Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Music Tuesday March 12th!!

We have a couple legends, a surprise for me, a son of a legend,  a band I've had the pleasure of attending their concert, a political activist, oh and Jane Lynch. Enjoy! (I did!)

Didn't kill me from They might be giants album Nanobots
My all time favorite quirky crazy Giants song is The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight). This alternative rock band is from the east coast of the U.S. emerging in 1982.  Yes that is correct. We have had 31 wonderful years of the most bizarre and creative music recorded.  Appropriately so, the Giants have recorded 3 children's albums and have written many theme songs for shows and the like, earning  a Grammy or 2 simultaneously.  Thanks to my dear music lover BFF Anne who brought to my attention that They Might Be Giants released a new album.  We have, of course, attended a show or two.

Dirty Boy’s from David Bowie’s 27th album The Next Day
Mr. David Jones (yes that is Bowie’s birth name) started in 1962.  This UK megastar Grammy award winner says being bisexual is the best thing that ever happened to him.  Hell yes.  Love David.  Had the pleasure of attending his concert a several years ago and boy does this 66 year old deliver.  This album doesn’t disappoint.   Dirty Boy, David!

Cristobal Risquez from Devandra Barnhart’s 8th album Mala
From Texas, This dear artist has created a whole new genre of music.  Was raised in Venezuela, performed with Sonic Youth in Paris, and attended San Francisco Art Institute, his artistry will blow your mind.  Wikipedia has described his genre as Freak Folk and New Weird Americana.  Yes, I would agree.  Since his debut in 2002 as a musician,  he has been on my bucket list of concert must go’s. 

Into the Echo from Bon Jovi’s 12th album What About Now
Oh baby, I forget how much I love Bon Jovi.  I enjoy his acting and have rocked “Blaze of Glory” on the karaoke mic more than once.  From New Jersey, John Francis Bongiovi, Jr has been livin on a prayer since 1983.  Awesome.  Keep rocking dude.   Bon Jovi hasn’t changed a bit. 

Gunslinger from Shooter Jennings 6th studio album The Other Life
Listed as a country artist, Shooter is country legend Waylon Jennings son.  He was on the tour bus for the first 5 years of his life, you know – hanging with Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and the like.  Therefore, he was playing drums by 5yrs old, the piano by age 8, and rocking the guitar by 14.  Personally, I loved all of the songs on this track, and it feels to me that that ‘the other life’ Shooter is getting at is his rockstar status as a famous musician’s son.  This felt more like a killer rock and roll album than a wannabe trying to follow in his daddy’s footsteps.  Out of the shadow he comes Shootin out. 
Zero Orchestra from Matthew Good’s 6th album Od Fighters
As a Canadian political activist as well as a musician, Matthew is a multi-talented mo-fo.  Since ’91 he has been playing music, but before that he got into history and politics, wanting to be a professor.  But you know, the music gig worked out.  So he gets his thrill by blogging and tweeting his mind about the news events.   Keep your voice heard, anyway you want it.

I still believe / Super Bass performed by Jane Lynch and Darren Criss of Glee
Just watch this and smile.

New Music Tuesday March 5th 2013!

A little bit coutry, a little bit rock and roll.  A personal favorite, a few stand bys, and a few plesant surprises.  All in all a fabulous week for music (for me!). Enjoy!

Two weeks late from Ashley Monroe's 2nd album Like a Rose
Miss Ashley is from Tennessee, a country singer since her debut in 2005.   She is a fabulous song writer, and has collaborated with the likes of Raconteurs, Wanda Jackson, and Miranda Lambert.  Blake Shelton is her latest contributor, rocking with her in"You Ain't Dolly (And You Ain't Porter)".  I always have respect for a young artist who writes their own music - and it always pays off.  If you can get the music worlds attention with your talent and not your ass, you will last.  With all that said,  I nearly fell apart while listening to this song.  Do you have any guesses what Ashley is two weeks late for?  no?  Not a bill payment, not a phone call, but her period.  Yep, we be talking about getting knocked up in this song.  Beautiful.  

When I'm gone from Caitlin Roses 3rd album The Stand In
What I'm confused about Caitlin is her genre's country, she used to do punk, and ITunes put her in Alternative.  She is without a doubt country on this album.  Almost boring country. I read she has been compared to Patsy Cline and the like.  As an avid Cline fan, I can honestly say I don't agree with such statements.  I got bored reviewing Caitlin's album (sorry Caitlin).  But you're in Nashville! Gather some soul and personality while you are there, Miss Rose.

