Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Music Tuesday March 12th!!

We have a couple legends, a surprise for me, a son of a legend,  a band I've had the pleasure of attending their concert, a political activist, oh and Jane Lynch. Enjoy! (I did!)

Didn't kill me from They might be giants album Nanobots
My all time favorite quirky crazy Giants song is The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight). This alternative rock band is from the east coast of the U.S. emerging in 1982.  Yes that is correct. We have had 31 wonderful years of the most bizarre and creative music recorded.  Appropriately so, the Giants have recorded 3 children's albums and have written many theme songs for shows and the like, earning  a Grammy or 2 simultaneously.  Thanks to my dear music lover BFF Anne who brought to my attention that They Might Be Giants released a new album.  We have, of course, attended a show or two.

Dirty Boy’s from David Bowie’s 27th album The Next Day
Mr. David Jones (yes that is Bowie’s birth name) started in 1962.  This UK megastar Grammy award winner says being bisexual is the best thing that ever happened to him.  Hell yes.  Love David.  Had the pleasure of attending his concert a several years ago and boy does this 66 year old deliver.  This album doesn’t disappoint.   Dirty Boy, David!

Cristobal Risquez from Devandra Barnhart’s 8th album Mala
From Texas, This dear artist has created a whole new genre of music.  Was raised in Venezuela, performed with Sonic Youth in Paris, and attended San Francisco Art Institute, his artistry will blow your mind.  Wikipedia has described his genre as Freak Folk and New Weird Americana.  Yes, I would agree.  Since his debut in 2002 as a musician,  he has been on my bucket list of concert must go’s. 

Into the Echo from Bon Jovi’s 12th album What About Now
Oh baby, I forget how much I love Bon Jovi.  I enjoy his acting and have rocked “Blaze of Glory” on the karaoke mic more than once.  From New Jersey, John Francis Bongiovi, Jr has been livin on a prayer since 1983.  Awesome.  Keep rocking dude.   Bon Jovi hasn’t changed a bit. 

Gunslinger from Shooter Jennings 6th studio album The Other Life
Listed as a country artist, Shooter is country legend Waylon Jennings son.  He was on the tour bus for the first 5 years of his life, you know – hanging with Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and the like.  Therefore, he was playing drums by 5yrs old, the piano by age 8, and rocking the guitar by 14.  Personally, I loved all of the songs on this track, and it feels to me that that ‘the other life’ Shooter is getting at is his rockstar status as a famous musician’s son.  This felt more like a killer rock and roll album than a wannabe trying to follow in his daddy’s footsteps.  Out of the shadow he comes Shootin out. 
Zero Orchestra from Matthew Good’s 6th album Od Fighters
As a Canadian political activist as well as a musician, Matthew is a multi-talented mo-fo.  Since ’91 he has been playing music, but before that he got into history and politics, wanting to be a professor.  But you know, the music gig worked out.  So he gets his thrill by blogging and tweeting his mind about the news events.   Keep your voice heard, anyway you want it.

I still believe / Super Bass performed by Jane Lynch and Darren Criss of Glee
Just watch this and smile.

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