Friday, December 28, 2007

New Music Tuesday, November 20th

20 November Tuesday

here ya are, folks. Short but sweet - Thanksgiving week. Damn.

“Honey” from Erykah Badu, her new single. Smooth like Honey. Not as smart as her old hits, but fun none the less. Erykah Badu will surely be a constant on my iPod, and I don’t see why this single shouldn’t grace my music collection. I think I will wait in anticipation for a new album? (“Nu Amerykah” to be released February 26, 2008!)

“(Love is) a Bitchslap” from Sebastian Bach feat. Axl Rose from Sebastian Bach’s new album “Angel Down”. Don’t get the holiday spirit from this album, which is ok since I didn’t get any spirit this year – not one bit. So Axl Rose is into collaborating with this band, three songs to be precise. Had to pick the bitchslap one, even though it’s just a bunch of screaming and guitar riffs. The riffs are pretty, er, bitchin though. Kinda headbanging!

“Touch it / Technologic” from Daft Punk’s album “Daft Punk Alive 2007 - Live album”. I’ve been totally into punk these days. I don’t think this is very punk though… it’s more strobe light discotheque. I guess its punk. It’s more electronic house music, just as Wikipedia says – similar to Dimitri from Paris. Been playin from France since ’93. Dude!

“Ill be waiting” which is the new single from Lenny Kravitz. To be honest, this is kinda crap. Lenny should stick to the guitar, and not love songs. His hits “Lady” and “American Woman” should be his template for any other single he releases, cuz that’s when he’s at his best. But he’s still hot.

“My Violent Heart” from Nine Inch Nails new “Y34RZ3R0R3MIX3D” remix album. Now don’t tell Trent (lead singer), but he’s kinda ripped off Sexy Back here. It’s like an angry JT song. Luv it. Remixed NIN rocks.

“No Air” by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown from Ms Sparks self titled debut album “Jordin Sparks”. So Jordin. No, I wouldn’t buy any of her music, I’m not a POP kinda gal. But Jordin has a nice voice, and to be able to collaborate with Chris Brown must have felt pretty good considering she’s just a contest winner. Ok, we know American Idol isn’t just a contest, is it? The next season starts here is a couple of weeks – mark your lame-ass calendars.

“Eff me Pumps” Amy Winehouse “Frank”. Now this isn’t really a new album of Amy’s, just a new release for us Americans. I chose this song cuz I’m WEARING my EFF ME PUMPS today! YAY! Amy effin rocks. I really really love Frank. Every song is just exquisite.

“Goddess Atonement” by Six Organs of Admittance from their new album “Shelter from the Ash”. This has a beautiful Spanish guitar that immediately transports your mind to the Madrid at a café with a carafe of nice wine and a great friend to share it with. Mmmmm. Nice song. The whole 8 song album is serene and cultural. Just what I fucking needed today.

“Drunk Chicken / America” from U2 and Allen Ginsberg off “U2: Joshua Tree (remastered)”. I had to add this even though it’s not really new – it’s remastered. BUT its like one of the best albums ever remastered , with better sound, etc. So Bono got the infamous poet Allen to rant on his album. Cool beans. Had to pick it. I mean really, drunk chickens??? What were they on? Payote?

“Timeless to Me” by Nathan Lane, from “Hairspray soundtrack”, Collector’s addition. Yes they decided to release a collector’s addition of the movie soundtrack to Hairspray. I’m not really 100% sure why. Maybe it’s because they were bored, maybe they wanted to cash in on the holiday spending, who knows.

New Music Tuesday November 13th

13 November Tuesday

Love The Killers, Love David Gray, and Love The Hives.
Classic Boys II Men and Celine Dion to torture you with.
Gotta accept Led Zeppelin, Alicia Keys, and the Goo Goo Dolls.
As for the Spice Girls, I’m seasoned out.
The rest of these new releases are pretty killer. I never complain to hear new good music. Enjoy.

“Ribbon in the Sky” from Boyz II Men from their new cover song album “Motown: A Journey Through Hitsville”. Yeah hearing three guys (#4 left in ’03) sing A Capella to a song called “Ribbon in the Sky” isn’t gay at all. Vintage Boyz. They even snap and are probably wearing all white when recording this song. Totally the straight and narrow. No closet in site. Riiiiiight.

“Black Bubblegum” from Dillinger Escape Plan’s new insane album “Ire Works”. A bit more hard than I’d like, yet this song “Black Bubblegum” is way fascinating. Dillinger Escape Plan is an interesting group. They bring in Jazz and hard rock at the same time. I don’t get it which means I will be searching for more Dillinger of the past.

