Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Music Tuesday December 18th!

This week is small but noteworthy. ENJOY.

Guns and Roses (feat. P!nk) TI's album Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head
"This is what everyone fails to realize. I want out. I want out, man. What the game is going to and what has evolved into from a personality standpoint, it goes against what I represent. What I embody, this game contradicts that. I want out. I'm in it because I love music and I have obligations, contractually.
It was at one time, this music was about speaking to the people who felt like you feel. Now, the people I'm speaking to, they don't necessarily feel like how I feel. In my day, if you were rapping about something you weren't really living, that was a strike against you. You were held accountable. Nowadays, nobody even expects you to live up to the things you rap about. That goes against what I represent, what I stand for. So if they outsell me, then that's just all the more better for me to fade to the back and cross my legs on my desk".
Thank you Wikipedia. That's all I got for you, TI.  As for Pink!, your voice is incredible.

Django sang by Luis Bacalov from Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained Soundtrack
A Western film about slavery and bounty hunting, starring Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington and Samuel L. Jackson.  And for you who don't recognize Mr Waltz, watch Inglorious Bastards. The man won every award possible for his role he portrayed.  I wasn't going to watch this film til I heard the soundtrack and found out Christoph is in it. Yes! This soundtrack is incredible and truly can't wait to go see the film. 

Master of the house feat Sasha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter from the Les Miserables Soundtrack
My favorite musical in the entire world, I was skeptically thrilled to read they were making the FILM - MUSICAL Les Mis.  My sensational mother bought me tickets to see it on Broadway in '11.  I've acting in the non-musical production, as well as just sang the songbook on stage.  I'm just thrilled in anticipation. Shoulda ditched the Fam on Xmas to watch but will wait patiently til I can see my dream role of Madame Thenardier played by the incomparable Helena Bonham Carter.      
Ever since I was eleven I have dreamed a dream that I could play that role on stage. Some day...

Hallelujah with Adam Sandler and Paul Shaffer from the 12.12.12 The Concert for Sandy Relief
Great concert. Nostalgic artists. I'm one for humor in the dark cloud and Adam/Paul delivered not only my wish, but parodied one of my favorite Cohen masterpieces.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

New Music for the Holidays 2012

Perhaps my best entry yet - this is a collection of new  released for the 2012 Holidays. HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND ENJOY!

Christmas Kiss from Steven Curtis Chapmans 4th Christmas album Joy
A christian rock artist from Kentucky, Steven started in 1987. Since then he's won 5 Grammys and raised money for every natural disaster in the last 15 years.  I like it when one practices what the preach.  Beautiful Christmas kiss. :)

Christmas in Heaven from Scotty McCreery's album Christmas with Scotty McCreery
From North Carolina, this country sweetheart stole America's attention when he won Idol in 2011.  Scotty has a baby face and a grownup voice.  His Christmas album really brings to the audience a warm southern drawl holiday feeling. Bring on the Yukon Jack.

Merry Christmas Darling from Christina Perri's album Something About December
I. Forgot about this Jar of Hearts starlet, but you won't after hearing her rendition of the Carpenters holiday hit Merry Christmas Darling. Christina has managed to change an otherwise depressing melancholy Christmas favorite.  She's only recorded one album, and this is her 3rd EP.  I'm looking forward to more of Christina.

A Working Elf theme song from Polyphonic Spree's album Holidaydream
I've already downloaded this fantastic theme song for my heritage (my name means king of the elves).  From Texas, Polyphonic Spree has recorded 3 albums since their start in 2000.  I'm just enamored by this album. Yes yes yes.

A Holly Jolly Christmas from Lady Antebellum's album On This Winters Night
I have a hard time with this Tennessee country band.  I know, they are well loved, ranking in the Grammy awards.   
And the odd thing is I love Country Christmas music yet still am not turned on by one track on this album.  This Holly Jolly Christmas is the only one that didn't make me want to poke my eyeball.

Red suited super man feat. Trombone Shorty from Rod Stewarts album Merry Christmas Baby
This Brit Faces star wrote this very cheeky Christmas song.  Actually as much as I rolled my eyes at the thought that Rod came out with a Christmas album, I enjoyed each track. Well done Mr. Stewart.  I'm a fan, and this didn't make me choke. 

