Saturday, October 27, 2007

New Music Tuesday October 23rd!

Pretty cool Neil Young graced us with a new album October 23rd, the day after I saw him perform live. This week was pretty good, at least compared to last week's releases!

"No hidden Path" from Neil young’s new album "Chrome Dreams II". Completely original songs, totally new releases, and superbly Neil. He did it again, and I got to hear them all played live last Monday night. His songs "Dirty Old Man" and "Beautiful Blackbird" will be playing on the pod at work, but the song I picked for the list "No Hidden Path" was the key track that made me want to download this whole record – which I am doing as I type, actually. He rocks hard for 11 minutes on his guitar, oldskool Neil style. There wasn’t on person on their butts in the Keller, and this is a new song! It was the best Neil concert I’ve been to (third time solo, once with CSN). The atmosphere was top notch, great crowd, Neil was solo with no band for the first half, surrounded buy his pick of guitars, and the second half got tipsy with crazy horse, rockin his new songs to a very luck audience.

"Down in a hole" from Ryan Adams' Follow the Lights EP! Yay! Love Ryan, and I will buy anything he releases. This isn’t my favorite work of his, but always refreshing to hear new Ryan. Wonder if he’s gonna release a new album soon. Anyone? Do you know? Please tell me!

"Toka Toka" from Black Dice's new album "Load Blown". Prog rock/Art Rock. Can’t go wrong with a band described as progressive, can you? From Brooklyn, jamming since the 00’s… ok, 1998. This is effin tripppy. It’s like being a part of a laser light show. Not to rub it in, but I’m seeing a pyramid light show in Cairo November 11th. Perhaps I will bring my iPod and listen to Black Dice while fireworks are glowing in the Nile…

"Rain will come" from Castanets new album "In the Vines".Another indie rock folk band on the rise… a bit like Dylan… has that serious Hawthorne coffee shop voice. What I find interesting is that people always associate rain with sadness and depression… but I love the rain. The acoustic ‘Everly Bros’ guitar accompanied by the sad rain fall lyrics is supposed to be melancholy but I like it.

"Cocaine Lights" from Phosphorescent's new album "Pride", Matthew Houck is the only member of the band. Can it be called a band with only one person? I don’t know. I guess his ‘band’ is forever rotating… This song is fantastic. It’s really dramatic and pretty, and you can totally picture the lights… glowing in all that snow? Tee hee… by the way. Wikipdeia this bands name… interesting…

"The World Has No plans for Me" from The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir's self-titled debut album. Some of their songs remind me of Franz Ferdinand (the whole Scotland thing maybe?) and some of their songs are totally "O Brother Where Art Thou". My favorite kid of band is one that can change it up and be versatile. The SYGC (as the refer to themselves) are definitely not repeating their sound in each track on this Freshman album. Way to go, boys and girls (they have a HUGE band)!!! Bummer iTunes doesn’t have them yet. But eMusic does! Way to support the indie business, eMusic!

"Bored to hear your heart still breaks" from Tullycraft's new album "Every Scene Needs a Center"… these guys are hilarious. I love their creativity. They are seriously on the border of obnoxious, but they are so out of the box that I have to give them credit. You would be pissed if your heart was broken and someone played this, but on the other hand, if one is getting hurt 24-7, you’d wanna sing it to them too… This band is way insensitive, and I love it.

"Fiesta" from Ween's album "La Cucaracha". You have to hear their song "Piss up a rope". It’s not on this album, but I’m gonna go find it. And you all are gonna get it on a compilation. Sorry folks. Ok, so back to La Cucaracha, I had no idea what Ween was about. They got country vibes, they got the saxophone, and serious trumpet. I love it. You get the idea they have a lot of fun. Their electronic "Big Fat F**k" although totally inappropriate, is friggen inspiring. You have to just wean yourself from your conservative holes and expose yourself to this band, man.

"Make a plan" from Saturday Looks Good to Me's new album "Fill Up the Room". They like to have a bunch of musicians on stage during performances, the more the better collaboration. The pop-rock sound streams from their music like sliced bread. You can really hear the Beach Boys influence in their songs, and somehow this works. I missed their EP release "Cold Colors" that came out July 24th. Guess that makes me fired.

