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New Music Tuesday June 12th

such a great week! ENJOY

Reading rainbow (by The Doors) by Jimmy Fallon from his album Blow your pants off
Well blow my pants off, Jimmy does a spittin image of Jim Morrison singing the oh so classic Reading Rainbow.  He's your boyfriend, and he's an idiot. Just letting you all know.  A brilliant idiot.

Lemme see from Ushers 7th album Looking 4 myself
This RandB hip hopster started wooing is in 92. In Tennessee he started working at the age of 15 and hasn't stopped. Perhaps its the Southern work ethic, perhaps he's just amazingly talented and we keep begging for more.  I'm guessing its a combo.  He's ushered the little and big artists to stardom, utilizing his connections to others benefits.  I know Bieber owes a huge thank you to Mr Usher. Anyone else? 

Living on a fine line from Cookie Dusters debut When Flying was easy
Brendan Canning from Broken Social Scene 
Cookie Duster is a band led by Broken Social /Scene's Brendan Canning.  Spin Magazine has a fantastic interview with Cookie  This band rotates lead singers, which I haven't seen since the band Jet.  They experiement with their instruments and sounds and really take off from the normal 'alternative indie hit'.   I hope to hear more from these newbies soon.
Dayglo Reflection (feat. Lana Del Ray) from Bobby Womacks album Bravest man in the universe

Motion Sickness from Hot Chips 5th album In Our Heads
Thses Brits been rocking the worlds boat since 2000.  I have an indescribable fascination with this band. Why why why I have no idea.  They released their first single to be available on April 21st Record Store Day (which I attended Music Millenniums party at 7am). I would do this type of thing if I were a musical artist too.  I believe these are true musicians.  

Youth without Youth from Metrics 5th album Synthetica 
This Canadian band has two members who perform with Broek Social Scene. Who knew that band would be so significant this week? 
Miss Emily Haines heads this band
and have been successful enough to have caught my eye. Well done Metric.  I'll convert. 

Timelines from Motion City Soundtracks 5th album Go
They started on '97 in Minnesota.  They've evolved into a different band today then they were at the start, members evolving and emerging from other bands...  
The band has been described as being "too diverse to fit into just one particular genre," with Pierre replying by suggesting the band could fit into "Scrabble rock. Not Fraggle rock. You know the game Scrabble, where you’ve got to come up with the big words and you get the most points," he was referring to the lyrical content of the songs, where he admits he must sometimes use a dictionary to "fact-check

Headlong flight from Rushs 19th album Clockwork Angels
This Canadian band got their start in '68, 
It was a wee bit later that I saw them at the Clark County Amphitheater... And loved every moment.   Crazy they are still writing, recording, and performing to this day. What a rush... 

Lemme see from Ushers 7th album Looking 4 myself
This RandB hip hopster started wooing is in 92. In Tennessee he started working at the age of 15 and hasn't stopped. Perhaps its the Southern work ethic, perhaps he's just amazingly talented and we keep begging for more.  I'm guessing its a combo.  He's ushered the little and big artists to stardom, utilizing his connections to others benefits.  I know Bieber owes a huge thank you to Mr Usher. Anyone else?

Requiem Watlz from Emily Jane Whites 3rd album Ode to sentence
From California, she is a serious folkster. Hey don't take my word for it: 
“I don't write happy music. I'm drawn to writing sad songs. Reflective, contemplative songs. I truly believe that that's my job. It's not my job to create happy music. I'm okay with that.”

To just grow away from The Tallest man on earths 3rd album There's no leaving now
These Sweeds began on 2006 under the leader Kristian Matsson (and wife  performs under the moniker 'Idiot  Wind'... These tallest men have been compared to Bob Dylan but only the delivery is similar.  I need more, kids. MORE.  

Real love from Eric Benets 6th album One
Forgot about Eric, kinda thought he was just Halle Berrys ex husband.  Guess he's now a Grammy nominated (this year) husband of Prince's ex. Ha.  Any-who, he's a lovely singer of the RandB genre.
But if I were him, I'd modify my Wikipedia history and delete the info about his film debut being in Mariah Careys 'Glitter'

Dayglo Reflection (feat. Lana Del Ray) from Bobby Womacks 27th album Bravest man in the universe
Ok lemme see if I got this straight: Bobby was Sam Cookes back up guitarist and married his wife after Cooke died. After they divorced Womacks bro married Cookes daughter (who's mom is Womacks ex).  Got it? Great. Bobby has an extensive history which includes but isn't limited to collaborating with Joplin, Sly Stone (and his fam dam), Patti LaBelle, Aretha, and Ronnie Wood (whom I've met).  Let's just say he's been around. 
Love that he gets with new artists and keeps on recording. Yes, Bobby, we still love your talented ass.

