Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Music Tuesday August 28th

Several Debuts, a classic, and some new alternatives for us all to enjoy. ENJOY.

Follow the road from The Dunwells debut album Blind sided faith
The Dunwells are an all British male folk rock band formed by two brothers and a childhood friend.  I love finding new bands that have all sorts of hype (since 2009) and are finally giving the public the record to fulfill the anticipation.  They've teased their fans by playing at SXSW and Redrocks to name just a few shows, and have a wonderfully cognitive website.  This review is late because they played in Eugene Sunday (8/26) but this is a busy band that I am sure will make their way over here again.

Run to your mama from Goats album World Music
With a band name like Goat it was difficult to find information about their history.   They give little information in the net, but are from Sweden so perhaps its just a cultural issue (as in the US isn't hip enough to know Goat yet).  From what I did discover about Goat is this looks like their debut album.  I found this review interesting and felt rather than trying to paraphrase a well written article, I'd just share the whole damn thing.  How to you paraphrase psycho-voodoo-witch doctor verbiage anyways?

Heaven is a ghost town from Minus the Bears 5th album Infinity Over
I would have never guessed how they got their band name:
"A friend of the band had gone on a date,” explains singer-guitarist Jake Snider, "and one of us asked him afterwards how the date went. Our friend said, 'You know that TV show from the '70s B.J. and The Bear? It was like that... minus The Bear.' That’s the straight truth."
The band's from Seattle and started in 2001.  I love their website.  Seems to be a smart marketer behind Minus the Bear.  They give incentives to become a fan member, and lots of merchandise packages are available. Also, they post their tour on the first page of their site.
Thank you.  You can hear and see Minus the Bear at the Wonder Ballroom 11/16.

Fireflies from Caroline Herrings 6th album Camilla
Caroline is an incredibly intelligent singer songwriter.  She takes historical figures and turns their biography into a poem.  The creativity doesn't stop there, she's also written a childrens album (Little House Songs, 2011) and created a radio station in her hometown in Mississippi called Thacker Mountain Radio.  Camilla is reportedly about a gypsy woman losing her way.  As a wife and mother of two, it doesn't sound like Caroline is Camilla anymore.  My only disappointment here is I don't see Portland on her tour schedule. Damn. 

Womans down from Alanis Morisette's 8th album Havoc and Bright
Much to my surprise, this isn't a best of or live album, it's all new music. I remember when she blew up the radio in '95 and '96, sweeping up Grammys and 
Junos.  She started a revolution of female singers to come bitch.  When I dug deep for the green Alanis, I found she was Canadas 'Debbie Gibson- in '91 and 92, opening for Vanilla Ice, of all people.  She had a hit called Too Hot, which I googled and my mouth dropped.
With her third album Jagged Little Pill, she released it internationally and dominated the waves with 'You Outta Know'.   I remember being in Paris in '96  and hearing my schoolmates were going to her show cuz she was in Paris too, but I got tickets to Sonic Youth and Beck. Can't really complain, can I.  Rolling forward, Alanis has popped up culturally in my life since, showing up on Sex and the City kissing Carrie playing spin the bottle, as God in Dogma, sing Let's fall in love in the film DeLovely (about Cole Porter).  But her song Uninvited on the City of Angels soundtrack still gives me chills.  I'd walk the streets of Portland and just let the song blast in my ears in a dramatic movie opening credits kind of way.   I saw Alanis live eventually (in Clark County, not Paris), and she was much more mellow then her original introduction to the world, but was fun and vibrant since she was co heading the concert with the Bare Naked Ladies (who know how to put on a show, trust me).  What's wonderful about Alanis music is she was sing each hit with a new meaning and have it be just as powerful as when I first heard it in 1995.  That's a true artist.

Flying from Sean Rowe's 3rd album The Salesman and the Shark
This New York folker started solo in '09.  What bonded me to Sean was that Otis Redding inspired him to sing.  Hell yeah he did!  Otis will rock White Christmas off a xmas music Hater!   Sean was brought to my attention over the weekend from NPR, where he talked to Mr Simon about living in the woods, being afraid of his own voice, and growing as an artist.  His baritone rivals Nick Dake and Tom Waits with  twist of whimsy.

