Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Music Tuesday April 17th

Last Watlz from Horse Heathers 4th album Cynics New Year They are from Portland, which is news to me. How did I not know this?? oh pook. Well these folking folksters have been folking around since 2004. And if you are cooler than me you were aware that the lovely Horse Feathers were playing at the Aladdin April 21st. Actually I knew this for some time but had no idea they were local or producing new music this week. Hope you had a good time.

 Old and Gray from Maps and Atlases album Beware and be Grateful Also getting their start in 2004, but in my kind of town of Chicago. I had to do a search as to what the hell 'math rock' is, since this is the genre they have submitted themselves into. Playing at the Bunk Bar June 11th.

Ghosts in my heart from Mariee Sioux's 5th album Gift for the End This young-ens been mixin it up in the music industry since 2006. She's from California, and uses the Native American flute in her songs but isn't Indian herself. Her sound reminds me a bit like Jewel with more of a trill. Beautiful and wonderful songwriter. Oh and gorgeous album cover.
Quicklife from Moonface's 2nd album With Sinai. Sinai is a Finnish band, Moonface is the Canadian boy Spencer Kings band. If you can keep track of Mr. Kings musical projects you will find he is a very talented and busy man. The album is pretty intricate and abstruse to the point of I was wondering if I was listening to the same album, track by track. I love a variety but not having a consistant tone isn't always smart.

 Too Late by Spiritualized from their 7th album The Brits got their start in 1990, and took 3 years to make this album. I am not sure I would categorize them as 'space rock', to me they sound like Tom Petty or Bob Dylan. Come to think of it, those crazy kids used to listen to that space rock back in the 60's, with their Pettys and their Dylans. Hey Mr Spaceman? Who are you? Who, who? Who, who?
Lights and the Sea from Dar Williams latest album In the Time of Gods I learned something while getting my Dar education: she isn't gay. She's just very LGBT supportive. So this 11th-ish album is referring to Greek Mythology. Ms. Williams likes to toy with subjects like religion and sex - as she majored in philosophy and theater. Dar got her big boost by opening for Joan Baez and has been entertaining us ever since. Transcending lyrics, poetic movement, transforming album. She was at the Aladdin Theater 4/20.

Mermaid from Trains 4th album California 37 Only lately have I been able to listen to Hey Soul Sister. In fact, I downloaded it within the last 5 months. But these Grammy award winning boys have a following, and will be at the Edgefield Sept 22. I enjoyed this album, and this song is a whole lot of fun.

Watching you with him from Eric Hutchinson's 4th album Moving up Living down The pop rocker of WA DC toured with Kelly Clarkson and got his big break. With the help of Perez Hilton and performing the at the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade, Eric's been gathering an audience since 2003. I actually really loved every track I listened to. I'm a fan. A lil pop-rock never hurts anyone. Check him out at the Hawthorne Theater May 23rd. 

Everything is sound from Jason Mraz latest album Love is a 4 letter word I like Jasons new album. I don't always love his work but am a huge fan of 'I'm yours' and the other hit 'If it kills me' thanks to So you think you can dance?. Jason will be at the Gorge September 22nd. Bet that would be a good show...

Portland Cello Project's album Homage. They have been plucking since '96, and take contemporary hits and twist them into a classical remix of their own. Jay-Z and Kanye West would be proud... Check out their website and please read their mission.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Music Tuesday April 10th

This is, perhaps, the most enjopyable week of music reviewing I've had in 2012. Enjoy.

Hell No (I'm not alright) from Nanci Griffiths 20th album Intersection
Since getting her start in '78, Nanci has won Grammy's and the American Music Association Life Time Achievement award. She considers this album her 'musical crossroad'... Aptly naming the album 'Intersection'. This wonderfully country lady has taken to paying attention to detail on her website, of which I appreciate. It's beautiful, Nanci.

On and On from Fastways album Eat and Eat Dog
These Fastway Brits began their musical journey in 83. It has been 22 years since their album release. During the dormant years they changed some players but "Fast" Eddie Clarke has stayed loyal. This is the bands 7th album to date. If they wait another 22 years Eddie will be older than Jagger! This album is a lot of fun. I truly mean that.