Jericho from Mary Chapin Carpenter's 5th album Ashes and Roses
"Is the only artist to have won four consecutive Grammy Award for Best Female Country Vocal Performance, which she received from 1992 to 1995."

New Music Tuesday June 5th

Maria from Patti Smith's 11th studio album Banga
Patti is the Godmother of Punk. Well ok then. I wouldn't consider her punk these days. But she is a mother and a rocker and one hell of a musician. She collaborates with her 2 kids on this album, which I always find endearing. Patti says this is a personal album created with her own dreams as the inspiration. This song is about Maria Schneider and it's a beaufitul poetic dedication to this late actress.  Banga? I'm channeling Sheldon as I say Bazoonga.

God save the Queen from Neil Youngs 34th solo studio album Americana
I first got the chance to see Neil live in Hong Kong, in the rain, at a fairly empty SARS benefit. He seemed to wail and express a distressed and repressed artist in a country that hasn't previously allowed such artists to perform. (The next night was the Rolling Stones who made the paper for breaking their contract by singing 'Brown Sugar' anyways, worth every penny...) Mr Young is a Canadian who is an in your face political activist you'd swear he was a born American. I've seen him stripped down to just him and his array of guitars in an intimate setting which honed in on Neils artistry and gentle lyrics as we all know a man needs a maid. I've seen him with his buddies Crosby, Stills, and Nash at a winery with the natural phenomenon Columbia Gorge as their backdrop as they sang about ending war, corrupt countries, and peace and freedom. What else does the man have to say on 'Americana' that we haven't heard? He brings out the big guns: traditional American songs like 'This land is our land', which I heard during an interview with him from NPR as he explained 'Who doesn't feel this way?'. Agreed. Keep trying to united us Neil. Your passion is admirable.

Slumbers Sympathy from Kelly Hogans 3rd solo album I like to keep myself in pain
Kelly is from Atlanta Georgia. In the early 90s she was part of a band, due to circumstances and other obstacles broke out as a solo artist in 2009. My first introduction to Kelly's music was her version of everyone's favorite Rubber Duckie.   Who knew that childhood song could sound so seductive...  She's an official member of Neko Case's band, and who wouldn't want that honor?

Annual Moon from Liars 6th album WIXIW
The New York band Liars started in 2000. A bit punk, a bit rock, a bit artsy expiremental... The cover cracks me up, and I should add WIXIW means 'Wish You'. How sweet. oh- Also they have a crazy website that could give one a siezure but they update it daily and are coming to Portland (Doug Fir July 7th) so I forgive them.  By the way, this song is serene and visionary.

Body of work from Mynabirds 2nd album Generals
Miss Laura Burhenn is the general of this band Mynabirds, debuted in 2009. She dons the this album cover with intense force.  General indeed.  The band has been in the shaddows but they believe this will be their year to succeed.  They will be at the Pickathon in Happy Valley August 4 and 5th.  The line up looks too good to be true.  (better than this years Sasquatch festival...)  This song Body of work is a bit tribal in an intriguing and fantastic way.

The Hives 5th album Lex Hives
Saw these Swedish Hives in 2008 with The Donnas. They got a lot of energy and tear it up on stage. The lead singer is known as Howlin Pelle Almqvist and appropriately so. He howls and bounces on stage like a slinky. Slight punk slight garage rock, a whole lot of energy and just try to contain them.

Rabbit Hole from The Temper Trap's 2nd album The Temper Trap
This Australian band in '05 slowly gathered, wrote, and produced, making their debut in '09 in London but Australia still loves, supports, and awards them. Indie rock but what does that really mean these days... I really am not a fan of Temper Traps website.  First off, it has one of those ENTER buttons I despise.  This time, however, you have to really look to find it because of how busy the greeting page is.  I guess I will have to just deal with this as a band site trend for now.  Terrible marketing, people!!!!!  TERRIBLE!  Even when I get to the actual site I am not impressed.  The layout is difficult to track, and they aren't even coming to Portland.  And I am pretty sure they borrowed Aaron Neville's vocals during this song.