Holiday from Poor Moons debut album Poor Moon
Thei debut album from the boys of Fleet Fox decided to do a side project.  Pretty and interesting, alternative music. Whimsical and should be listened to as the sun sets.

Flaggin a ride from Divine Fits debut album A thing called Divne Fits
Spoon and Wolf Parade members created a project called The Divine Fits.  Guess it was a divine fit to create a side show??

Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Music Tuesday August 21st

Selah Sue is my favorite this week.  Lots of electro-pop so please, ENJOY.

Owl Citys 4th album Midsummer Station
Owl City started in 2007 from Minnesota. Adam Young (the man behind the curtain) retrieved a followning from Myspace with his electronic project. Their hit song Fireflies brought attention to them.
I honestly thought that song was by Death Cab for Cutie. We'll see if this record resignates their fans as well.

Four Tet's 6th album Pink
Mr Kieran Habden of the UK started in 1998. I love this band even though they
are considered to be electronic.
She moves she was a huge hit for them, and why not?

Selah Sue's debut album Selah Sue
Thank you for allowing Starbucks to give away a song track of yours (Raggamuffin)
Seems educated and apprehensive. Good girl. The duet she does with Ceelo Green called Please was brilliant.

Dustin Lynch's debut album Dustin Lynch
This lil green artist started in Tennessee in 2012. This is this country musicians debut. Guess I missed him at Dukes Country Bar and Grill in July. Damn.

Van She's 2nd album Idea of Happiness
Australian band Van She began in 02 but are movin slow. Electro-pop and playful.

Bloc Partys 4th album Four
How creative can you get, naming the album the consecutive order number? This UK band agreed upon 'Bloc Party' in 2003 after bonding at a Reading Festival. Sweet.

Ariel Pinks album Mature Themes
Don't call Ariel the Little Mermaid because I'm pretty sure HE wouldn't appreciate it. That's right. HE. This Cali native got his start in '96, and is an canvas artist as well. Apparently he's created a series called Haunted Graffiti, and this album is the second in the collection. I'm confused too, its ok. Hopefully all will be explained 9/29 at the Wonder Ballroom.

The Heavy's 3rd album The Glorious Dead
The neo soul band from UK awoke something on me I couldn't put my finger on without some investigating. Got it! The Verve remix holiday 2008 album of Louis Armstrongs 'Zat You Santa Claus'. I realize I'm alone on this. Love Christmas music so there. Go get some heavy at Doug fir 9/2.

Friday, August 24, 2012

New Music Tuesday August 14th

Why does Smmer attract the oddballs?  guess no one but me is paying attention. Enjoy,
You're gonna listen from In This Moment's 4th album Blood
Honestly this music of heavy metal inaudible screaming isn't for me.  However, I love that this Maria Brink screams 'shut up shut up shut up shut up' into the mic during this track.  I am sure there are multiple moments in my life where this song would be appropriate to blast.  This band has something going on tin the metal world, they have made it on the Billboard list several times and toured with Ozzfest.  However, two of Marias mates left this year to travel with American Idol.  Hmm....  Interesting genre jump.   For not being a fan of this music, I am kinda a fan of this Maria...
Devil's door from Slightly Stoopid's 6th album Top of the World
This Ocean Beach band got their start in 1995.  Annual tours haven't let up because of their cult following.   I enjoyed reviewing this not so stoopid album, a lil reggae doesn't hurt every now and again.  Apparently they are always compared to Sublime, but I wouldn't only because of the  bitch from my high school that always wore the bands t-shirt with a pius smirk on her stoned face.  Sorry, not so sublime at all.  Come on up to Portland, Slightly Stoopid.  We would love to have you. Skipping us on your 2012 tour is pretty.... stoopid. 

Birthday Suit from Daniel Powters 4th album Turn on the lights
We all know Bad Day, whether you watch tv, listen to the radio or walked into a store in 2005.  It would be like avoiding hearing Adele today (or all last year).   But I like this Canadian.  I don't agree that his musical genre is 'piano rock'.  Wikipedia is on glue.  Poor one hit wonder since his debut in 2000, I hope something comes out of this album for him.  then he can go celebrate in his birthday suit and have a GOOD day.

