Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Music Tuesday April 3rd

I enjoyed this week a lot, which is why it took me so darn long. Have fun and enjoy:

Get Alive from AU's album Both Lights
AU is a band created in 2005 by Luke Wyland. Luke moved all the way to MY town of Portland to start AU. When I read the words 'experimental pop' I hold my breath. Ok, let's just see about this now. Bunch of gibberish? What's the difference between that and art-rock? And do you have to be on the same drugs hanging out in Elliot Hall on the Reed College campus??

Good Vibrations by Wilson Phillips album Dedicated
Dedicated to their parents, all covers of Mama's and Papa's and the Beach Boys. Who doesn't want to hear these ladies sing Good Vibrations??

Idle Heart from Bear in Heaven's album I Love You, It's Cool
Impressive use of instruments, like if Pink Martini went rock. Violins, bird calls, merry-go-roundness, I just wanted to sit and listen to the whole album from beginning to end with no interruptions. I also really enjoy track 5 'Cool Night'. I can imagine them collaborating with the 0regon Symphony lead by Norman Leyden. Yes he's 94 but the man is savy. Just don't cross him.
Wiki says 'Take out the earbuds and let it fill a space: This is music that's bigger than your iPod—music you'll want to feel all around you." Amen. I really like this band. New fan!!!

Ballad of a Fishermans Wife from Great Lake Swimmers 5th album New Wild Everywhere
More strings, I love it.... And the banjo!
These Canadians formed Great Lake Swimmers in 2003. A bit folky, very singer-songwriter but their band explodes with sound. No simple solo acoustic guitar here. I have to add that they wrote and recorded an instrumental soundtrack for photographer Ian Coristine. Wiki quote: "One in a Thousand, an e-book of photography from the Thousand Islands region of Ontario scheduled for release in May 2012". Damn creative geniuses.
You can see them live at the Doug Fir May 14th here in Portland.

Lakehouse from Of Monsters and Men - My head is an animal
Icelandic group of 6 members, this impressive album is the bands debut. They've made quite the impact in their homeland, and the reaction has been rewarding. Now let's see how they do around the world. Of Monsters and Men sound like a lullaby, alternating lead vocals among members. I like the female voices better but over all I found them innovative and reassuring. Ya savy?

She came over me from Candlebox's album Love Stories and other Musings
Formed in Seattle in '91, beginning of the 'grunge-movement'. Their debut went off the charts, instantly making them a hit yet never returning to the same initial stardom. Candlebox even went on a 6 year hiatus. This is only their 5th album.
I don't love this album, but it's tolerable alternative rock.

A Hermes Blues from White Fence's album Family Perfume Vol. 1
The first of a 3 volume set to be released this Spring by Tim Presley's 'White Fence'. All I know is White Fence is also the name of one of East LA's gangs dating back to the 1930's. As for the band, I had a difficult time deciding on a track or even to post about them. Take that with a grain of salt, we all have our own opinion.

Out of Love from Lux's album We Are Not The Same
From Seattle, this is their debut. Not in lust over Lux, a little all over the place and lalalalaloud. This track stood out to me for it changes the albums pace in a great way.

The Silverscreen Girls from Evans The Death's self-titled debut album Evans The Death
Katherine Whitaker leads this band into a whimsical spiral of music goodness. Lyrics sung like the speed of light, I'm debating on googling them... Please listen and discuss.

Allowance from Our Lady of Peace's 8th album Curve
I saw them at the Roseland some years ago... I can't say it was memorable except for running into an obnoxious duo from high school. What can I say, the band played at the Tea Party Convention.
While I love me some earl grey and chai,
I want to slap Michelle Bachman to Palm Sunday and then have a discussion about what would Jesus do. Anywho, I did find a great video on youtube I truly enjoyed.

It all means nothing from Screaming Females 5th album Ugly
This trio only has one female. Clearly a punk rock band, they are independent, have self produced this album, and will be at The Know April 20th. I've actually been to The Know, very intimate. They've caught the attention of NPR, doing something right!

Starships from Nicki Minaj's sophmore album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
This cray-zee girl was born in Trinidad and Tobago, moved to NY when she was 5. I'm sure she is not as off the wall as she appears... However please read the following quote from Ms Minaj:
"The new album is going to have a lot of Roman on it ... And if you're not familiar with Roman, then you will be familiar with him very soon. He’s the boy that lives inside of me. He's a lunatic and he's gay and he'll be on there a lot." Roman also has a "mother" called "Martha Zolanski"
Hey as apalled as I am about Nicki in general, at least she writes her own songs... (Sex in the Lounge, Stupid Hoe, and Whip It to name a few) I can see this song 'Starships' at a fashion show actually. What do you think?

God's sure good from Dr. John's album Locked Down
Wonderful blues brother making his start in New Orleans in '71. Dr John (Malcom John Rolenack) has donned some pretty special soundtracks for me, top being Sleepless in Seattle's 'Makin Whoopie'.
Itunes is offering his song 'Revolution' for free and I recommend partaking. He's a natural groove doctor.

A Little Home from Rascal Flatts 8th studio album Changed
I heard their interview with Mr Simon on NPR last week. They seem like a sweet bunch of fellows from Ohio. This track is the bands fav song on the album, and I thought it was touching. Coming from a family that lost their foundation last year due to this shitty economy, I appreciate finding A Little Home within. Bring it with you. Go hug your family now. Thanks.

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