All I need in love, feat the Muppets from Ceelo Greens album Ceelo's Magic Moment
I've grown into the biggest Ceelo fan this year.  I love his duet with Selah Sue, and I love his white cat.  This Georgia smooth operator has blown the ceiling of a Christmas album tradition.  With Mr Grinch, I can't go back to hearing any other version.  And incorporating the Muppets? Yes please! 

Away in the Manger from Katherine Jenkins album This is Christmas
This classically trained songstress from Wales sang at Pope John Paul's jubilee.  Stunning and poised woman who sings this album perfectly.

December Lights from Andre Rieu's album Home for the Holidays
This violinist from The Netherlands has been conducting and plucking since 1978.  Incredibly gifted, he has delivered us a instrumental holiday album that will rival Kenny G's in my book (yes this is a compliment). 

Killers single I feel it in my Bones
Saw them live last week and let me tell you, I still feel it in my bones.

Lumberjack Christmas/No one can save you from Christmas Past from Sufjan Stevens album Silver and Gold
Oh how I love what Sufjan Stevens does to manipulate traditional Christmas songs and turn them into unusual modern indie hits.  

The Christmas Waltz from Olivia Newton John and John Travolta's album This Christmas
Well, this might be the best Christmas present ever, our favorite musical team reunited.  It's more cheesy than Grease 2 but you can't help but cry during this video: I think you might like it... 

Let there be peace on earth, feat Kenny Loggins from Richard Marx album Christmas Spirit
Can you really go wrong with a Loggins/Marx duet? Yes, yes you can.  I am still crying.... hahahahahahahaha

Oklahoma Christmas feat Reba McEntire from Blake Shelton's album Cheers it's Christmas
Blake is a country gent from Oklahoma, emerged in 1998.  He's been exposed to more than just country fans since he's been a judge on the reality show The Voice.  Also you may have heard of him if you watch The Grammys, as he has been awarded several.  Country fan or not, please give this kickin original song a chance.  

Tinsel and Lights from Tracy Thorn's album Tinsel and Lights
I couldn't trace in my memory who Tracy Thorn is til I woke up to her singing on NPR sunday morning.  Oh course! EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL! Her and her musical partner/husband survived working together for a long time, and just wait til you hear her Christmas solo album. 

Baby its cold outside feat. Gavin DeGraw from Colbie Caillat's album Christmas in the Sand
This Malibu gem once (or twice) auditioned for Idol with her original music and the ousted her.  Just another reason to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again!  This girl has won a Grammy for Album of the Year. No, not new artist, or 'pop song', but ALBUM.  That's another in your face Idol moment like Jennifer Hudson winning the Oscar. This a sugar sweet album from Colbie but there are a few tracks I'd actually purchase.   Plus this version of one of my favs is pretty darned cute with Gavin. Nice choice, Ms Caillat.  I'm officially impressed and am looking forward to your anticipated 3rd non holiday album (being recorded as I type).

Be mine for Christmas from Kems album What Christmas Means
Born in Tennessee, Kem Owens started in 2002.   He will burn his 'kemistry' all night long with his R&B just to see you smile.   

Oh Hanukkah Groove feat Frank London Big Band from the compilation The Best of Festival Lights
Mr London is a incredibly gifted Jewish musician from New York who contributed to this sole Hanukkah album. 

White Christmas from Glee's 3rd Christmas album 
Everybody loves flirting on ice. Just watch.

Senor Santa (Mister Santa) feat Y La Bamba from the compilation Holidays Rule
This band is from Portland and even though this album has many many great ones (Rufus Wainwright, Heartless Bastards, fun., Andrew Bird) I just love this song. Its so original and I had no idea they are from Portland.

New Music Tuesday December 11th!!

Another short but sweet week.  Happy Week to All  - ENJOY!

Thom Pettie feat Little Dragon and Killer Mike from Big Boi's 2nd solo album Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors 
You may know Georgia's Antwan Andre Patton as 1/2 of Outkast. He met Andre 3000 in high school and they created a top selling hip hop band in 1991.  