-- Faceless's 3rd album Autotheism
Yet another deathmetal band, part of the Summer Slaughter Festival.  Cohead toured with Dying Fetus.  There is a good chance I won't be attending this concer
And got nothing to say about the tracks.

Tusk by Cystal Ark from the Feetwood Mac tribute Collection.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Music Tuesday August 7th

This week was much better that last week and next week.  Sorry to ruin the suprise for the future blog of August 14th.   Enjoy.

Broken from David Archuleta's 5th album Begin
Frankly I am surprised David has released five albums since his Idol stardom of 2007. This Utah raised pop artist was the runner up in 2007 on American Idol.  This is a cover album with one exception: Broken.  In 2011 David proposed to take a two year break to be a missionary for Church of Jesus Christ of Later day Saints.   Guess that didn't work out since it hasn't been two years...  Well once you get the taste of exploring your musical talent it's hard to choose a different path. 

Foxy Foxy from Rob Zombie's remix album Mono sex head
Robert Bartleh Cummings is oh so much more than the leader of White Zombie- he's a screenplay writer and movie director.  Apparently we can thank him for the multiple Halloweens and the Devils Rejects.  This Massachusetts resident has a huge repertoire since his 1985 debut.   

Epilepsy is dancing from Antony and the Johnsons's album Cut the world
This is Antonys live symphonic album, a baroque pop of whatnot. I first heard Antony while getting an almost nude painting of me done (wearing a vintage fox stole and underwear).  It was an odd choice, but have never forgotten the sorrow I heard in his voice, wondering if Mr Fox stole was glad he was dead.   This album is stunning and I would love to play it on outside speakers on my pretend back deck on my pretend porch swing on the summer evening.  The video for this was so creepy I didn't post it.  Sorry. 

Don't blame yourself from Sixpence none the richer's 7th album Lost in Transition
Had the pleasure to see this band at Lillith Fair in 98. No one can argue that Kiss Me was a fabulous teenage flick hit.  This Texan band debuted in 1992.  And if you missed their Christmas album, google it. Now. I'm an avid xmas music collector and find anyone who equally loves them silver bells as much as I should give this bands holiday record a shot

New Siberia from Los Straightjackets album Jet Set
This band made an appearance in one of my favorite cult classic films Psycho Beach Party.  I even know one of the actors in the film! This band is from Tennessee and have been playing together since 1988.   And who wants to argue with a band that plays on stage wearing all black and Mexican wrestling masks? 

Monday, August 20, 2012

New Music Tuesday July 31st

The ONLY thing that was released from this terrible week in music is a reissue anniversary celebration.  Of whom?  NEIL DIAMOND!!!!!  ENJOY!!!!

Bullet for pretty boys album Symboisis
Apparently this is a Texas hardcore Christian band and has the first actual updated MySpace site I've come across while blogging this year.  Well done guys! Bullet for pretty boys formed in 2006.  I also came across a website I will probably not frequent... Holy Crap.  You can call your self Christian music all you want, but if all you are doing is screaming in the mic and hoping you are getting your message across, you ain't .  This may be the oddest contradicted band I have come across.  I am not even going to pick a track for this one.  I can't.  I'd rather listen to Marilyn Manson.

Moscow Evenings - Sunset from Alchemists album Russian Roulette
First off, Alan Daniel Mamam from LA would like to inform you this is NOT an album.  But if it were, it would be considered the third studio album since their 1993 start.  Listening to this album made me feel like I was at an underground club in Brooklyn, and I felt very cool.  I may have to download this track and scoot downtown in my Beretta with the bass turned up.
Everyone Else is an Asshole from Reel Big Fish's 7th album Candy Coated Fury
I have a bit of a love hate relationship with this ska Cali band.  I have two friends who love this band, so I try to keep an open mind.  They formed in 91 but I don't hear a lot about them in the media.  There is definitely a cult following of Reel Big Fish however.   And this song fits my asshole mood today. So go download it, assholes. 