"Killing the Blues" from Robert Plant and Alison Krauss new collaboration "Raising Sand". I knew this was coming a while ago, and was looking forward to it. I am definitely going to by this album, and so should you.

"Walk of Life" from Shooter Jennings "The wolf". Personally, I think it’s effin sweet that Waylon named his son Shooter. Second, I think he is just as entertaining, and I loved that he played his dad in "Walk the Line". I’m downloading this as well as the track "This ol wheel", even though I’m not a country freak. You can’t not include Shooter the man’s released a new album, can ya?

"Endless" from Dave Gahan "Hourglass". He is definitely trying to be Jarvis from Pulp, and it doesn’t quite work for me, but it is a nice effort. The voice needs to be deeper, and the lyrics more provocative. Positive note, his choice of instrument’s rocks. The sounds are amazing and raunchy, which makes up for the song writing… He needs to get his posse back and reform Depeche Mode, cuz he was better with them. Damn ego’s always getting in the way.

"Have yourself a merry little Christmas" from Relient K’s new holiday album "Let It Snow Baby... Let It Reindeer". Totally alternative holiday music here. Most of the songs sound like Malcom in the Middle’s theme song. You want Christmas to end right there, shoot the messenger, and never enter the mall. However, this song I chose is a bit more like Death Cabs Christmas song, has that indie rock feel, more as background music, something you can live with, without running around with scissors looking for Tylenol and spiked nog. I just love Christmas music.

"Together again" from Dwight Yoakam’s new tribute album "Dwight Sings Buck". First off, my sister and brother refer to Dwight as White Scrotum, which is gross I know, but funny, isn’t’ it? Anyway, I actually like this album, I like Buck Owens, and I like his songs. I have Emmylou singing this Buck song as well, and it’s pretty. Dwight really twangs it, and it could use a bit more cowbell. I need some haystacks and my cowboy boots on, and perhaps some Jameson on the rocks while listening to this.

"There she goes" from Babyshambles new album "Shotter's Nation". I know many a bitch who this song could be written about. Can’t stand Pete Doherty (lead singer), but I betcha I know he was singing about!!!! Anyway, Babyshambles aren’t so bad, if they can out shine as a band without Pete making an ass out of himself in London every day, they just might be able to make it. Look at the band Hole’s career!

Aretha Franklin "Rare & Unreleased Recordings from the Golden Reign of the Queen of Soul"
"Flat on the Floor" from Ms.Carrie Underwood’s new album "Carnival Ride". Well, you definitely can’t say she doesn’t sing her little heart out! Carrie shines on this sophomore album, and I’m very proud of her. She sounds so much more mature. This song will make it on the radio, maybe not your station, but somewhere… I like it!

And ironically, Carrie’s fellow idol runner up also released a new album on the same day…

"Take the Country out of me" from Bo Bice’s new album "See the Light". Funny, cuz he’s supposed to be the "rocker" from idol, and Carrie was the country one. He’s a big Skynyrd fan though, and they got a bit hillbilly every now and again. All in all, Carrie will be more successful than Bo. He lacks luster, or something.

"Rather lonely living" written by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, Music from the motion picture "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford". All instrumental, and all hauntingly beautiful. I saw part of this movie (the movie I want to see didn’t start for an hour so I watched the first half of this Jesse James with Brad Pitt) and the music and scenery and direction was lovely. The actors were perfect, although I understand the real Jesse wasn’t all together there upstairs and was not a pretty picture, but the script was shit. I’m sorry. It was missing something big. It never grabbed me, even with the visuals (Brad, the country, etc)… the music does grab me, and that’s probably cuz Nick Cave wrote it. Genius.

