Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Music Tuesday July 17th

Tel Aviv'in from Matisyahi's 4th album Spark Seeker
This Pennsylvania guru Matthew Paul Miller sings reggae slash hip hop (I suppose) with a Jewish theme intertwined$  I was drawn to him several years ago but stopped following him.  I had to pick this song, love the title.    

Summertime from Citizen Cope"s album One Lonely Day
District of Columbia can claim this Clarence Greenwood as a native.  He's gone platinum, he's written for the likes of Santana (and many others),  he's a laid back mofo that will transform you.  You can see Citizen Cope September 30 at Arlene Schnitzer.  

Little black bear from Be Good Tanyas album A Collection
Just a collection from a great band that was only together for nine years. Canadian females started Be Good Tanyas in 1999.  Damn it girls. Go back to the studio, reunite and make me some more lovely folk lesbian tunes. Thank you. 

Second time around The Fixx album Beautiful Friction 
This UK band started in 1979 (great year).  My favorite Fixx is when my brother gets in peoples faces and sings 'save by zero.... SAVE BY ZERO! SAVE BY ZERO!'   Thanks buddy.  And thank you Toyota for bringing back that wonderful hit.  

World upside down from Jimmy Cliffs 14th album Rebirth
This Jamaican musician is smart: he conned a random music bizz bystander into being his producer. Wait, can you see that?  I can see clearly now the rain is gone... And so has Jimmy since 1962.

Hypnotic Water from Jeff the Brotherhoods 7th album Hypnotic Nights
Two boys (yep, brothers) from Tennessee started this duo in 2001. Been hard workin lil indie rockers, producing 7 albums in 11 yrs.  I'm exhausted already.  This album didn't hypnotize me but that isn't to say I didn't enjoy what I heard.   

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