Not cause I wanted to from Bonnie Raits album Slipstream
Bonnie has had a rough road with many accomplishments including being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as well as 9 Grammys. Here's some Rait family history I bet you didn't know: Bonnies dad John (Rait) was a huge Broadway actor, and starred in '57's The Pajama Game with Doris Day. Johns grandson Bay Rait was the face of Gollum from all the Peter Jacksons 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy. Now there's something to talk about... The album is gorgeous and portrays Raits talents vocally and musically in the most beautiful way. I just love her.

Midnight on the Interstate from Trampled by Turtles 6th album Stars and Satellites
Coming from one of my favorite American town Duluth, MN, this bluegrass band has been making headlines. You will see their name on The Crystal Ballrooms marquee 5/25. You can also find them at the Sasquatch Festival. They've had the same 5 line up since their 2003 formation. Got to love loyalty. The strings in this song are magical... No joke.

Knob Creek from Steep Canyon Rangers 8th album Nobody knows you
These Carolina's from the North played with Steve Martin (on banjo) on Prairie Home Companion.
They all toured in the UK in 2010. Looks like they emerged into the music scene in 2001. Bluegrass and please check this out:

You call me a bitch like it's a bad thing from Halestorms 2nd album Strange case of
Saying the band form in 97 is silly since the siblings were 10 and 13 yrs old, but this is supposedly when they started. Glee did a cover of their song.
Loved it. As a hardrock band, I must say I like them.

Time to move one from Monica's album New Life
Miss Monica started her RnB career in 1993, has had 14 Grammy noms and more impressively 6 wins. This is not including the Billboard, MTV, and AMA awards and noms. Hey, the boy is hers. Oh and I hardly recognized her with Brandy on the Today show last week. They were lil rockin divas in the making.
This track portrays Monica's tone the best in my opinion.

I get ides from M.Wards 7th album A Wasteland Companion
I love this guy. I will never ever ever forget the first moment I heard M.Ward. It was nearly 1am on OPB Music radio while sitting impatiently in the car at a parking lot while waiting for someone to grocery shop... No I wasn't happy about this. But I heard those lyrics
"Idiot wind blowing in through the front door
Idiot wind blowing in from the back
Idiot wind blowing in from every crevice, every crack
Anybody wanna tell it like it is to each other
Like you would to a sister or a brother
And cut this cosmopolitan's pap"
I wrote the words down and googled them to find the artist. Shortly after MWard was on Leno singing Helicopter and I realized I needed everything this man has produced. Also, he has gotten together with Zooey Deschanel forming 'She and Him', of which I'm convinced he can do no wrong. I saw him in concert with Anne at the Crystal and highly recommend future attendance. This track is a cover of an old song
that is one of my favorites, and I was thrilled to hear it.

Hold on from Alabama Shakes debut album Boys and Girls
So tell me why the hype of a band making their debut? They were on Letterman, they were at the Doug Fur lounge in December, also produced videos in the Fall of 2011, at SXSW, have a Wiki page, were on NPR... All is fine, but what irks me is people gave Lana Del Ray so much shit for her hype after her debut album release. Pick and choose the pick-ons? She hosted SNL and got raked. Back to subject, the Shakes are on MTV's top to watch in 2012. Rad. I must say, I can feel and agree with the hype on this band. A black woman with an electric guitar (Brittany Howard) backed up by a bunch of white hicks, gotta effin love it.

Co-sign from SWV's 4th album I missed us
I'm not sure how widely known SWV are, or what SWV means (sisters with voices). Well babe, you're the one. And this trio won't stop, as they haven't since '98. I enjoyed and smirked a little when listening to the album. But enjoyable, smooth, and erotic. Keep it up ladies. You are right, I missed you without even being aware of your absence.