Money make her smile from Bruno Mars 2nd album Unorthodox Jukebox
Peter Gene Hernandez, smartly known as Bruno Mars, is quite the entrepreneur.  He started a songwriting/producing company called The Smeezingtons, of which have been an award winning company working with the likes of Flo Rida and Ceelo Green to name a few.  With such an incredible background of being born in Hawaii as part African American, Puerto Rican, Jewish, and Filipino, he has gained a wide audience.  I first saw him on SNL in 2010 and thought 'what an interesting little guy'.... Two years later he appeared on SNL again, but as both the musical guest AND the host.  Not many have pulled this off.  I'm a fan of this Peter Gene Bruno Mars guy, he's one talented character.

Brutal Love from Green Days 3rd installment this year Tre!
Please read my entry from September 25th, 2012.  

Not a love song from Uh Uh Her's EP3.  
Camila Grey and Leisha Hailey have 2 albums and this is their 3rd EP (hence 'EP3).   More than just band mates, these ladies have really made something with this EP.  I had a hard time deciding what track would be part of my playlist.  

Sunday, December 9, 2012

New Music Tuesday December 4th

A couple debuts, a surprise young entrepreneur, and a couple more.  All new to me, so ENJOY!
Sheila from Memory Tapes 3rd LP Grace Confusion                   From New Jersey, Memory Tapes is the chillwave moniker of Dayve Hawk that emerged in 2009.  Their video for Yes I Know was nominated for Grammy in 2011.

'See you don't bump his head' from Scott Walkers album Bish Bosch
This is Scott Walkers 14 album and the final of his trilogy (Tilt and The Drift).  Scott was a part of the 60s band the unrelated Walker Brothers, an American band that made it big in the UK.  British magazine Q awarded him on his contribution to the music industry.  Battling depression and making a 2006 documentary about his life, he has broken out his inner Frank Zappa on this album.

Thaw from Ed Tullett's debut album Never Joy
This 19yr old from the UK is not only a songwriter but a poet as well.  This tumblr page is well thought out but if he is on tour there is nothing about it online. This surprises me.  Debut? Get out there and promote yourself, Ed! Your indie birdlike voice should be shared with the world.

Ol St Nick from Hey Sholay's debut album ((O))
This is UK's own Hey Sholays debut album. Some bastards stole this bands equipment from their van while touring.  I'm tempted to support them by purchasing their album (which is a poppy rock chalk full of fun) just to help them with their loss.

Dirty Love feat. Iggy Pop from Ke$sha's 2nd album Warrior
From LA, this 25yr old has written for Britney Spears, Flo Rida, Paris Hilton, Katy Perry, 
Alice Cooper, and has worked with Rihanna and Nicki Minaj.  She's been  awarded by the AMA's and MTV.  Vibe Magazine acknowledged her talents by making her the first solo white girl to be the front covergirl.   I love that she included Alice Cooper on her album.  Now that I've raved about her resume, she's annoying,  I do believe this song would be a whole lot of fun live. 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Music Tuesday November 26th

I can't make this blog entry any more exciting that is already is... Thank you Alicia for giving me SOMETHING to review.  Ug.  ENJOY!

Not even the King from Alicia Keys 5th album Girl on Fire
Miss Keys came from Hells Kitchen, NYC.  She actually made her debut to the world at age 4 on the Cosby show in 1985.  Musically she emerged in 1997 after being trained classically on the piano and valedictorian at Professional Performing Arts in New York by 16.  She's written and sang Grammy award winning songs and has had a NYTimes Best Seller book in 2004.  The girl will blow your mind, and yes she's on fire.

King Song from Joan of arc's self titled album
This would be this 'mathrock' band from Illinois' 17th album. Please read Wiki's quote about this ill-fated named band:
"Joan of Arc's lyrics and cover art are often intentionally misleading, humorous, or confusing. For example, the album Live in Chicago 1999 is not a live album, but a reference to the fact that the band lived in Chicago in the year 1999."
Itunes, Amazon,  and even Joan of Arcs website has no record of this.... record.  I found it on and then was able read the track list and go from there to review.  Youtube has a video of this track I picked that is beautiful and simple.  I wish I could tell you more....