Rich Forever from Rick Ross's 5th album God forgives, but I don't
Well Rick, maybe if you stopped playin dirty with 50 Cent at the hip hop playground you'd find forgiveness.  William Leonard Roberts II got his start in Mississippi in 2002.  I had to suffer through all the same sh*t to find something that wasn't all rap, which brought me to Rich Forever, featuring John Legend. Thank god. 
Soggy Pretzels from Neil Diamonds live album  Hot August Nights 40th Anniversary
Need I say more?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Music Tuesday July 24th

Three sophmore albums and a personal favorite has released her fifth album this week.  Enjoy.

Dooeny rock from Fang Islands 2nd album Major
This east coast band met at design school in 2005.  Yet another indi rock band, but with a damn hilarious sense of humor.  Their name came from The Onion article:
"I think it was just a funny blip about Donald Rumsfeld having a secret hideaway, and it was on Fang Island"
Too cute.   This song along with many others are so much funon this album I am debating on purchasing the whole thing... gulp. 

Top Floor from Micachu and the Shapes 2nd studio album Never
Led by Brits own Mica Levi who started her own band in roughly 2009.  She describes their sound as pop, the media likes to think of it as expiremental.   I AGREEEEEEE WITH THE MEDIA.   A wee bit expiremental for me.  

The love we had (stays on my mind) from Joss Stones 5th album Soul Sessions Vol II
I thought I owned all of Joss's albums but I guessed I missed her 2009 release.  I downloaded the singe 4 and 20 and love it.  There is something about her I absolutely love.  She has soul, great taste in music, love that she performs barefoot.  There are a few artists that I would purchase an album without thought, she is one.  (I said this about Rufus Wainwright and M Ward this year. ).  She's won a Grammy, multiple Brit awards,  she's the 5th richest artist under 30.   What can I say, Jocelyn Eve Stoker has my number.  Her first album was Aretha's greatest hits when she was 12. What's yours? 

Moi Sans Zach from Laetita Sadler's 2nd album Silencio
Stereolabs own Laetitia has gone solo. This is her sophomore album.  She has been performing since 1987.  She was born in France and started with Stereolab in 1990 in the UK.  My good friend introduced me to their music and I never listen to them. Laetitia's solo music reminds me a bit of this:   je t'aime.     

Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Music Tuesday July 17th

Tel Aviv'in from Matisyahi's 4th album Spark Seeker
This Pennsylvania guru Matthew Paul Miller sings reggae slash hip hop (I suppose) with a Jewish theme intertwined$  I was drawn to him several years ago but stopped following him.  I had to pick this song, love the title.    

Summertime from Citizen Cope"s album One Lonely Day
District of Columbia can claim this Clarence Greenwood as a native.  He's gone platinum, he's written for the likes of Santana (and many others),  he's a laid back mofo that will transform you.  You can see Citizen Cope September 30 at Arlene Schnitzer.  

Little black bear from Be Good Tanyas album A Collection
Just a collection from a great band that was only together for nine years. Canadian females started Be Good Tanyas in 1999.  Damn it girls. Go back to the studio, reunite and make me some more lovely folk lesbian tunes. Thank you. 

Second time around The Fixx album Beautiful Friction 
This UK band started in 1979 (great year).  My favorite Fixx is when my brother gets in peoples faces and sings 'save by zero.... SAVE BY ZERO! SAVE BY ZERO!'   Thanks buddy.  And thank you Toyota for bringing back that wonderful hit.  

World upside down from Jimmy Cliffs 14th album Rebirth
This Jamaican musician is smart: he conned a random music bizz bystander into being his producer. Wait, can you see that?  I can see clearly now the rain is gone... And so has Jimmy since 1962.

Hypnotic Water from Jeff the Brotherhoods 7th album Hypnotic Nights
Two boys (yep, brothers) from Tennessee started this duo in 2001. Been hard workin lil indie rockers, producing 7 albums in 11 yrs.  I'm exhausted already.  This album didn't hypnotize me but that isn't to say I didn't enjoy what I heard.   

New Music Tuesday July 10th

It seems to me summertime ebs and flows when it comes to music releases.  All the pop artists have to release their shit out at once and compete.  This week is quiet, but NOT if you listen to this playlist.  Enjoy. 

Gopher Guts by Aesop Rocks 6th album Skeleton
Ian Matthias Baritz from New York became his hipster Aesop Rocks self in '96.  He was smart to go get his BA in Art at Boston U, and pursued his dream as an entertainer later.