Last and least, sorry Tommy Lee...
"Same ol Situation" from Motley Crue’s live album "Carnivals of Sins" LIVE. Ok, why do bands produce more live cds of the same songs? No new renditions or anything… I was just excited I got to see Montley sing this song. I guess if you were at the Carnivals of Sins, you would want a copy of this… Same ol song and dance, I’m afraid, for me…

Sunday, October 21, 2007

New Music Tuesday October 16th

October 16th, 2007!
Not much this week, folks, but Radiohead makes up for that tenfold withtheir new album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Nude" from Radiohead’s new only downloadable album from their website "In Rainbows" but will be released on 3 December 2007 as a double album "discbox" with a second CD, two vinyls, artwork and lyric booklets. Their album is beautiful. This song has harmonious strings with Thom Yorkes almost falsetto voice and it’s soft, haunting, peaceful… I downloaded the whole album, and will be sharing amongst you all if y’all request it… I love the track "Reckoner" as well…

"State of Oblivion" from Southeast Engine effin rocking third album, "A Wheel Within a Wheel". This is what I’d call a modern alternative rock band. I am enamored with the lead singers voice. These geniuses are from Athen, Ohio, and it doesn’t look like they will be making their way to Portland any time soon, but we can hope. For now, just check out their music, unless you’re afraid to be alternatively folkified.

"Disko Bay" from the Capstan Shafts' new album "Environ Maiden". Only partially following the Capstan Shaft tradition, this album isn’t 4 or 5 dollars, well at least on iTunes. However, it is consistent with the other records they have released in that the songs are all under a minute and a half. Weird. This is a project that Dean Wells has started, and he records the albums in his house rather than a studio. I guess they just performed live for the first time at some church in Vermont. Hmmmm… They really are just a normal alternative rock band, with something to hide I think… what is it?

"I Saw the Bright Shinies" from Octopus Project's album 'Hello, Avalanche' which totally sounds like Alice in Wonderland or something…They are totally electronic pop, with a real beat and real instruments meshed with the electro-computer sound. They rotate on the instruments while on stage live, and one member(Yvonne) plays the glockenspiel!!!

"The Ascent of Man" from REM’s live album, titled (!!!) "REM live". I don’t think I’d heard this one, and it’s pretty cool. Always a fan of REM, even if I won’t be seeing them live nor buying their live album. I totally lost my religion to them, in the corner. Over there. Special place in my heart for queer friendly Michael Stipe! Go Stipe!

"Baby" from Angie Stone’s new album "the Art of Love and War". Ok, so Angie would have never made to my list if there wasn’t shit to pick from this week. I don’t think the music industry needs another Anita Baker / Roberta Flack, but Angie thought wrong. So she released another album which in my opinion sounds like the same R& B she’s been producing since she started. But I don’t want to be too harsh on her, since she is self taught and she writes a lot of her own music, which is something to say these days… even if it’s not my cup of tea.

"Let It Happen" from Jimmy Eat World’s new album "Chase this light". I have been feeling like I’ve been chasing the light for a while now, and since I couldn’t put a name to the feelings, I was relieved to find the words to my agony. Thank you, Jimmy. So is my little friend Anne excited about Jimmy’s new album? This song kinda rocks, Anne.

"Daylight" from Kenna’s new album "Make sure they see my face". This Kenna fellow is totally unique. Originally from Ethiopia, he taught himself how to play the piano to Stevie Wonder tunes, and was heavily influenced by U2’s "Joshua Tree" record. Because he sooo varies in genre, he had a hell of a time getting backed up $$ cuz the idiotic companies didn’t now how to market an unknown who can be versatile enough to fit into altertnative, indie rock, dance, new wave, synth pop, and house music. Sounds like someone should be fired now, because Kenna is stepping it up on the big box and is finally finding his time to shine. Daylight falls in the electronica style, with a bit of the Cure mixed in. I love it when an artist confuses the genre worlds.

"Mister and Missus Fitch" from Bobby Short’s newly released "Live at the Café Carlyle". The Café Carlyle is in the Carlyle Hotel, where Bobby lived from 1968 til the end of his life, in 2004 (actually he died in the hospital in 2005 of leukemia). I listened to his version of "Manhattan" while I was in the cab gong to Kendra’s in NYC last Fall ’06, and I passed the streets Bobby was singing about and I got all excited and teary… I had always thought" where are all these NY landmarks he is singing about " and then I was on them and passing them. I didn’t go to Coney Island, but that is on my LIST, babe. Bobby Short is a fabulous cabaret act, and I think it’s best if we all head to the Café Carlyle and give a toast in his memory for all the lovely music he has provided us. It’s in the Upper East side of Manhattan, on 35 East 76th Street. Perhaps we will see Woody Allen play with his jazz band there… cuz they do sometimes. Ok, so I looked up a room at this hotel (out of curiouslty and bordem at work) an I’d have to give err… ‘favors’ shall we say, to be able to stay there. Bobby must’ve been LOADED!!