Uma Thurman from Jared Evan and Statik Selektah's collaboration Boom Bap and Blues
This is an R&B / Hip hop duo.  While reviewing their album,  I wanted to like it and forced myself to get excited about it but truthfully I really am not.  It isn't terrible R& B/Hip hop, especially since I recoil at the comboniation.

Cafe Lights from Hey Mersailles 2nd album Lines We Trace
From Seattle, this indie-folk-jazz band started in 2006.   Gorgeous music, I love the strings that have been incorporated throughout this album.  Please listen to another track of theirs: Tides.

Love The First Law Of Thermodynamics from Cloud Cults 9th album Love
This art rock band from Minneapolis got their start in 1995 who got their name from the Native American ancient prophecies.  Cloud Cult pleases me sporadically but hearing their interview on NPR broke my heart.  I absolutely love their instrument choices, including the trumpet, cello, French horn, and violin.  Just listen to this track.  

Sweet Lady from Lady's debut album Lady
This cross-Atlantic r&b duo have the funk of Motown and the hip of En Vogue.  I can totally picture this music on a movie soundtrack, the love and breakup only r&b can give us.  Work it, girls.  I enjoy a little sap every now and then. And this song is about their mothers.  How adorable.

Part heart from Kate Nash's 3rd album Girl Talk
This Brittish pop star started in 2006.  Kate has a real appeal for me, but some of her songs I actually have to turn off.  Personally I don't see this as a bad thing because it shows she is versatile with her genre.  As you may have picked up by now, my dear reader(s), is I can't stand a repetitive album.  The tracks on Girl Talk don't disappoint the already born appreciation I have for Kate's talent.  Some I absolutely love, and some I didn't at all.  Consistently true to herself.  

Bird on the Wire from Madeleine Peyroux's 7th album The Blue Room
I have been following Madeleine's music career for several years and thought she is French. C'est ne pas vrais.  She was born in our wonderful peachy state of Georgia and moved to Paris at age 13 with her mom. By age 15 this songstress was singing jazz with the locals in the Latin Quarter.  When she sings, you will fall in love with love.  And my oh my check out her album cover.  

In your arms again from Josh Ritter's 7th album The beast in its tracks
I would like to thank for supplying free downloads, one being Josh Ritter.  Josh is from Moscow Idaho, a little country, more soft rock.  Let's go on a walkabout, Josh.  I can feel the John Wayne and Bob Dylan influences in your music, and it's grand. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

New Music Tuesday February 26th

Don't love me too much from Escondido's debut album The Ghost of Escondido
From Nashville, they recorded this album in 1 day live.  One would think the outcome of such nonsense would be a disaster.  On the contrary, definitely marking this for my best of 2013 list.  The western pop - desert sex sound that I missed live at Mississippi Studios on February 10th is incredible.  This is one of FOUR bands this new music week that will be playing at SXSW.  Anyone want to buy me a ticket to go?  Please? Desert Sex? No? Come on...

Lockdown from Johnny Marr's debut solo album The Messenger
It seems to me that Johnny Marr's message here is he can strip away alcohol, meat, dairy, and his former band mates of The Smiths, Modest Mouse, The Cribs, and The The to tell us he sounds exactly like The Smiths, Modest Mouse, The Cribs, and The The all on his own.  Could be my home town Portland's fault, as he did live here for several years.  We have the 'you can make it on your own' attitude and praise vegan-ism.  Now that I have totally ripped on poor Johnny, I must say, that taken in small doses (ie: NOT listening to the album in its entirety) I could see myself enjoying this British indie rockers debut. Oh, and nice choice on the album cover art.

Bluebird wine from Emmylou Harris and Rodney Cowell's collaboration Old Yellow Moon
In my book, Emmylou can do no wrong.  Not one damn thing.  Talented, humble, and grogeous, when she is solo or with another legend,  she is the twin queen of Americana (with Bonnie Rait).  Alabama born Miss Harris started her career in 1969, since then has received 12 Grammys and recorded 27 studio albums (including this record).  Texan Rodney Cowell has known Emmy for 40 years, is a Grammy award wining artist himself, and was once married to Rosanna Cash.   Please listen to these two legends on this NPR link.  I highly enjoyed it.

