in '06. You probably would recognize their sound, as they have donned many TV Shows and Movies. This is only their second album and I would love to hear more. Doug Fir April 7th anyone? Anyone??

Aint no stoppin from Ferry Corsten's album 'WKND'
This Dutchman DJ has been spinning since 89. This is his 4th album under this name. He has the highest amount of dance singles in the UK. Boo yeah...

Year of the Gun from UFO's 20th album Seven Deadly
Started in London in '69.
A whole lot of metal. Bringing out the guns. I dunno...

Mad Mad World/The Good God is a Woman and She Don't Like Ugly (Special appearance by Chuck D) by Meat Loaf from his latest album 'Hell In A Handbasket'
This Texan theater dude calls his performance in Rocky Horror a mistake! What???? No. The mistake, per Meat Loaf, is that he only played Eddie. On stage he was also Dr Scott. I can see this work. They could and should have used Jonathon Adams as just the narrator. Anyways... My favorite Meat Loaf reference in pop culture is on the Muppets Unplugged album the Muppets are lost in a music recording studio looking for Kermit and see the door sign 'Meat Loaf' but say a big guy answered the door so he must have ate it all. Side note I couldn't find a site to listen to this album, but am assuming this would be my pick from the lot.

You As You Were from Shearwater's second album Animal Joy
Formed in 89, Shearwater is actually a seabird. Just sayin. Originally formed by 2 members of Okkervil River. Now I have to say they Okkervil River named their band after Tatyana Tolstaya's story. You know, Leo Tolstoys eldest. Right.I love the album cover...

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