Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Music Tuesday August 7th

This week was much better that last week and next week.  Sorry to ruin the suprise for the future blog of August 14th.   Enjoy.

Broken from David Archuleta's 5th album Begin
Frankly I am surprised David has released five albums since his Idol stardom of 2007. This Utah raised pop artist was the runner up in 2007 on American Idol.  This is a cover album with one exception: Broken.  In 2011 David proposed to take a two year break to be a missionary for Church of Jesus Christ of Later day Saints.   Guess that didn't work out since it hasn't been two years...  Well once you get the taste of exploring your musical talent it's hard to choose a different path. 

Foxy Foxy from Rob Zombie's remix album Mono sex head
Robert Bartleh Cummings is oh so much more than the leader of White Zombie- he's a screenplay writer and movie director.  Apparently we can thank him for the multiple Halloweens and the Devils Rejects.  This Massachusetts resident has a huge repertoire since his 1985 debut.   

Epilepsy is dancing from Antony and the Johnsons's album Cut the world
This is Antonys live symphonic album, a baroque pop of whatnot. I first heard Antony while getting an almost nude painting of me done (wearing a vintage fox stole and underwear).  It was an odd choice, but have never forgotten the sorrow I heard in his voice, wondering if Mr Fox stole was glad he was dead.   This album is stunning and I would love to play it on outside speakers on my pretend back deck on my pretend porch swing on the summer evening.  The video for this was so creepy I didn't post it.  Sorry. 

Don't blame yourself from Sixpence none the richer's 7th album Lost in Transition
Had the pleasure to see this band at Lillith Fair in 98. No one can argue that Kiss Me was a fabulous teenage flick hit.  This Texan band debuted in 1992.  And if you missed their Christmas album, google it. Now. I'm an avid xmas music collector and find anyone who equally loves them silver bells as much as I should give this bands holiday record a shot

New Siberia from Los Straightjackets album Jet Set
This band made an appearance in one of my favorite cult classic films Psycho Beach Party.  I even know one of the actors in the film! This band is from Tennessee and have been playing together since 1988.   And who wants to argue with a band that plays on stage wearing all black and Mexican wrestling masks? 

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