Bright light from Mount Moriah's 2nd album Miracle Temple
From North Carolina, this mysterious band will be playing at the Doug Firl 4/21/14.
Oh and if you don't know where Mount Mariah is, here is a photo I took while there in Jerusalem.

Waltz for Pony from Boy's debut album Mutual Friends
This German duo started in 2007 and released this album in 2011 but the US just got word that these two indie singer songwriter ladies are talented and should be available here in ole America.  This whimsical pick of mine will melt your heart with the violins and pleasing story telling.  I love music from other countries, I find the lyrics refreshingly from a different perspective.

Before your very eyes from Atoms for Peace debut album AMOK
Each Atom in this group are Grammy award winning artists on their own, and just to be uber super, collaborated in 2009 in Los Angeles.  Thom Yorke, Flea,  Joey Warnoker (you know, Beck and REM's drummer), Nigel Godrich (Radiohead's producer),  and Mauro Refosco (Brazilian Percussionist, who isn't a Grammy award winner YET, but was nomiated for his work on Red Hot Chili Pepper's 2011 album "I'm with you") make up the members of Atoms for Peace. 

Blue Ice from Shout Out Louds 4th album Optic
I'm  thrilled to say I had a hard time choosing just one track from these indo rocker Sweeds.  I want to see them at the Alladin 5/21, I want to see them at this years Sasquatch Festival, but most of all I want to see them at SXSW now.   But I am poor and in the NW so this is not going to happen this year.  Well damn.  And I can't rave enough about their lovely website

Hypnotic Regession from Girls Names 2nd album The New Life
From Ireland, this surf rock band has definitely created their own niche.  Girls Names formed in 2009, combining Beach Boy licks with a 70's psychedelic strum.   They will be at SXSW as well.  I will attend someday. You know. When a bigwig magazine hires me to review music for them.  Your New Music Playlist Weekly Review by Aubrey's Addictions. Enjoy.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

New Music Tuesday February 18th

My oh my!  A little punk, a little rock and roll, and an old favorite.  Plus bonus for me two new artists I will be stalking - keeping an eye on.  Enjoy!

Dreamin of you from Buck Cherry's 6th Album Confessions

From Los Angeles, this hard rock band has been annoying the sh*t out of me since 1995.  I want to like them, gotta love their band name. Who doesn't want to be a Buck Cherry?  We can all head bang to 'crazy bitch',  but there is something so whiney 90's about them it takes me back to bad times.  Those bad times are why I am a music blogger today, however.  Music brings me to life.  I'll pass this buck to someone who enjoyed the alternative rock from the mid-90's more than I did.   Seeing that they recorded a new album DID make me smile though. 
Finishing Jubilee Street from Nick Cave's 15th album Push the Sky Away
I absolutely love Australian Nick Cave.  There is something about that haunting baritone, bluesy tortured soul, lyrical genius of a man I can't get enough of.  He doesn't disspoint me on bit while he pushes the sky away on this record.  I keep missing him when he is in town but I will. Now Nick, put Portland on your tour for 2013.   I'll pay.

Do Me Right from Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside's 3rd album Untamed Beast
I'm proud to say Miss Sallie is from my hometown of Portland.  I haven't heard one track from this woman's lips that I haven't loved.  She has that rockibilly action I love, old school Motown by a white girl with a whole lotta soul, while adding a modern twist.  I'm in love.

See you there from Psychic Ills 4th album One Track Mind
This New York rock band is skipping Portland on their tour. Not cool.  And the only reason why tho track made it on my playlist is because I can't hear the leads voice as well.   This is a definite bonus for me.   Mainly because the leads voice makes me want to take the psychic ills.  Yes, I went there.  Listening to this song in its entirety really was not that bad... and no I don't have a 'one track mind' with genre's, but I DO like MUSIC.  Not muuuuusac.

I Love you I do from Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors 4th album Good Light
From Tennessee, Drew started with his Neighbors in 2005.  Drew us a new favorite for me.  iTunes calles him a singer songwriter,  but isn't everyone?   This particular track is one I could sing to just about anyone.

Monday, March 4, 2013

New Music Tuesday February 12th

A couple newbie soloists,  a creepy couple, a couple sleepers, and a sinister group.  Enjoy. 