Symptoms from Atlas Genius' DEBUT EP Through the Glass
Said band is from Australia.  They are an alternative band with a nice frontman voice and steeldrum playing.  Will I be downloading? Perhaps not.  I am looking forward to hearing what else they have to say.  

Kings will be falling from Robin Guthrie's 5th solo album Fortune
Robin is better knows as one of the Cocteau Twins.  He started his solo career in 2003 but has been recording music since 1982.  This is an entire instrumental album only, and kinda repeated itself however stunning and transporting.  So yes,  I only picked this track to fall in the same theme with King this week.  

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Music Tuesday November 20th

I must say this week amused me. 

Zero feat. Meek Mill from Keyshia Cole's 5th album Woman to Woman
A California Grammy award winning babe has R and B'd her way to the charts. N
o, I am not familiar with her 'hits' nor do I own a single track of hers.  This album's cover art really disturbs me, but each track stands on their own which is impressive considering the material. 

Catt Boogie from Kid Rocks 9th album Rebel Soul
I forget how much I love Kid Rock. I don't want to... This album kicks ass though.  He has brought a lot of energy and talent into his record. Boo-yeah.

Fresh out the runway from Rhianna's 7th album Unapologetic
From Barbados, the world was introduced to Rhianna in 2005 with her Pon de Replay hit that summmer.  Since then, she has won many awards for her albums and hit singles, wowed us with her ever changing hair styles, and got back together with her abusive boyfriend.  Unapologetic to whom, Rhianna? yourself? 

Historia de un Amor from Il Volos album We are love
I first saw Il Volo performing as the guest appearance on American Idol a few years ago.  I nearly peed my pants. These three boys have the voices of men and the maturity that surpasses most 30 somethings.  They are all from Italy and formed in 2009.  Their most impressive fact for me is performing with Barbra Streisand this year in Brooklyn. 

A fools dance from Phillip Phillips album A World from the side of the moon
The 11th winner of American Idol is quickly shedding his reality show coat and strutting into the music world with the appropriate confidence.  I must add that he's been compared to Dave Matthews, who heard this and responded: "More power to him, I don't mind", and added "He should kick my ass, maybe I can retire and he can take over my band. I knew Phil had somethin when he turned Billy Joels song upside down.

One woman army from Kate Earls 3rd album Stronger
From Alaska, Kates a guitarist and a pianist as well as a vocalist.  I can see myself getting into this album of one could leave me alone on a studio to enjoy uninterrupted.  If you can facilitate this for me I would most appreciate it.

Le dragon de chimay from Le Vent du Nords album Tromper le temps
Thanks to Music Millennium for introducing me to this Canadian Frenchie Folk band.  I will absolutely be downloading this.  And I want to play it while on a bike in Montmatre.

Monday, November 19, 2012

New Music Tuesday November 13th

Two 90's Kings, Two Reality Show Stars, and Two Artists the world won't forget about in 100 years. Enjoy.

F*** Time from Green Days album Dos!
Their 10th album, 2nd in a trio this year (hence DOS). 
Worse Dreams from Soundgarden's 6th album King Animal
Started in Seattle in '84, and went on a 13 year hiatus from '97 - '10 .  I'm not a true fan of the Spoonman creators, but I love Chris Cornell.   This is the only track I could listen to and honestly smile.  The into is brilliantly staggering.

Bring him home from Susan Boyle's 4th album Standing Ovation
Simon Cowell brought Susan to the worlds attention with his pretentious assness on Brittans Got Talent in 2009.  Hell, at 51 she blew the minds of Michael Crawford, Donny Osmond, and American Audience.  She sings this acapella and its stunning

Circles from Christina Aguilera's 7th album Lotus
The Burlesque Voice of a Genie in a Bottle first rubbed our lamps in 1993.  She's undeniably incredible.  And if you contest me, check this out.  This album is full of energy and passion - I think sitting in a chair listening to others sing for the past few years has created an itch she scratched in the studio with a Lotus. 