Tango suite from Chris Botti's album Impressions
This lil talented mo-fo was born in my hometown of Portland. He's a Grammy winning (Botti produced the Brecker Brothers’ Out of the Loop, '95's Best Contemporary Jazz Performance), trumpet playing, entrepreneur that hasn't backed down since he started in '85. Effin rock star. Just sayin. Miles Davis' song 'My Funny Valentine' inspired him to pursue music. He moved to NYC and hooked up with Paul Simon, touring together. I know he's played at my ole high school recently, and for that I have the utmost respect for him. Fame and glory hasn't turned him into a snob. Thank you, Chris. Oh, and on this eclectic album, he works with several fantastic artists but I chose the track he collaborates with Herbie Hancock.

I remember sex from Loudon Wainwright III's album Older than my old man
Oooh Loudon. You are the father of two of my favorite musicians (Martha and Rufus Wainwright). Thank you for that. Loudon is an actor, humorist, author, and singer/songwriter. Award winning of Grammys and such, and a plethora of nominations since his theatrical start in 1967. Apparently he was in the 40yr old Virgin. Mr Wainwright was the musical guest on SNLs 5th show ever. I wish I could say that. The meaning behind the album title is he's outlived his Dads age (of passing at age 63 - Loudon the III is 65). I heard his review on NPR the other morning and had to get up early rather than wetting the bed - holy cow the man's hilarious. This is what I heard.
What would you have done??? One of these days I WILL see him live, as I've seen his chillins Martha and Rufus, respectively.

Hank Williams III's album Long Gone Daddy
Let's get a few things straight: Hanks father is the asshole that got his butt fired last year due to him comparing Obama to Hitler. Hanks grandfather is the good lookin that gots somethin cookin. So Hank the III is a metal/country/assjack actor that rocks the slide guitar.

Parachute from Future's album Pluto.
I grew agitated from searching for anything on Future. So, I have no idea who he/they are, background, status etc. However iTunes had this album so now I have one question: what do Snoop Dog, TI, R Kelly, and Drake have in common? Their collaboration with the mysterious Future. If Future wants to have an effin future, get on your marketing train and fix your internet bug. That is unless you want to remain unknown and unsearchable... Other than that, thanks to iTunes I think this album kicks my white butt.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Music Tuesday April 3rd

I enjoyed this week a lot, which is why it took me so darn long. Have fun and enjoy:

Get Alive from AU's album Both Lights
AU is a band created in 2005 by Luke Wyland. Luke moved all the way to MY town of Portland to start AU. When I read the words 'experimental pop' I hold my breath. Ok, let's just see about this now. Bunch of gibberish? What's the difference between that and art-rock? And do you have to be on the same drugs hanging out in Elliot Hall on the Reed College campus??

Good Vibrations by Wilson Phillips album Dedicated
Dedicated to their parents, all covers of Mama's and Papa's and the Beach Boys. Who doesn't want to hear these ladies sing Good Vibrations??

Idle Heart from Bear in Heaven's album I Love You, It's Cool
Impressive use of instruments, like if Pink Martini went rock. Violins, bird calls, merry-go-roundness, I just wanted to sit and listen to the whole album from beginning to end with no interruptions. I also really enjoy track 5 'Cool Night'. I can imagine them collaborating with the 0regon Symphony lead by Norman Leyden. Yes he's 94 but the man is savy. Just don't cross him.
Wiki says 'Take out the earbuds and let it fill a space: This is music that's bigger than your iPod—music you'll want to feel all around you." Amen. I really like this band. New fan!!!

Ballad of a Fishermans Wife from Great Lake Swimmers 5th album New Wild Everywhere
More strings, I love it.... And the banjo!
These Canadians formed Great Lake Swimmers in 2003. A bit folky, very singer-songwriter but their band explodes with sound. No simple solo acoustic guitar here. I have to add that they wrote and recorded an instrumental soundtrack for photographer Ian Coristine. Wiki quote: "One in a Thousand, an e-book of photography from the Thousand Islands region of Ontario scheduled for release in May 2012". Damn creative geniuses.
You can see them live at the Doug Fir May 14th here in Portland.

Lakehouse from Of Monsters and Men - My head is an animal
Icelandic group of 6 members, this impressive album is the bands debut. They've made quite the impact in their homeland, and the reaction has been rewarding. Now let's see how they do around the world. Of Monsters and Men sound like a lullaby, alternating lead vocals among members. I like the female voices better but over all I found them innovative and reassuring. Ya savy?