"Omaha" and "Mr. Blue" from Moby Grape‘s reissue of their first album, self titled "Moby Grape". This 60’s psychedelic rock band reissued their first five cd’s, but this is their classic. If they hadn’t gotten lost in LSD while recording their second album, perhaps they’d be opening for Richard Marx at the Beaverton Bite or something. All kidding aside, these guys kicked ass… and I’m positive I probably tripped over their old pipe on Haight-Ashbury December, since San Fran was their home in the swinging sixties…

" Guilt by association" which is Louis XIV’s new single. This is a hilarious song. You can tell that Louis XIV are having a blast while recording this. The change in tempo, the leads voice, the lyrics… all hit the mark. They don’t take themselves too seriously, and they put on one hell of a live show, right Anne?

"59th St. Bridge Song" from Patrick and Eugene, from a collection of cover songs for the album "Under Covers", which consists of various artists, not just these two random blokes. This whole album is alternative versions of songs we all love like Fever, Tainted Love, and, errr, Wack Wack. ????? It’s insane, but you gotta love it. The cherry on top here? I haven’t a clue who any of the artists are that are singing these out of sync ‘familiar’ songs! Wack Wack is totally downloadable material, just so you know.

"Jingle Bells ( A Hip Hop Carol) from the AWESOME collaboration of The Disney Channel Holiday – which includes Billy Ray and daughter, Ashley Tisdale, the Cheetah Girls, Aly and AJ, and more. I didn’t think I could hear "Last Christmas" and hate it more than Wham’s version (ewwwww) but Ashley proved me wrong. Her fellow HS Musical *star* Corbin Bleu also graces us with this pre-pubescent voice… at least he doesn’t sound like he’s straining his voice the way Ashley’s singing does, but it’s still horrible. So Kyle Massey is, um, singing this rendition of Jingle Bells… and I’d have to say it’s the only pick of the bunch here. The others sound like the commercial Double Mint gum, which isn’t very appetizing.

Monday, October 15, 2007

New Music Tuesday, October 9th

New Music Tuesday October 9th
So I like to create New Music Tuesday blogs... every tuesday. I have been bloggin them on MySpace since January 16th, 2007 and have decided to create a real blog page so non-myspacer's can enjoy them as well. I am borrowing someone's idea (you know who you are) in that I will MySpace blog you myspacer's my link to this one, every new blog entry. Confused yet? Me too. Oh well.
This is how it goes. First I open the review by stating what I think of the week in terms of what New Music Tuesday has to offer. I follow this with tracks I picked from the list of the newly released, and what I think of the song, or the album, or even the artist(band).

So this week (well, October 9th anyway) had some great new artists (for me!) to enjoy. Plus I was totally pumped when I saw that the Killers are working on a new record. Yay. Also, Debbie Harry released a new album! Not her first solo ever, but her first in over a decade. Its raw and raunchy, just what we'd expect from her. Lastly, I'm way excited about my new found friends "Fiery Furnaces" and "She Wants Revenge". They are the two I want to hear more of. The others I may have to illegally download to see if I like them and if they are worth the price. Just kidding...

“A Postcard to Nina” from Jens Lekman new album “Night Falls Over Kortedala”, which has hit #1 on the Swedish pop album charts, and finally is released here in the US. Jens, from Sweden, is a very sweet singer songwriter. He (yes, HE) has actually released to albums before this, making this his third to date. His style is very much like “The Puppy Song” from Harry Nilson: playful, flirty, sing-songy, like if you were at the Rose Gardens on that first beautiful Spring day.