One more shot from Rolling Stones album Grrrrr
Well holy hell they started 50 years ago. I have had the pleasure of seeing them in Seattle, Hong Kong, and Portland.  I've been backstage with Charlie Watts, at Ronnie Woods art show, and saw Mick three feet away with his huge head and little ego waltzing around.  I have no GRRRR in me to see this legendary band release a full 'new' album (there are only 2 new tracks on this 50 track collection).  It's an excuse for a tour and I can't blame them. Go, RS, Go! 

C'mon C'mon from One Direction's 2nd album Take Me Home
Or lord another talen show winner artist, but this is where its at folks.  They are officially the Guiness Book of World Record as the first UK band to debut at #1 here in the US.   An unstaggering pop band that will rock your bobbysocks and post posters on your wall of each dreamboat until you realize there are kids with more talent in both the singing and the songwriting... and suddenly those posters turn into dart boards.  Fun for now though.  Sure named their band appropriately.

Monday, November 12, 2012

New Music Tuesday November 6th

An Oldie, a Newbie, two Lovers and a Doobie.  Enjoy.

What could have been love from Aerosmiths album Music from Another Dimension
This multi Grammy award winning band started in Boston circa 1970 and probably in my top ten live shows I've been to.  Steven Tyler is NOT Mick Jagger, but this isn't a bad thing.  Both seem to be determined to play til they die, and the Stones got almost a decade on them (and ironically releasing their latest album next week).  This album kicks ass and you should preview it on NPR's site, as well as read the interview with Steven. 

Be a Boy from Robbie Williams album Take the Crown
From the UK, Robbie started in 1990.  He's sang some covers I absolutely love, like 'Have you met Miss Jones', 'Things', and 'Something Stupid'.   His original music is completely different from the saucy duets I adore of his.  I can appreciate his theatrics however.

Is there anybody out there? from Dionne Warwicks album Now
This Jersey girl began her career in 1962.  Burt Bacharach wrote countless hits that have been covered, recovered, movie theme songs, billboard #1s, and Grammy winning.  This is the only new track off this album,  yet it sounds classic Warwick. 

Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself)  from NeYos 5th album Red
I wonder what was in the works first, NeYos RED album or Taylor Swifts.  NeYo was born Shaffer Chimere Smith in Arkansas.  He started in the music scene in 1997, but was writing music for other artists.  I always have a high regard for music writers.   This is a pretty endearing track from Ne-Yo, and I will accept his love until I learn to love myself.  Thank you Shaffer.

Ammaboa Glass from Errors album New Relics
From Scotland, this foursome started in 2004.  Bizarre electronic tails of trips I can't fathom but can report I'd like to understand and be a part of the inside joke.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New Music Tuesday October 30th

Twisted Road from Neil Youngs album Psychedelic Pill From Canada, Neil began his music career in 1960. This IS his second album this year, as Neil has always been a man of many messages to teach us. I've had the pleasure of seeing Neil in Hong Kong, Goldendale, the Memorial Coliseum, the Clark County Amphitheater, and Portlands own Arlene Schnitzer. However I had no idea he co-found Buffalo Springfield. Did you? Neils Farm Aid concert series with his son who has cerebral palsy was really a story production rather than a concert. Incredible talent. His film Heart of Gold of 2006 was beautiful. I'm thrilled Neil Young has so much energy and stories to share with us.  KEEP IT COMING NEIL!

Something Biblical from Andrew Birds EP Hands of Glory ( a companion to his 3/5/12 release Break it yourself)
This EP is magical.  He's never sounded more confident, clear, or stunning.  Andrew has surrounded himself with the most beautiful orchestral band that matches his voice and whistling talents.  And what a gorgeous album cover.  I'd love to be there.

Fall 4 U (feat. Glasser) from Chad Valley's album Young Hunger
From the UK, Hugo Manuel has created the moniker Chad Valley.  I had trouble finding info about Chad, but to sum up his sound I would say Wham's Last Christmas with a bit more electro-pop.  Tis the season.  He's done a much better job utilizing Tumblr than me. Check it out.   This track Fall 4 U is a little less George Michael than the rest, but probably because there is a female counterpart singing. 