Gun has no trigger from Dirty Projectors 6th album Swing lo Magellan
Another New York native this week, this is one of those bands where I know I have a cd of theirs but can't think of a single hit.  A bit hip hop and a bit rock, they are all over the map genre wise, and I believe that is so brilliant.  You can't put me in a box!   This track should be a movie theme song.

ABC City from Holograms self titled debut album Holograms
From Stockholm, they will be playing at our local Mississippi Studios 9/19.  Holograms have a Facebook page but poorly managed.  Ug.  They are an absolute punk band with bouncy songs and lots of yelling.  I found this track pretty entertaining...

Magic Summertime from Eleni Mandell's 8th album I can see the future
This folkster songstress is from Los Angeles.  Eleni first caught my attention when her version of "I Love Paris" came on the tv, with none other than Paris Hilton hand washing a car while eating a Carls Jr burger in a very unlady-like way.  It was shortly pulled off the air, but not before I got the name of the artist that was behind that brilliant rendition of a classic.  I haven't bothered to check out her other music. Glad to see she's stil around. Another commercial, Eleni?  Magic Summertime transported me to falling in love.  Beautiful.
Hope to see you at the Arlene Schnitzer August 21st. And so can you!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Music Tuesday July 4th

Short and sweet with a side of ick. Enjoy

Holding onto something from Parlovrs 2nd album Kook Soul
Wow this Canadian band is definately holding on to something: which would be talent! 

Whistle from Flo Ridas album Wild Ones
Can I just admit right now I am not a hip hop, rap, or hardcore fan. UNLESS you are Flo Rida.  This big boogie man from Florida grew uo in the 'projects' but went to college and connected with smart celebrities.  Tramar Dillard is my age but so much cooler, with his baby right round and all that jazz. And I almost lost it thinking of him collaborating with Andrew Bird, whistling wars. Yes this is how my mind works. Thank you for making me feel a lil less white and Irish. 

Don't wake me up from Chris Browns 5th album Fortune
Apart being an abusive bastard, he's a talented little 23 year old from Virginia.  Reading about Chris's personal history and anger un-management only made me more upset.  Great songwriter, good voice, effed up in the head.  I do like this song however. Wish I didn't.

On my mind from Jeremy Fishers 5th album Mint Juleps
I love this guy. No, I hadn't heard of him before this week.  But this Canadian is just fabulous. A lil hippy, a lil indie, a lil 1970s, and I'm thrilled to discover him.  Now I have to go check out his last four albums...

Ginger from Easter Islands debut album Frightened
Wiki sent me Kris Kristofersons album Easter Island when I googled the band. This started me off on the right foot for my music research.  Their facebook info isn't updated.  I did find an endearing photo shoot of the band.. and they are from Athens, Georgia and they like dream rock.  I had fun listening to their debut album but it didn't blow me away. 

Neptunes Net by M Ward from The Savages soundtrack
This soundtrack is CRAy-zEE (to be pronounced like Randall).  I'm a huge fan of M Ward. He can do no wrong in my eyes. But I also want to say Bruce Lash's version of Psycho Killer is hilariously delicious.  I haven't seen this movie but I want to.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

New Music Tuesday June 26th

You are my world from R. Kelly's 14th album Write Me Back
Mr Kelly has rocked our rocked since 1989. And he wants us to write back to him.  I am actually totally impressed with this song.  He is channeling his inner MJ. And as I wrote that I discovered Kellys own child pornography allegations.  True or not, 14 counts is a lot. The videos found on his property (not him in the films) involved girls younger than 18.  No wonder he's now divorced... I think I WILL write him back.  

Lost in the echo from Linkin Park's 5th album Living Things
Look, I know this band has won Grammys and financially gifts to national disasters (Katrina, Haiti, Japan and others) but I really really have a hard time with their music.  I understand they are talented and have collaborated with some artists of high stature.  I picked this song for 2 reasons: one, the town of Echo where my Dads mother was born, and I actually like this song. Yep I'm admitting it publicly that I like a Linkin Park song. Good thing no ones reading this...   