She came over me from Candlebox's album Love Stories and other Musings
Formed in Seattle in '91, beginning of the 'grunge-movement'. Their debut went off the charts, instantly making them a hit yet never returning to the same initial stardom. Candlebox even went on a 6 year hiatus. This is only their 5th album.
I don't love this album, but it's tolerable alternative rock.

A Hermes Blues from White Fence's album Family Perfume Vol. 1
The first of a 3 volume set to be released this Spring by Tim Presley's 'White Fence'. All I know is White Fence is also the name of one of East LA's gangs dating back to the 1930's. As for the band, I had a difficult time deciding on a track or even to post about them. Take that with a grain of salt, we all have our own opinion.

Out of Love from Lux's album We Are Not The Same
From Seattle, this is their debut. Not in lust over Lux, a little all over the place and lalalalaloud. This track stood out to me for it changes the albums pace in a great way.

The Silverscreen Girls from Evans The Death's self-titled debut album Evans The Death
Katherine Whitaker leads this band into a whimsical spiral of music goodness. Lyrics sung like the speed of light, I'm debating on googling them... Please listen and discuss.

Allowance from Our Lady of Peace's 8th album Curve
I saw them at the Roseland some years ago... I can't say it was memorable except for running into an obnoxious duo from high school. What can I say, the band played at the Tea Party Convention.
While I love me some earl grey and chai,
I want to slap Michelle Bachman to Palm Sunday and then have a discussion about what would Jesus do. Anywho, I did find a great video on youtube I truly enjoyed.

It all means nothing from Screaming Females 5th album Ugly
This trio only has one female. Clearly a punk rock band, they are independent, have self produced this album, and will be at The Know April 20th. I've actually been to The Know, very intimate. They've caught the attention of NPR, doing something right!

Starships from Nicki Minaj's sophmore album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
This cray-zee girl was born in Trinidad and Tobago, moved to NY when she was 5. I'm sure she is not as off the wall as she appears... However please read the following quote from Ms Minaj:
"The new album is going to have a lot of Roman on it ... And if you're not familiar with Roman, then you will be familiar with him very soon. He’s the boy that lives inside of me. He's a lunatic and he's gay and he'll be on there a lot." Roman also has a "mother" called "Martha Zolanski"
Hey as apalled as I am about Nicki in general, at least she writes her own songs... (Sex in the Lounge, Stupid Hoe, and Whip It to name a few) I can see this song 'Starships' at a fashion show actually. What do you think?

God's sure good from Dr. John's album Locked Down
Wonderful blues brother making his start in New Orleans in '71. Dr John (Malcom John Rolenack) has donned some pretty special soundtracks for me, top being Sleepless in Seattle's 'Makin Whoopie'.
Itunes is offering his song 'Revolution' for free and I recommend partaking. He's a natural groove doctor.

A Little Home from Rascal Flatts 8th studio album Changed
I heard their interview with Mr Simon on NPR last week. They seem like a sweet bunch of fellows from Ohio. This track is the bands fav song on the album, and I thought it was touching. Coming from a family that lost their foundation last year due to this shitty economy, I appreciate finding A Little Home within. Bring it with you. Go hug your family now. Thanks.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Music Tuesday March 27th

Got some classics, some wonderful new kids on the block, and some I will forget all about tomorrow. Enjoy:

Study in Blue from Paul Weller's 11th studio album Sonik Kicks
This Brit is know for fronting The Jam. I feel this should mean something to me. Especially considering Paul is 'Modfather' I feel completely out of the loop on this Brit chart topper damnit. I really enjoyed reviewing each track. Modern day mod. Bowie can you hear me? Is that your nipple antennae Bowie?

Holy Weather from Civil Twilight's album Holy Weather
This is perhaps Civil Twilights 2nd album. Must be difficult to produce albums from South Africa, considering they've been strumming since '96 and this is only their sophmore album... This band contains 2 brothers who grew up exposed to jazz from their father and classic piano played by their mother. This makes me smile.
This music is quite intricate as each resonates into the next track.

