Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Music Tuesday Feb 5th!

I'm not cool enough to find anything this week I would purchase, but what I do have for you is a locale, 2 country-folk, an ill named punk band, and an artist I should know more about but what you gonna do, Charlie boy.  Enjoy.

Mexicoma from Tim McGraw's 12th album Two Lanes of Freedom
Marrying Faith Hill was the smartest thing this man has done. He has 11 albums debut #1 on Bilboard charts.  Tim started in the music buzz in 1992,  and is from Los Angeles.  Not many country stars are from  California!
Happy from Holly Williams 3rd album The Highway
From Tennessee, this lil lady is Hank William Sr.'s grandbaby. She's only been recording music since 2003, so we may be hearing  a lot more from this monarchy...

Will you dance Charlie Boy from Richard Thompson's album Electric!  
Known as part of the duo Richard and Linda Thompson... He is from the UK and been rocking since 1967.  Just some old school rock and roll that matches the rockin album art.  Indeed.  Electric.  I'm boogin in my seat to the sound.

Life less ordinary fromThe Bronx 6th album IV
No, they
 are not from the Bronx.  They are a hardcore band from Los Angeles.  If I was marketing and/or managing a band, I would create  a website exactly like The Bronx.  Seriously. However, I can't get into this kind of music.  I try but you know what they say - fool once, you can't make the horse drink the water. 

Kinda Fuzzy from Eels 10th album Wonderful - Glorious
From Los Feliz, California, this mid-90's altra rock band have donned many a movie soundtrack.  Fronted by "E", Mark Oliver Everett has a fuzzy way of making the listener feel like a indierock vegan thrift store savvy yerba matte tea drinking stud.

Yes a band from my hometown Portland.  They just emerged in 2010 and I stretched my taste to pick a track from this album.  I hate hatin on the locals.  But we got to keep Portland weird somehow.

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