Want from The Soft Moons album Zeros
From San Francisco, this punk band started in 2009. Quite the album... I think it would accompany a laser light show at the Omsi Planetarium very well.  Not my favorite release this week but I believe live, loud, and alone this album turned up playing in full would be the best way to appreciate the technique of this band.  Plus I love the Zoro album cover. you can hear them at Holocene December 18th this year. 

Safe Minds from Black Marbles album A Different Arrangement
Again, a lil electro-pop and repetitive for me, but I can welcome their flair...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Music Tuesday October 23rd!

I really got a kick out of this weeks releases. Hope you do to! Enjoy! Fading Listening from Shiny Toy Guns 3rd album III From California, this quirky band started in 2002, but didn't catch my attention until Le Disko was played on So You Think You Can Dance. Electronic indie pop, expiremental with their song writing and instruments. This really surprised me that they stretched their sound to come up with Fading Listening. What fascinated me is this album isn't a repetitive one-mind track that is split in 'sub-tracks'. Thanks for striving to sound original and fresh. Stomp from Billy Ray Cyrus's album Change My Mind Started in 1980 in Tennessee, was best known for his hit 'Achy Breaky Heart' until Miley Cyrus showed up in the entertainment scene. Ug. I am a sucker for line dancing country and was impressed with this album. I've changed my mind, Billy - you aint just Her dad to me. We are never getting back together from Taylor Swifts album Red Speaking of obnoxious tween pop stars like Miley, here comes Taylor! I like her album art cover, and I get a kick out of this song because I too have had a significant other I would love to have sang this song to. Other than that, no thanks. I'm just me from Diamond Rings album Free Dimensional John O'Regan of Canada has created the moniker Dianomd Rings. He's an original member of The D'Urbervilles (no I don't know them either). Punk but I was really drawn to the tracks. And this song is like the punk male version of Gagas Born this way. Ha. Fantastic. I'll sue you from Paul Banks 2nd solo album Banks Born in the UK but was raised in Michigan, Spain, and Mexico. Paul's known for being the lead singer on Interpol. I wasn't sure what to expect since I'm not the biggest fan of that band, but Paul has what is described as a 'wry sense of humor'. Indeed, the title of this song caught my eye and is hilarious. I'm even toying with downloading it. Jeeper Creeper from Sinkanes album Mars From Omdurman, Sudan and Brooklyn, this band is a big electronic and a bit rock. I don't get it either. Their website is uninformative but this song cracks me up. I should be in marketing for bands. Oi! Down on the Boondocks from US Girls album Gem I have no information on this band. And their Facebook has no information on the bands background or links to their website. Once again, Aubrey the Music Marketer? Pretty sweet sound though.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Music Tuesday Oct 16th

Put the gun down from ZZ Wards debut album Til the casket drops
Miss Zsuzsanna Eva Ward was raised in Roseburg Oregon where she started as a musician at the age of 13. She moved to LA to make it as a singer and will blow your mind. Trust me.  Oct 23 at the Doug Fir. 

Feel love from Ben Harpers album By My Side
From Jacksonville FL he is known as the lead singer of the band Yellowcard.   I have to add he is the co-owner of a marijuana clinic where he delivers in California. 

Sailingsong from A Fine Frenzys 3rd album Pines
Alison Sodul is from LA and started her singing songwriting career in 2006.  She's created an animated film that will be released soon as well as this third album. I found that most intriguing.  She was at the Crystal Ballroom Oct 16th. Guess I missed out.  This song and whole album is adorable.

Gude from Janos album Ertale
Jano is an Ethiopian band that play heavy on their instruments with a load of energy. From what I could find this seems to be their debut album. (Itunes shows 3 albums under Jano but they aren't the same bands). This is pretty incredible music.  Considered World Music but I'd love to play it in a coffee shop some day. 

