Monday, August 20, 2012

New Music Tuesday July 31st

The ONLY thing that was released from this terrible week in music is a reissue anniversary celebration.  Of whom?  NEIL DIAMOND!!!!!  ENJOY!!!!

Bullet for pretty boys album Symboisis
Apparently this is a Texas hardcore Christian band and has the first actual updated MySpace site I've come across while blogging this year.  Well done guys! Bullet for pretty boys formed in 2006.  I also came across a website I will probably not frequent... Holy Crap.  You can call your self Christian music all you want, but if all you are doing is screaming in the mic and hoping you are getting your message across, you ain't .  This may be the oddest contradicted band I have come across.  I am not even going to pick a track for this one.  I can't.  I'd rather listen to Marilyn Manson.

Moscow Evenings - Sunset from Alchemists album Russian Roulette
First off, Alan Daniel Mamam from LA would like to inform you this is NOT an album.  But if it were, it would be considered the third studio album since their 1993 start.  Listening to this album made me feel like I was at an underground club in Brooklyn, and I felt very cool.  I may have to download this track and scoot downtown in my Beretta with the bass turned up.
Everyone Else is an Asshole from Reel Big Fish's 7th album Candy Coated Fury
I have a bit of a love hate relationship with this ska Cali band.  I have two friends who love this band, so I try to keep an open mind.  They formed in 91 but I don't hear a lot about them in the media.  There is definitely a cult following of Reel Big Fish however.   And this song fits my asshole mood today. So go download it, assholes. 

Rich Forever from Rick Ross's 5th album God forgives, but I don't
Well Rick, maybe if you stopped playin dirty with 50 Cent at the hip hop playground you'd find forgiveness.  William Leonard Roberts II got his start in Mississippi in 2002.  I had to suffer through all the same sh*t to find something that wasn't all rap, which brought me to Rich Forever, featuring John Legend. Thank god. 
Soggy Pretzels from Neil Diamonds live album  Hot August Nights 40th Anniversary
Need I say more?

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