Lady Killer from Maroon 5's 4th album Over exposed
Truer word have not been written on this blog entry: Over exposed.  This is how you get it done, right? Be on a tv show (The Voice) so people don't forget your one ( or few) hit wonder and get pumped for your next single or album. Also smart? Collaborating with a hotter and better artist via tv show and song release (Christina Aguilera).  Well played Adam.  To be fair, I like some of the bands hits.  I have a sister-in-law who sings 'Moves like Jagger' while taking Jager bombs with my sister and cousin.  I can mention this b/c none of them read this. Actually none of my family members read my blog. I'm not sure they are even aware I have one. 

All things are possible from Blues Travelers album Suzie cracks the whip
Did anyone know that "The group changed their name to Blues Traveler, taking the latter part from the name of the primary demon in the film Ghostbusters, Gozer the Traveler" ??? 
No, I  did not.  I'm not sure if I was just becoming aware of current music (versus Frankie Vallie, Neil Diamond, and Frank Sinatra) in 1994 or the album 'four' was truly this bands best work.  But all of my favorite hits are on that album.  I got the chance to hear them in 2007 and Popper delivered per usual.  Amazing, rockin blues.  Thank you for keeping the music alive.  Yes yes yes. 

First time ever I saw your face feat. Erykah Badu from Flaming lips album The Flaming Lips and their Heady Fwends
I am unbelievably torn between this track and 'You, man? Human'. feat. Nick Cave.  I love both track equally. LOVE.  And I must list the other collaborators on this album:  Yoko Ono, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Bon Iver, and Kesha to name a few more.  I THINK this is their 14th album since these Oklahoma men started in '83.  They have been all over the map via genre, and their troop on this album really displays that. They got my vote.

Slim Pickens does the right thing and rides the bomb to hell from Offsprings 9th album Days go by
These California boys formed in 1984.  Not being a huge punk fan, I cringed at the thought of reviewing this album. This particular track is hilarious.  They are the best selling punk band ever, so don't be a bum like me and judge before you take a gander.  Guess not being a Grammy nominated band doesn't mean sh*t.

No Queremos Oro from Beachwood Sparks 3rd album Tarnished Gold
A few men in LA collaborated in 97 to create Beachwood Sparks.  With a country twang and an indie pop influence, I read a distinctive description "country through a kaleidoscope"
I am most likely downloading this single.  Too fun.  And to think they've only produced three albums in 15 years....

Red Guitar from Cassandra Wilsons album Another Country
She's been one of my favorite jazz artists ever since I heard her version of Little Drummer Boy off a jazz Christmas album about 15 years ago.  Who is THAT? I asked the world.  Her spirit leaps from her soul to your ears when you listen to a Cassandra song.  She's an award winning Mississippi grown woman, dueling with music since 1985. My favorite piece of info about Miss Wilson is 
'For many years she and her son lived in New York City's Sugar Hill, in an apartment that once belonged to Count Basie, Lena Horne and the boxer Joe Louis'. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Music Tuesday June 18th

Holidays and Summer make for a hit or miss week in music.  This week is short but sweet. ENJOY.

Beautiful Son from Peaking lights 3rd album Lucifer 
Peaking lights are a married duo that have their own wonderful website but no wiki page. Wiki-wtf? Also I totally judged this album name until I read this: “Lucifer sat so strong with us. It means ‘Venus, bearer of light’ and is the first sign of the sunrise. There are some major astrological and astronomical events involving Venus in this year of 2012.”

Violent Rays from Smashing Pumpkins 8th album Oceania
I first realized Smashing Pumpkins were huge when I saw their Mellon Collie album ads in Paris in 1996.  To give you an idea of my music taste at 16, my first record purchase was a 3 disc collection of Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons hits.  

Valentine from Fiona Apples 4th album Idler Wheel is Wiser
Fionas adorable. I had the pleasure of seeing her live at the Roseland a few years ago and she was so shy. She hadn't played a live show in like 4-5 years.   Fiona was going to stop recording after her first record until she dueted with Johnny Cash singing 'Bridge over troubled waters'.  I'm stoked she is still working. Yes yes yes. 

As long as you love me from Justin Biebers 3rd album Believe
I am not a willing Bieber fan. HOWEVER, this album is good. Thanks to a former co-worker, I too was in anticipation of this uber awesome release.