Monday, November 19, 2012

New Music Tuesday November 13th

Two 90's Kings, Two Reality Show Stars, and Two Artists the world won't forget about in 100 years. Enjoy.

F*** Time from Green Days album Dos!
Their 10th album, 2nd in a trio this year (hence DOS). 
Worse Dreams from Soundgarden's 6th album King Animal
Started in Seattle in '84, and went on a 13 year hiatus from '97 - '10 .  I'm not a true fan of the Spoonman creators, but I love Chris Cornell.   This is the only track I could listen to and honestly smile.  The into is brilliantly staggering.

Bring him home from Susan Boyle's 4th album Standing Ovation
Simon Cowell brought Susan to the worlds attention with his pretentious assness on Brittans Got Talent in 2009.  Hell, at 51 she blew the minds of Michael Crawford, Donny Osmond, and American Audience.  She sings this acapella and its stunning

Circles from Christina Aguilera's 7th album Lotus
The Burlesque Voice of a Genie in a Bottle first rubbed our lamps in 1993.  She's undeniably incredible.  And if you contest me, check this out.  This album is full of energy and passion - I think sitting in a chair listening to others sing for the past few years has created an itch she scratched in the studio with a Lotus. 

One more shot from Rolling Stones album Grrrrr
Well holy hell they started 50 years ago. I have had the pleasure of seeing them in Seattle, Hong Kong, and Portland.  I've been backstage with Charlie Watts, at Ronnie Woods art show, and saw Mick three feet away with his huge head and little ego waltzing around.  I have no GRRRR in me to see this legendary band release a full 'new' album (there are only 2 new tracks on this 50 track collection).  It's an excuse for a tour and I can't blame them. Go, RS, Go! 

C'mon C'mon from One Direction's 2nd album Take Me Home
Or lord another talen show winner artist, but this is where its at folks.  They are officially the Guiness Book of World Record as the first UK band to debut at #1 here in the US.   An unstaggering pop band that will rock your bobbysocks and post posters on your wall of each dreamboat until you realize there are kids with more talent in both the singing and the songwriting... and suddenly those posters turn into dart boards.  Fun for now though.  Sure named their band appropriately.

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