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New Music Tuesday April 10th

This is, perhaps, the most enjopyable week of music reviewing I've had in 2012. Enjoy.

Hell No (I'm not alright) from Nanci Griffiths 20th album Intersection
Since getting her start in '78, Nanci has won Grammy's and the American Music Association Life Time Achievement award. She considers this album her 'musical crossroad'... Aptly naming the album 'Intersection'. This wonderfully country lady has taken to paying attention to detail on her website, of which I appreciate. It's beautiful, Nanci.

On and On from Fastways album Eat and Eat Dog
These Fastway Brits began their musical journey in 83. It has been 22 years since their album release. During the dormant years they changed some players but "Fast" Eddie Clarke has stayed loyal. This is the bands 7th album to date. If they wait another 22 years Eddie will be older than Jagger! This album is a lot of fun. I truly mean that.

Not cause I wanted to from Bonnie Raits album Slipstream
Bonnie has had a rough road with many accomplishments including being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as well as 9 Grammys. Here's some Rait family history I bet you didn't know: Bonnies dad John (Rait) was a huge Broadway actor, and starred in '57's The Pajama Game with Doris Day. Johns grandson Bay Rait was the face of Gollum from all the Peter Jacksons 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy. Now there's something to talk about... The album is gorgeous and portrays Raits talents vocally and musically in the most beautiful way. I just love her.

Midnight on the Interstate from Trampled by Turtles 6th album Stars and Satellites
Coming from one of my favorite American town Duluth, MN, this bluegrass band has been making headlines. You will see their name on The Crystal Ballrooms marquee 5/25. You can also find them at the Sasquatch Festival. They've had the same 5 line up since their 2003 formation. Got to love loyalty. The strings in this song are magical... No joke.

Knob Creek from Steep Canyon Rangers 8th album Nobody knows you
These Carolina's from the North played with Steve Martin (on banjo) on Prairie Home Companion.
They all toured in the UK in 2010. Looks like they emerged into the music scene in 2001. Bluegrass and please check this out:

You call me a bitch like it's a bad thing from Halestorms 2nd album Strange case of
Saying the band form in 97 is silly since the siblings were 10 and 13 yrs old, but this is supposedly when they started. Glee did a cover of their song.
Loved it. As a hardrock band, I must say I like them.

Time to move one from Monica's album New Life
Miss Monica started her RnB career in 1993, has had 14 Grammy noms and more impressively 6 wins. This is not including the Billboard, MTV, and AMA awards and noms. Hey, the boy is hers. Oh and I hardly recognized her with Brandy on the Today show last week. They were lil rockin divas in the making.
This track portrays Monica's tone the best in my opinion.

I get ides from M.Wards 7th album A Wasteland Companion
I love this guy. I will never ever ever forget the first moment I heard M.Ward. It was nearly 1am on OPB Music radio while sitting impatiently in the car at a parking lot while waiting for someone to grocery shop... No I wasn't happy about this. But I heard those lyrics
"Idiot wind blowing in through the front door
Idiot wind blowing in from the back
Idiot wind blowing in from every crevice, every crack
Anybody wanna tell it like it is to each other
Like you would to a sister or a brother
And cut this cosmopolitan's pap"
I wrote the words down and googled them to find the artist. Shortly after MWard was on Leno singing Helicopter and I realized I needed everything this man has produced. Also, he has gotten together with Zooey Deschanel forming 'She and Him', of which I'm convinced he can do no wrong. I saw him in concert with Anne at the Crystal and highly recommend future attendance. This track is a cover of an old song
that is one of my favorites, and I was thrilled to hear it.

Hold on from Alabama Shakes debut album Boys and Girls
So tell me why the hype of a band making their debut? They were on Letterman, they were at the Doug Fur lounge in December, also produced videos in the Fall of 2011, at SXSW, have a Wiki page, were on NPR... All is fine, but what irks me is people gave Lana Del Ray so much shit for her hype after her debut album release. Pick and choose the pick-ons? She hosted SNL and got raked. Back to subject, the Shakes are on MTV's top to watch in 2012. Rad. I must say, I can feel and agree with the hype on this band. A black woman with an electric guitar (Brittany Howard) backed up by a bunch of white hicks, gotta effin love it.

Co-sign from SWV's 4th album I missed us
I'm not sure how widely known SWV are, or what SWV means (sisters with voices). Well babe, you're the one. And this trio won't stop, as they haven't since '98. I enjoyed and smirked a little when listening to the album. But enjoyable, smooth, and erotic. Keep it up ladies. You are right, I missed you without even being aware of your absence.

Tango suite from Chris Botti's album Impressions
This lil talented mo-fo was born in my hometown of Portland. He's a Grammy winning (Botti produced the Brecker Brothers’ Out of the Loop, '95's Best Contemporary Jazz Performance), trumpet playing, entrepreneur that hasn't backed down since he started in '85. Effin rock star. Just sayin. Miles Davis' song 'My Funny Valentine' inspired him to pursue music. He moved to NYC and hooked up with Paul Simon, touring together. I know he's played at my ole high school recently, and for that I have the utmost respect for him. Fame and glory hasn't turned him into a snob. Thank you, Chris. Oh, and on this eclectic album, he works with several fantastic artists but I chose the track he collaborates with Herbie Hancock.

I remember sex from Loudon Wainwright III's album Older than my old man
Oooh Loudon. You are the father of two of my favorite musicians (Martha and Rufus Wainwright). Thank you for that. Loudon is an actor, humorist, author, and singer/songwriter. Award winning of Grammys and such, and a plethora of nominations since his theatrical start in 1967. Apparently he was in the 40yr old Virgin. Mr Wainwright was the musical guest on SNLs 5th show ever. I wish I could say that. The meaning behind the album title is he's outlived his Dads age (of passing at age 63 - Loudon the III is 65). I heard his review on NPR the other morning and had to get up early rather than wetting the bed - holy cow the man's hilarious. This is what I heard.
What would you have done??? One of these days I WILL see him live, as I've seen his chillins Martha and Rufus, respectively.

Hank Williams III's album Long Gone Daddy
Let's get a few things straight: Hanks father is the asshole that got his butt fired last year due to him comparing Obama to Hitler. Hanks grandfather is the good lookin that gots somethin cookin. So Hank the III is a metal/country/assjack actor that rocks the slide guitar.

Parachute from Future's album Pluto.
I grew agitated from searching for anything on Future. So, I have no idea who he/they are, background, status etc. However iTunes had this album so now I have one question: what do Snoop Dog, TI, R Kelly, and Drake have in common? Their collaboration with the mysterious Future. If Future wants to have an effin future, get on your marketing train and fix your internet bug. That is unless you want to remain unknown and unsearchable... Other than that, thanks to iTunes I think this album kicks my white butt.

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