“Duplexes of the dead” from Fiery Furnaces new disc “Widow City”. I’m all hot and bothered for these hotter than hot furnaces. They have that flare that the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s have, you know, that cat on a hot tin roof factor. Totally hip, totally indie head banger rock. I would totally see them at the Aladdin next Wednesday the 17th if I wasn’t at my trainer 24 hours a day and I’m broker than shit. Just so you all know, I totally called that they would be playing at the Aladdin – and sure enough they are. That is the perfect venue for these unpretentious ladies. What do you expect from native Brooklynites? Eff Yeah! So please don’t go see them, cuz I don’t want to hear it. Well, alright, but bring me back something French…

“Mirror on You” from Enon's “Grass Geysers...Carbon Clouds” album. This band uses some serious instruments and electronics in their sound. They go from 80’s punk-electro in this song, to psychedelic mushroom trippin disco ball spinning in “Ashish”. Veterans at only 9 years old, this is their SEVENTH album. Apparently us Portlanders have been missing out on the NYC action, cuz that’s where this crazy trio is usually rockin the house. Cool, dude. I JUST might check them out on Halloween at the Doug Fir. Y’all wanna go? May be fuuun.

“Ghost” from Doveman's “With My Left Hand I Raise the Dead” album. Ok, don’t take a sedative and listen to the Doveman’s new album. It’s all piano and whisper-singing, too much that I couldn’t tell when one song ended and another began. Most of the members play in other projects, so maybe their concentration wasn’t there.

“Nantes” from Beirut's new cd “The Flying Club Cup”. The title is from this old photo of a French Hot Air Balloon festival from the early 1900’s during the World Fair. If that isn’t a reason enough to check out these kids, this song Nantes is. It actually takes you back mentally to this so called festival in Paris, kinda like ‘Nature Boy’ setting the scene for Moulin Rouge. Beirut isn’t afraid to be different from all the rest, with their sounds, instruments, and style. Bravo.

Detlef Schrempf” (ok, because of the name…) AND “The general specific” from Band of Horses new album “Cease to Begin”. I really enjoyed “The General Specific”. One of those tunes you really want to hear from beginning to end, and clap along. It’s sooo happy, and I’m pissssssed, because I found out they toured with Iron and Wine, and that combo is deadly, mannn. Where was I? Son of a….

“Dinosaur Egg” from Scout Niblett's new album “This Fool Can Die Now”. Had to choose Dinosaur Egg. This is a totally quirky song that would have been way perfect to be playing on my hunt for a fossilized dino-egg in Hong Kong. Scout is a spunky little Brit who claims to be from Portland Oregon on her myspace, which is a bit confusing for me. But anyone who wants to claim it as their home town is ok with me. Portland rocks. She named herself after the infamous Scout from To Kill a Mocking Bird. So Scout rocks too. I missed the chance to see her at Holocene last Tuesday (the day her album was released!) but I’m sure we will see her in the future, since she’s ‘from here’ and all…

“Merry Christmas (I don’t want to fight tonight)” by the Smithereens from their new holiday album “Christmas With the Smithereens”. They have that Beach Boy harmony thing going on, but with an alternative twist that works for today’s standards. I can totally picture the department stores playing it in a couple of weeks… yikes, it’s coming up SOOON.

“Rocket” The Bravery’s new single. This is a pretty good start for a new album in their future. I like the Bravery. Maybe it’s their punky rock attitudes, maybe its cuz they’re from NY, maybe they are my Sun and Moon… In either case, this came out right on the heels of their last album which was out last May. Looks like somebody(s) had a busy prosperous summer! I can’t wait to hear what’s next – guess I’ll have to be brave and patient. Damn.

“Dirty and Deep” by everyone’s favorite blonde Debbie Harry’s new album “Necessary Evil”. It’s dirty – she ‘brings you to your knees’, etc. It’s electro-funk, hot, sexy, and deeeep. Debbie is not Blondie here at all. She’s Debbie. And don’t you forget it. You should probably buy this album before she goes all ‘heart of glass’ on your ass.