Raise Hell from Brandi Carlile's 4th studio album Bear Creek
My dear sweet Brandi.  Her lyrics and voice are exquisite.   I could (and have) listen to her on repeat, all day long.  I want, and listen to, this whole album today.

Tearz for Animals from CocoRosie's EP We are on Fire
These two American's sisters reunited in France and decided to create a band called CocoRosie Well while the hell not?  Their sound reminds me of a white version of Macy Gray.  Tis a good thing.

Isn't it time? from The Beach Boys 29th album That's why God made the radio

"Preceded by the single "That's Why God Made the Radio", the album reached number 3 on the Billboard 200 and was their highest charting since 1965, placing them second all-time with longest span of top 10 albums at 49 years passing The Beatles by two years. Frank Sinatra holds the record at 52 years of top 10 albums."

I saw the Beach Boys in 2006 (along with Lover Boy, KC and the Sunshine band, and Kool and the Gang) at the Hot July Nights in Vancouver, WA.  Hey, if you hang with me you will see legends... The latest album from the Beach Boys doesn't make you question who is behind each track, as each one sounds like old school Beach Boys.  I'll let you decide if you think that this is to the bands advantage.

Little Queen from Heart's album Strange Euphoria
Well this is just a greatest hits album but I love it.

On my own from Shawn Colvin's 8th album All Fall down
This South Dakota Grammy award winners new album is about as interesting as her award winning song Sunny Came Home.  Which is to say, it all sounds like her award winning song.  All of the tracks on this album.  Therefore, play Shawns new album if you want to take a drive to the desert and watch the sun set.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Music Tuesday May 29th

This is the first week MySpace was helpful on my research.  My irritation with MySpace  will have to wait for another blog entry, but thanks to the website I was able to share music links with you that are actually updated (no one touches their MySpace site anymore it seems)....  
More blogs to come.  ENJOY

Infected from 12 Stars 4th album Beneath the Stars
12 Stars are a post grunge band from Louisiana, getting off the ground in the year 2000 (the year two-thooousannd).  I am normally not a fan of this type of music, but I love the message in this song. And this. 

Virginia Wolfe from Dala's album Best Day
Dala, the female duo from Canada.  Folk rockin since 2002, met at Catholic school these girls decided to start a band.  They stopped me in my tracks the other night, for I heard a female voice singing Neil Youngs 'Man needs a Maid' on OPB Music Radio. What the hell? I wanted to slap her through the speakers.  It wasn't until I researched Dala did I find out the offenders.  They are beautiful songstresses and I recommend checking them out.

Love theme From Spartacus from David Reinhardt Trio's album 
Django Reinhardt's grandson. That's all I got but that's all I need. Go check this band out. Amazing. 

One love to another from Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros 2nd album Here Community 
The indie psychi band from LA was Starbucks free download recently (Man on Fire - a brilliant and incrediblly musical genius of a song). Thank you guys!  Their website has the most personality over any I've seen in a long time. They created a musical called Salvo!, which I haven't seen but find it curious that a band would so such a magnificent act. Yes!  You can see them band live at the Schnitzer Sept 11. And now I leave this artist review with this quote: 

"After breaking up with his girlfriend, moving out of his house with his lifelong friend Nicholas Raymond Kellen, and joining a 12-step program for addiction, Ebert began work on a book about a messianic figure named Edward Sharpe. According to Ebert, Sharpe 'was sent down to Earth to kinda heal and save mankind...but he kept getting distracted by girls and falling in love.'"

Ballad of a Politician from Regina Spektor's 6th album What we say from the cheap seats
I would love to see Regina at the Schnitz August 8th.  She was born in Russia and has been recording music since 1999.   I am pretty sure I own all of her albums so this one wont be too far behind on my to get list. 
 "It doesn't feel natural for me to write some diary type song. I want to write a classic like Yesterday but weird songs about meatballs in refrigerators come into my head - I can't help it." - Regina

I must be dreaming from Public Image Ltd's album This is PiL.  
This 'post rock' band has a history spanning from '78-92 and '09 to present.  This song made me laugh and I wanted to dress up in red and black and wear a big top hat and strut. This may still happen.  Very late 70's Bowie.  I actually think I am going to download this.  Hopefully I wont get in a car accident listening to it and laughing til I pee my pants.