Pairs from Daphnis album Jialong
Daniel Victor Snaith is known as the lead singer in the band Caribou, which is appropriate siince he's from Canada.  Honestly I'm confused about this guy and his background but the album makes you want to go a discotheque in Berlin.

Proserpina from Martha Wainwrights 3rd album Come home to mama
I have alrerady purchased this album.  Marthas latest release came as a surprise to me and I screamed out loud.  She started her career in 1996 and is just stunning.  This particular track was written by her mother before she died (Kate McGarrigle).  When you have parents like Kate, Loudon, and a brother like Rufus you had better make something of yourself. And that she has. 

Rest your head from Bat for Lashes 3rd album The Haunted Man
Natasha Khan is a Brit who got her start in 2006 after she left home to explore America on her own, came back to the UK and graduated from an arts college and worked her butt off to make it.  She inspired me to realize you just have to want it bad enough.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

New Music Tuesday October 9th

Didn't we from Barbara Streisands album Release Me
The ultimate Star Ms Streisand is releasing previously unreleased songs in her album Release Me.  Her release is a relief to an otherwise risible and ridiculous week of music.


All for the love of rock and roll from Kiss's album Monster
Started in 1973, Kiss is a NYC born 4some that rocked the movie Role Models.  They, however, are NOT role models.  Award winning, film producing, make up donning men that are some how still alive. 

La Bonita from MellowHypes 3rd album Numbers
They kind of sound like Ewoks. Ok, so this LA band started in 2008. MellowHype is made up of two men who met at a party and decided to collaborate their alternative hip hop talents.  I'm not really a fan but its just not my style.  But I love Ewoks.

On my way from MGK's debut album Lace up
This Machine Gun Kelly's debut solo album.  He's a MC who made it as the first white rapper at the Apollo Theater in Harlem in 2009.  Hey if you are white and can make it in Harlem you done good.  Even if you are stupid enough to not create an original nickname.  I can dig this track, but I'm so freckly white it still accentuates my glaring porcelain skin.

Ghost from Ty Segals 6th album Twins
From San Francisco, Ty started his solo career in 2008.  Besides the 7 previous albums, he's created many EP, compilations, and has collaborated a many time.  I'm not thrilled, but Ghost is perfect for October. 

Elephant from Tame Impala's 2nd album Lonerism
Tame Impala has swept up the awards in home country Australia, but I've never heard of them.  I must say thus rock band is impressive and should make an Impala Impression with the US audience at this point.  And I just get the biggest kkick out of their album title. 

Tank from Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs
This Brit babe started her solo career in 1995. Yes her name is really Holly Golightly.  She loves to cover rare old songs, which just means I adore her.  If you have caught the attention of Jack White and collaborate on his album, you've got something great. And the world will know you for you eventually. Keep it going, Golightly. 

All the love we leave behind from Converges 8th album All the love we leave behind
Started in 1990, this metal band is a pain in my ass except for the title track which is surprisingly stunning.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

New Music Tuesday October 2nd!

This week is chalk full of talent. ENJOY.

Something more Beautiful from  Beth Orton's 5th album Sugaring Season
From UK, Beth is a folk singer songwriter started in 1993.  She recorded this album in my very own town of Portland Oregon! She cries her name, your name, and mine. And will Live at the Wonder Ballroom October 7th.

Survivor from Muse's 6th album The 2nd Law
"christian gangsta rap jazz odyssey, with some ambient rebellious dubstep and face melting metal flamenco cowboy psychedelia" as described by lead singer Matthew Bellamy. From the UK, I've been pining for new releases from this band.  They started in 1994, and have won many awards, Grammys included.   I've had the pleasure of hearing Muse live and was incredibly surprised at how much I loved them. Sometimes a loud band is hard to enjoy in an arena.  Not true.  Apparently Celine Dion wanted to name her show in Vegas 'Muse' and Muse wouldn't let her, even after the money offer of $50,000 they refused on the grounds they didn't want their fans to think they were her supporting band for her show. Hahahahahahahahaha...   I feel this new album could be played in its entirety with the movie The Neverending Story.  I am leaving this up to you to decide if this is magical or not. 