“Stay Together” from Jennifer Lopez’s new album “Brave”. Ok, I’m not exactly going to be downloading this, free or paid for… but JLo’s new album isn’t half bad, if you like that sort of thing. Her “Do It Well” hit kinda bugs, but this song ‘Stay Together’ is inspiring in that they say ‘the new trend is to stay together’. (Totally about all the Hollywood breakups, I’m sure) Her lyrics are positive and the beat isn’t boring. It really portrays her mental space – that’s she’s finally happy and content. So even if I am not the biggest JLo fan, I am pleased to see she has found peace in her life – I wish her no ill will… plus, I like her movies, which shocked the hell out of me. Congratulations, Jennifer – not necessarily on your new album, but your accomplishments.

Shadowplay” - The Killers new single. The Killers could cover anyone and I would be ecstatic to hear them. I love Brandon’s voice and their take on songs in general. Even their ‘iTunes Playlist’ rocks. They pick the combination of artists that totally describe their uniqueness to a T. So this song ‘Shadowplay’ is originally a Joy Division song, you know that old English band from the 80’s? You know them Anne. Anyway, The Killers totally murdered this song, in the best way possible. I understand we are to expect a new album from them next month? Well, the album is rarities and ‘b-sides’, which is cool if they are new to me.

“Nothing better to do” from LeAnn Rimes new album “Family”. She started so young, we didn’t expect her to ever grow up, did we? America’s little country sweetheart is now singing about ‘what she cannot change’ etc. This song is a peppy song with banjo’s and twang, which is lovely. She does throw in the big ballads that are heartwarming and tear jerking, just like a good little hickster should do. Some of these songs remind me of old skool Judds, which I can always find the time for… and to think I had to expectations on this one. She’s had a busy year even before her album release, since she was lead vocal on the Evan Almighty soundtrack, sings on Jon Bon Jovi’s new album, and even graced her presence on Reba’s duets cd that was just released. Wow, LeAnn, you are only 24?

“My Bra” the new single from Mya. Ok, so the lyrics talk about how her bra is her light at the end of the tunnel, and her legs when she tumbles to fall… what? I THINK she is singing like guys refer to each other as ‘bro’, or ‘bra’, but when a female says ‘my bra’, it’s just silly. I got to be honest here, the only song I know of Mya’s isn’t even Mya’s song, which is Lady Marmalade from Moulin Rouge. I guess I don’t appreciate her talents enough to care about her music repertoire. At least we all know how supportive her ‘bra’ is now. Finally.

“True Romance” from She Wants Revenge’s new album “This is Forever”. I had no idea I liked this band! I’ve seen the name everywhere; I just didn’t know their sound. The picture I drew in my head was totally incorrect. She Wants Revenge is like an 80’s pop/rock band with today’s hip-hop influence, since they did collaborate with Timberland in a tune this year. I love that they are in the ‘dark wave’ genre (WTF?) and that this is only their second album. Can’t wait to hear more of them.

“Make out Bandit” from Mac Lethal’s new album 11:11. Hip Hop has to be unusually clever for me to listen twice, and this is just beat~boxin lyrics. The Make Out Bandit?!!! Don’t even tell me you don’t wish you came up with that yourselves. This is the crazy free-stylin hip hop mo-fo’s debut album. Rock on.

“Spring Street” Venessa Carlton “Heroes and Thieves”. As the missing member of the cast of High School Musical, Ms Carlton does (her best?) to prove she’s no miss pre-teen USA. Ok, maybe she is just the next devil-duff. Ok, so this “a thousand miles” actually graces my iPod… but not alone. She is responsible for the back ups on Counting Crows cover of “Big Yellow Taxi”. At least she has enough sense to cover Joni and not, say, Whitney? So I think this is the only song that didn’t make me want to vomit. Sorry, Vanessa, you are not my hero, nor did you seal my heart, you thief you. Try and try again.

“Ready, Set, Don’t go” Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley “Home At Last”. Ok this isn’t horrible, but Miley tries to hard to sound all ‘rock star’. I guess that’s better than her Hanna Montana alter ego. I am only picking a song from Billy’s new album because I think I like him as a person. He tried so hard last year on “Dancing with the stars”!!!! This year, I actually caught a glimpse of him on the show again, performing this song with his daughter Miley… it was endearing so it is now part of history – New Music Tuesday October 9th. Giddy-up!