Movin on from Justin Townes Earle - Nothing's Gonna Change the Way You Feel About Me Now
Son of Steve Earle and Allison Moorer (stepmom) this is the 5th album from this Tennessee native. Wonderful twang, licks, and groove crooning is song writing a bit like Keb Mo adding a little dirt.

Don't stay from La Sera's album Sees the Light
La Sera is Katy Goodman's solo project, and from what I can find this is La Sera's 2nd album. Katy also collaborates with Frankie Rose in the band Vivian Girls. The album is called 'sees the light' however the songs come across as a broken and rejected girl. Katy what happened?

Hours from Lower Dens EP Brains 10" EP
These dark nerds are from Maryland and I can't seem to find a whole lot about them otherwise. I like what I have heard quite a bit. A voice I would love to hear more from. I'm thinking of starting a classifieds ad for marketers and music majors letting them know what bands (in my opinion) could use more representation.

Enter the Jokers Lair from Miike Snow's album Happy to You
This Sweedish all male band grouped in 2007 in Stockholm. Wikipedia claims Miike Snow won a Grammy for Brittany Spears 'Toxic' but this makes so sense since the song was produced in 2004... ANYways, this is the bands 2nd album and you can hear them live April 11th at the Roseland. Pretty electric baby.

oOoO from from Oberhofer's album Time Capsules II
These New Yorkers via Tacoma are indie rockers that will be found in Portland April 9th at Mississippi studios. My father said this sounds like him trying to sing. This is not a compliment... I like the sound. Perhaps my dad could be the next New Artist. Love this idea.

Dirty Sexy from Rusko's 2nd album Songs
Christopher Mercer is Rusko, a dubsteppin Brit. No, that's not a typo. Dubstep is a fairly recent genre emerged from the UK in the late 90s. its maily produced with pc's, electronics, and turntables. Go figure this song is the most downloaded from Rusko off Itunes. Work it dubstepper! Dir dir dir dir dirty. I know, I'm a lowly white Irish girl with no jive to find my inner dubstep. To hear the latest phenomena attend the Roseland April 26th.

I come alive from The Used's 5th album Vulnerable
The Used are very adamant about being considered a rock band. They have formed their own record label (Anger Music Group), which seems to be the popular thing to do these days... From Utah The Used have gone through a whole hellhole of troubles together since forming in 2001. I understand this was not the best year to be an entrepreneur.
Check out the Used June 11th at the Roseland. And when I say check out I mean ROCK OUT.

Trinkets Pale of Moon from The Mars Volta's album Noctourniquet
The band Muse is must be amused at this lil ole wannabe. I know I'm not very nice sometimes, but really? I had high expectations from The Mars Volta. Ppffffff splat.

Falling Free from Madonna's album MDNA
She can sing, she can dance, she can boogie in her pants. Don't be a hater, you know Madonnas wonderful.

F**k, I hate the cold from Cowboy Junkies' album Wilderness
On the downloading list for the week, thank you Cowboy Junkies. I f**ing hate the cold right now too. Well said!

Maps from Macy Gray's album Covered
Macy has made a record of covers, this one being a Yeah Yeah Yeah song. Fantastic worth Macy. Wide range of covers and plays well with Macys style of delivery.

People in her mind from Poor Moon - Illusion EP
Short and sweet, and wouldn't want to be in 'her mind', whoever she may be.

QueenS from THEESatisfaction's album awE naturalE
This is quite a hoot. Had no idea what to expect but I believe Queens is NOT in reference to the beloved borough.

Moving like Mike from Mac Demarco's album Rock and Roll Nightclub
Wanted to love this album after seeing the cover and viewing the song titles. Alas, I don't. This song is the only one that stood out as unique. The rest are not dissimilar to a nightclub for the bored.

Big Broom from RACES' album Year of the Witch
A little psychedelic like one was lost in El Paso. Live the album title, love the cover.

Lady from Lionel Richie's album Tuskegee Lionel Richie sing duets with an interesting lot, including Shania Twain, Jimmy Buffet, and Kenny Rogers (whom he performs with on 'Lady'). Voice hasn't changed, and love that he sings Endless Love. Keep keep keep keep on singing, Mr Richie!