Baby Come Home from Scissor Sisters 4th album Magic Hour
I own all of the Scissor Sisters albums. That said, I love this one too and in my mind they can't do wrong.  Haven't since they formed in NY in 2001 and I'm sure they will never disappoint me.  I will never forget listening to "I can't decide" for the first time in the car with my mom... Ha!!! 

Justine from Julia Stones album By the Horns
This lil lady backed a band that also has a release this week (Edward blah blah blah)..  She's a folkster bluesy gal from Australia who's kicking ass and taking names. Watch this one evolve. You'll love her. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Music Tuesday May 22nd

Yes I am a bit behind.  But I am still reviewing and listening and writing.  And loving it.  Robert Francis is my favorite this week. Enjoy.

Pale Horse from The Cult's 9th album Choice of Weapon
These famous Brits got their start in 1983.  The random group they got to show at the Gathering of the Tribes in '90 is mindblowing.   And this song Pale Horse made me laugh out loud. Sweet Jesus. 

Drones over Bklyn from El-P's 3rd album Cancer for Cure
Hip hopster from Brooklyn also known as Lazerface. It's info like that that keeps me going on. You cas see Lazerface - I mean 'El-P' at the Hawthorne Theater June 12th. He actually seems like a rad dude keepin it real, yo.  (Ok I'm just a Oregonian white girl who likes to spell Brooklyn in full).
Sparks of Light from Exitmusic's debut EP Passage
The duo from Brooklyn are smart in sharing their extensive history in their Facebook info.  Hey if you are out there Tree People, take notes. Exitmusic is where its at on a debut.  I do feel like their music sounds like Lady Galadriel from Lord of the Rings.  You can decide if that's what your into. 

It first occurred to me from Robert Francis's 3rd album Strangers in the First Place
Thank you Robert for having a free download on your website.  
This Cali native been strummin his music since '07.  My favorite this week, will be downloading or perhaps even (gulp) purchasing the tangible record.  Beautiful stunning bringing me to a happy indie filled place.

Good Intent from Kimbra's debut album Vows
She's from New Zealand, she's been sharing her soul playing soul since 2005, and she's caught the interest of Perez Hilton. Well done Kimbra!!!  She's also featured on Gotyes 'Somebody I used to know'.  Pretty randy for a beginner, Miss Kimbra.  In my opinion, she sounds like a 21st century Gwen Stefani.  I predict big things from her.

Something like Olivia from John Mayer's 5th album Born & Raised
I love John Mayer Trio. Are you familiar with them? No, because the effin radio doesn't overplay jazz-soul. 

So Wikipedia put Mayer in the 'white soul' genre.  Holy crap what does this mean??? Let's see, who else falls under 'white soul'?  Lemme share: Hall&Oats, Michael McDonald, Ambrosia, Kenny Loggins, and my fav, Toto.  Yes. I too am a white soul.  I still cringe at the remembrance of his Rolling Stone article. 
White soul. Ha.  The new album is less mainstream and more what I think John has wanted to play this whole time.  Fly bird, fly.

Anastasia from Slash album Apocalyptic Love
Dear Slash is only 46yrs old... This legendary guitarist has made his mark in the history of music forever.  But he keeps writing music and releasing solo albums as well as works with Velvet Revolver. He will always be known as a member of Guns and Roses though.  The following is referring to his new album:
'The lead intro riff for "Anastasia" takes inspiration from Johann Sebastian Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor, which Slash interpolates live in his version of "Speak Softly Love".'
"My big awakening happened when I was 14. I'd been trying to get into this older girl's pants for a while, and she finally let me come over to her house. We hung out, smoked some pot and listened to Aerosmith's Rocks. It hit me like a fucking ton of bricks. I sat there listening to it over and over, and totally blew off this girl. I remember riding my bike back to my grandma's house knowing that my life had changed. Now I identified with something." - Slash

Love has something else to say from Tedeschi Trucks Band 2nd album Everybody's Talkin' (LIVE)
I love Susan Tedeschi.  Thank you Peter who also fed my confidence in starting bookkeeping.  The band is from Florida, strumming soul since 2010. These Grammy award winners be at the Schnitz June 17th.  The album is a blues record that'll kick you into next week.