Monday, March 4, 2013

New Music Tuesday February 12th

A couple newbie soloists,  a creepy couple, a couple sleepers, and a sinister group.  Enjoy. 

No Kinda Dancer from Kelly Willis and Bruce Robinson's latest collaboration Cheater's Game
The violins are beautiful in cover of Robert Earl Keen's song from this otherwise country music over saturated collaboration from married Willis and Robinson. Kelly is a native Virginian and Bruce is from, you guessed it – Texas. They have recorded a Christmas album prior to the oddly titled Cheater's Game, probably called "Your ex fiancé's Parents Reunion Christmas special"… I felt pretty awkward to read a married duo making an album called Cheater's Game, any thoughts?

Whole Lotta Rosie from Bullet for my Valentines 4th album Temper Temper
From the UK, this metal band got their start in 1998. I hate metal, and I don't want a bullet for my valentine. But not everyone is a happy hearts day camper. So a whole lotta rosie is the best I can do to connect with this tumultuous band. Probably because it is an AC/DC cover.  Have you ever met anyone named Rosie and was nice? Oh, wait I am sure Rosie O'Donnell and I could sing Broadway tunes all day. But Elmo isn't invited.

Out of the woods from Foals 3rd album Holy Fire
A UK punk band got their start in 2005. I actually really enjoy these punksters. They are more of a mild early 80's Duran Duran than The New Clash replacements. You can form your own opinion on May 29th at the Crystal.

Caroline from Nataly Dawn's 2nd solo album How I know her
Wow what a wonderful singer songwriter treat for us all. Thank you Nataly for taking a break from your band Pompla Moose to record this fantastic album. I know I am a sucker for female drama but don't judge me. Guess I missed her February 5th at the Roseland. Damn.

Yadira's Lullaby from Devon Allman's debut solo album Turquoise
This Texan blues rocker is known for being in the band Honeytribe, has decided to play solo cup. And yes, Mr. Allman is related to the Allman Brothers. His dad Gregg was their guitarist and back up singer. When one has a legend as a parent it is difficult to stray from the musical DNA that speaks to you in your dreams. You can fight it like Devon did earlier in his life, but eventually he gave in to the blues that is in his heart. And we are the beneficiaries.

Fever Dreams from Fuzzy Lights album Rule of Twelfths
From the UK, this "epic melodramatic eastern western" band started in 2004. Is a dreamy collection of music that feels like wind chimes. Not really my style of music since it is a little melancholy. But it isn't creepy or depressing; there. This Australian actress started in 2006. And now, she sings. Who knew?


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