No Kinda Dancer from Kelly Willis and Bruce Robinson's latest collaboration Cheater's Game
The violins are beautiful in cover of Robert Earl Keen's song from this otherwise country music over saturated collaboration from married Willis and Robinson. Kelly is a native Virginian and Bruce is from, you guessed it – Texas. They have recorded a Christmas album prior to the oddly titled Cheater's Game, probably called "Your ex fiancĂ©'s Parents Reunion Christmas special"… I felt pretty awkward to read a married duo making an album called Cheater's Game, any thoughts?

Whole Lotta Rosie from Bullet for my Valentines 4th album Temper Temper
From the UK, this metal band got their start in 1998. I hate metal, and I don't want a bullet for my valentine. But not everyone is a happy hearts day camper. So a whole lotta rosie is the best I can do to connect with this tumultuous band. Probably because it is an AC/DC cover.  Have you ever met anyone named Rosie and was nice? Oh, wait I am sure Rosie O'Donnell and I could sing Broadway tunes all day. But Elmo isn't invited.

Out of the woods from Foals 3rd album Holy Fire
A UK punk band got their start in 2005. I actually really enjoy these punksters. They are more of a mild early 80's Duran Duran than The New Clash replacements. You can form your own opinion on May 29th at the Crystal.

Caroline from Nataly Dawn's 2nd solo album How I know her
Wow what a wonderful singer songwriter treat for us all. Thank you Nataly for taking a break from your band Pompla Moose to record this fantastic album. I know I am a sucker for female drama but don't judge me. Guess I missed her February 5th at the Roseland. Damn.

Yadira's Lullaby from Devon Allman's debut solo album Turquoise
This Texan blues rocker is known for being in the band Honeytribe, has decided to play solo cup. And yes, Mr. Allman is related to the Allman Brothers. His dad Gregg was their guitarist and back up singer. When one has a legend as a parent it is difficult to stray from the musical DNA that speaks to you in your dreams. You can fight it like Devon did earlier in his life, but eventually he gave in to the blues that is in his heart. And we are the beneficiaries.

Fever Dreams from Fuzzy Lights album Rule of Twelfths
From the UK, this "epic melodramatic eastern western" band started in 2004. Is a dreamy collection of music that feels like wind chimes. Not really my style of music since it is a little melancholy. But it isn't creepy or depressing; there. This Australian actress started in 2006. And now, she sings. Who knew?


Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Music Tuesday Feb 5th!

I'm not cool enough to find anything this week I would purchase, but what I do have for you is a locale, 2 country-folk, an ill named punk band, and an artist I should know more about but what you gonna do, Charlie boy.  Enjoy.

Mexicoma from Tim McGraw's 12th album Two Lanes of Freedom
Marrying Faith Hill was the smartest thing this man has done. He has 11 albums debut #1 on Bilboard charts.  Tim started in the music buzz in 1992,  and is from Los Angeles.  Not many country stars are from  California!
Happy from Holly Williams 3rd album The Highway
From Tennessee, this lil lady is Hank William Sr.'s grandbaby. She's only been recording music since 2003, so we may be hearing  a lot more from this monarchy...

Will you dance Charlie Boy from Richard Thompson's album Electric!  
Known as part of the duo Richard and Linda Thompson... He is from the UK and been rocking since 1967.  Just some old school rock and roll that matches the rockin album art.  Indeed.  Electric.  I'm boogin in my seat to the sound.

Life less ordinary fromThe Bronx 6th album IV
No, they
 are not from the Bronx.  They are a hardcore band from Los Angeles.  If I was marketing and/or managing a band, I would create  a website exactly like The Bronx.  Seriously. However, I can't get into this kind of music.  I try but you know what they say - fool once, you can't make the horse drink the water. 

Kinda Fuzzy from Eels 10th album Wonderful - Glorious
From Los Feliz, California, this mid-90's altra rock band have donned many a movie soundtrack.  Fronted by "E", Mark Oliver Everett has a fuzzy way of making the listener feel like a indierock vegan thrift store savvy yerba matte tea drinking stud.

Yes a band from my hometown Portland.  They just emerged in 2010 and I stretched my taste to pick a track from this album.  I hate hatin on the locals.  But we got to keep Portland weird somehow.