Sunday, March 10, 2013

New Music Tuesday February 18th

My oh my!  A little punk, a little rock and roll, and an old favorite.  Plus bonus for me two new artists I will be stalking - keeping an eye on.  Enjoy!

Dreamin of you from Buck Cherry's 6th Album Confessions

From Los Angeles, this hard rock band has been annoying the sh*t out of me since 1995.  I want to like them, gotta love their band name. Who doesn't want to be a Buck Cherry?  We can all head bang to 'crazy bitch',  but there is something so whiney 90's about them it takes me back to bad times.  Those bad times are why I am a music blogger today, however.  Music brings me to life.  I'll pass this buck to someone who enjoyed the alternative rock from the mid-90's more than I did.   Seeing that they recorded a new album DID make me smile though. 
Finishing Jubilee Street from Nick Cave's 15th album Push the Sky Away
I absolutely love Australian Nick Cave.  There is something about that haunting baritone, bluesy tortured soul, lyrical genius of a man I can't get enough of.  He doesn't disspoint me on bit while he pushes the sky away on this record.  I keep missing him when he is in town but I will. Now Nick, put Portland on your tour for 2013.   I'll pay.

Do Me Right from Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside's 3rd album Untamed Beast
I'm proud to say Miss Sallie is from my hometown of Portland.  I haven't heard one track from this woman's lips that I haven't loved.  She has that rockibilly action I love, old school Motown by a white girl with a whole lotta soul, while adding a modern twist.  I'm in love.

See you there from Psychic Ills 4th album One Track Mind
This New York rock band is skipping Portland on their tour. Not cool.  And the only reason why tho track made it on my playlist is because I can't hear the leads voice as well.   This is a definite bonus for me.   Mainly because the leads voice makes me want to take the psychic ills.  Yes, I went there.  Listening to this song in its entirety really was not that bad... and no I don't have a 'one track mind' with genre's, but I DO like MUSIC.  Not muuuuusac.

I Love you I do from Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors 4th album Good Light
From Tennessee, Drew started with his Neighbors in 2005.  Drew us a new favorite for me.  iTunes calles him a singer songwriter,  but isn't everyone?   This particular track is one I could sing to just about anyone.

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