Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Music Tuesday August 21st

Selah Sue is my favorite this week.  Lots of electro-pop so please, ENJOY.

Owl Citys 4th album Midsummer Station
Owl City started in 2007 from Minnesota. Adam Young (the man behind the curtain) retrieved a followning from Myspace with his electronic project. Their hit song Fireflies brought attention to them.
I honestly thought that song was by Death Cab for Cutie. We'll see if this record resignates their fans as well.

Four Tet's 6th album Pink
Mr Kieran Habden of the UK started in 1998. I love this band even though they
are considered to be electronic.
She moves she was a huge hit for them, and why not?

Selah Sue's debut album Selah Sue
Thank you for allowing Starbucks to give away a song track of yours (Raggamuffin)
Seems educated and apprehensive. Good girl. The duet she does with Ceelo Green called Please was brilliant.

Dustin Lynch's debut album Dustin Lynch
This lil green artist started in Tennessee in 2012. This is this country musicians debut. Guess I missed him at Dukes Country Bar and Grill in July. Damn.

Van She's 2nd album Idea of Happiness
Australian band Van She began in 02 but are movin slow. Electro-pop and playful.

Bloc Partys 4th album Four
How creative can you get, naming the album the consecutive order number? This UK band agreed upon 'Bloc Party' in 2003 after bonding at a Reading Festival. Sweet.

Ariel Pinks album Mature Themes
Don't call Ariel the Little Mermaid because I'm pretty sure HE wouldn't appreciate it. That's right. HE. This Cali native got his start in '96, and is an canvas artist as well. Apparently he's created a series called Haunted Graffiti, and this album is the second in the collection. I'm confused too, its ok. Hopefully all will be explained 9/29 at the Wonder Ballroom.

The Heavy's 3rd album The Glorious Dead
The neo soul band from UK awoke something on me I couldn't put my finger on without some investigating. Got it! The Verve remix holiday 2008 album of Louis Armstrongs 'Zat You Santa Claus'. I realize I'm alone on this. Love Christmas music so there. Go get some heavy at Doug fir 9/2.

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