You know - I know everythings made for love from Diana Krall's 11th album Glad Rag Doll
This Canadian chanteuse is an incredible jazz pianist, vocalist, and is married to Elvis Costello.  Musically they completely different, but I love that they are together.  They even got married at Elton Johns estate.  Sweet jesus.  I own Kralls Live in Paris dvd, and love to put it in while I'm cooking.  With the exception about maybe 2, I think I own all of her albums.  So to say I'm excited about this release is an understatement.  She has won more than Grammys and Junos to me. 

Cry for Judas from Mountain Goat's 14th album Transcendental Youth
To quote the band, "The album focuses on outcasts, recluses, the mentally ill, and others struggling in ordinary society".  Well Occupy THIS, world!  This indie rock band started in California in '91.  I must admit I was completely thrown when I reviewed this album.   They brought in their horn section, drum solos, voices shaking and messages are being made.  OCCUPY!  In all seriousness I will be downloading most of this album.  They will be at the Aladdin Theater December 16th. 

Midnight Feast from John Cale's album Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood
Feeling dumb, I had never heard of Wales born John Cale before this week. Apparently he was in Velvet Underground with Lou Reed.  Hating to sound petty, my favorite fact about John isn't Velvet Underground, it is the fact that he was married to Betsey Johnson for a minute.  LUCKY.  John has overcome rape, addiction, and other hardships and is still alive, recording music.  Inspiring at 65, thanks John.  Xoxo

Wonder from Matt and Kims album Lightning
Starting off with an excerpt from Wikipedia: "The video for 'Lessons Learned', in which the duo strips nude in Times Square, was shot in February 2009. On September 13, 2009, Matt & Kim won the Breakthrough Video award for 'Lessons Learned' at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards."
Ok. So with that, this indie rock duo is from Brooklyn and started in 2005.  They LOVE to repeat themselves in their songs, like NOW NOW NOW NOW or TONIGHT TONIGHT TONIGHT TONIGHT.  I am surprised they aren't named Matt and Kim and Matt and Kim and Matt and Kim and Matt and Kim...

The March of Merrillville. Robert Pollard's album Jack Sells the Cow
In the band Guided By Voices, he's a rocker from Ohio and has released a solo album earlier this year (4/3/12).  Huh? 

Programmable soda from Tori Amos's 13th album Gold Dust
When I had the fortunate experience to see Tori live, she was breathtaking.  Her and that piano captivated the room in silence.  I even became quite fond of her opening act, Jude, who to this day his song "I Do" makes me cry.   Band to Myra Allen Amos, she is from North Carolina and emerged to the music scene in 1979. She cofound RAINN, a nonprofit for rape victims, after she herself confronted her own demons.  Singing about them with Unlock the Silence I'm sure was therapeutic.  My favorite song by Tori, because I KNOW you are just foaming to know, is Raspberry Swirl.  I have one problem with her music in that it can be so haunting and unnerving I can't handle it.  Like her whole discography could be played during a paranormal documentary.

Pagan Heart from Van Morrison's 34th album Born to Sing No Plan B
I wanna know how I didn't know he is from Ireland? Now you know, George Ivan Morrison started in the music scene in 1958.  Yes, 1958.  He was a teenager, but it was still 1958.  I'm also in the dark that he wrote Wild Night.  What kindred spirits me to Van is that his inspirations to music were Lead Belly, Solomon Burke, and Ray Charles.   A track most of his fans may not have heard is his contribution to the soundtrack French Kiss 'Someone Like You'.  Lovely.  This track I picked from his album is old school blues that would make Burke, Belly, and Charles proud. 

It wont be long til not wrong anymore from Wallflowers 6th album Glad all over
From LA, this band has been playing music since 1989!  I'm surprised too. Jacob Dylan, son of John, has been heading the band to Grammy awards etc.  However that all happened in 1998.  And somehow this one hit wonder band of 'One Headlight' fame has made a greatest hits album. Whaa?  One cool tidbit is they are the first band to record a live album at Alcatraz.  Should someone tell them they aren't Johnny Cash and the prison closed in 1963? Don't get me wrong, I actually enjoyed this album, and this track, quite a bit.