Saturday, June 1, 2013

New Music Tuesday April 16th

My oh my what a week in music. Another dog-eared page in my blog book for the Best Of 2013.  Enjoy.

Wedding song from Yeah Yeah Yeah's 4th album Mosquito
From New York, my dearest concert best friend says the Yeah Yeah Yeah's are one of the top shows she's ever attended.  The Y3 as I like to refer to them started in 2000 and might be the most unique band out there right now.  Well, Neil Diamond and his velvet gloves and spit are really quite unmatched in the music industry.  Now that I have shared that very important piece of information with you all, I have to add I cried during the review of this song.  Yes I have been an emotional wreck and perhaps a lot of things make me cry, but this was unexpected...

Alone Together from Fall Out Boy's 5th album Save Rock & Roll
No, even with Pete Wentz can Fall Out Boy save rock and roll.   Really?  First off,  YOUR BAND NAME SUCKS.  Ok I feel better.   From Illinois, this band started in 2001 and sings lyrics like 'my heart is a stallion'.   Wow.  Please don't put me 'alone together' with this punk pop band.  They don't even know the first thing about punk.  Puh-lease. 

Lover's Revolution from Iron and Wine's 5th album Ghost on Ghost
Where do I start... ok the album title:  interesting visual...  The band name: from a supplement bottle that was 'beef iron and wine'.  Gross.  This track pick is nothing like the other Iron and Wine songs i have heard.  To me it sounds like a make shift jazz band decided to scat with a hippie with a broken heart.  When I run my petite hotel downtown in the Pearl,  this is the kind of song/band I would hire to play on a thursday night in the bistro/lounge.  Thank you, Iron and Wine, for always releasing free downloads on the web.  So smart to get people to listen and share and love you. 

New York City Rage Fest from Kid Cudi's 3rd album Incicud
This hip hop dude Scott Mescudi is from Ohio and well normally I would cringe at hip hop but would love to blast this on a boombox while painting murals in Central Park. Angry murals.

Running from Jessie Ware's debut album Devotion
This song sounds like my theme song right now.  All I want to do is run. Keep me running.  I can be open and honest with you all since no one I actually know reads this.  Miss Jessie is from the UK and this is her debut since she started her career in 2009.  Critics love this R& B Pop star, and I can see why.  There is that ambiant Sade sound with simple messages.

You are alone from Flaming Lips 13th album the Terror
I wouldn't be surprised if the Flaming Lips took a shit load of drugs and recorded this album in several days without leaving the studio.  It feels to me like Pink Floyd  without the rage flare that makes the OMSI laser light show so awesome.  Flaming Lips actually debuted in 1983 from Oklahoma.  At first this seemed odd to me, but then I thought well space rock does remind me a little of a surrey with a fringe on top.

Love's gonna blow my way from Steve Earle's album The Low Highway
The strings oh my god the strings.  And this song.  After running away with Jessie Ware and being alone with the Flaming Lips, I need Steve's love to blow my way. From Virginia, Steve is a Grammy ward winning artist.  Now he is based in Texas and entertaining us with his 'country rock' but really it's the bluegrass blues boogie.  Now I'm bummed because I believe he was at Music Millennium recently and I missed it. 

Le Pingouin from Carla Bruni's album Little French Songs
Miss Bruni was the First Lady of France for a bit, after much controversy.  But this isn't how I was introduced to Carla.  I was making a French compilation back in 2006 and came across her song 'Le plus beau du quartier' (Most beautiful of the district).  If you watch the linked video you won't blame Mick Jagger or Eric Clapton for their interest in her.  Holy cow.