“Can’t fight the feeling” from Celine Dion’s new album “Taking Chances”. You have to admit Celine has an amazing range of tone. What you don’t have to admit is whether you like her music or not. I pretty much don’t, but I can’t help but rock out to “Power of Love’ or “Treat her like a lady” on a whim. So I was in tears laughing at Rolling Stone Magazine’s review of Celine Dion’s record. For your enjoyment:

“Name”, “Iris”, and “Black Balloon” from the Goo Goo Dolls new “Greatest Hits, Vol. 1--The Singles” album. Love the Goo Goo Dolls. Had all the songs so I don’t need the greatest hits but it brought me back to the days of Gooooo. Thanks, Doll.

“Try it Again” from The Hives new album “The Black and White Album”. They get real punk on this album. They have that Brit 80’s feel and you want to be on a trampoline with your graveyard drink and mambas and fun dip. I like the Hives. They still don’t sparkle like a diamond lost in a pile of rocks for me yet. Waiting…. To catch the Hives??

“45:33” which is LCD Soundsystem’s new single. Ok, so the track is actually that long. Forty-five minutes of one song. But for some reason iTunes is selling it as an album only purchase and THEN it’s only one song and it’s $7.99???? Huh? Other than that, this song it kinda cool!!! LCD Soundsystem is up for a Grammy! Congrats!

“Over the Hills and Far Away” from Led Zeppelin “Mothership Best-of”. Well well well Jimmy and Robert are in the studio again. Wow. Guess they see other geezers like Mick, Keith, Angus Young, Steven Tyler, Mick Fleetwood, Don Henley, and Neil Young making albums and touring, why can’t they? Nah, just kiddin. Led Zeppelin is essential to any music collection, for sure. And calling their best of album the “Mothership” is quite fitting since the hype that they are in the studio is on everyone’s minds. They recently played in memory of Ahmet Ertegün from Atlantic Records, which produced the Mothership and their other albums, and had Bonham’s son play drums in honor of his father, part of the original four. Very cool bit of history we will see shortly if they take their act on the road again. They may be old now, but their fans are not… so the audience may be more than these old farts can handle.

“Like You’ll Never See Me Again” from Alicia Keys new album “As I Am”. Alicia has always been a classy woman. She impresses the masses once again with her single “No One”. I like the song, but I like this pick better. Alicia was on Ellen the other day and said she had needed a vacation to get away from everyone telling her how and what to do. So she decided to go to Egypt and climb the pyramids and sing at the top of her lungs. Said she was there for two weeks. I think this is a beautiful story, but this is a bit impossible. You can sort of climb them, but they are really old. Like older than Willie Nelson. And the camel jockeys would have been all over her ass- and she didn’t even mention them once. Anyway, Ellen asked “Did anyone bother you?” and she said “No”. This can’t be true. What ever. Alicia rocks and can lie when ever she wants.

“Bat Macumba” from Os Mutantes live album so appropriately called “Os Mutantes Live”. Unlike the Brazilian Girls, these guys really ARE Brazilian, and they jam hard core. I’d live to fly to Brazil and hear them live. Too bad I can’t. They haven’t played live since the 70’s. I can still listen to their live album and pretend. So get naked and paint your face people! Os Mutantes “live from London” album is here!!!!

“Heaven on their minds” from Queensryche’s new album “Take Cover”. All covers of not so popular songs from very very popular bands, like Pink Floyd, U2, CSNY, Black Sabbath, and even Andrew Lloyd Weber!!! Ha! I of course picked Andrews song, cuz it’s from Jesus Christ Superstar and I’m going to see that next Thursday. So stoked. I have wanted to see that and Les Mis for as long as I have been into theatre. Yay. Anyway, these covers are actually pretty kickin. I may download some eventually. I hadn’t ever heard of Queensryche before, probably because they are heavy metal and I am not. Been around since ’81, even somewhat local (Bellevue, WA)… right on. Plus they are on iTunes Essentials 80’s PowerBallads list, along with Guns N Roses, Heart, Cheap Trick, and Whitesnake. Damn!

“Spice up your life” from Spice Girls “Greatest Hits”. Oh yes the fab 5 are back in a huge way. But first, they must remind you of their massive hits again… Spice up your life is a moc of Gloria Estevan, and somehow in a good way. I don’t know how they pulled that off, but they did. I want to learn the foxtrot or the mambo or maybe even the samba to this tune. Niiiiiiiice.

“Monkey Gone To Heaven” from the album “Dig for Fire: A Pixies Tribute” performed by Elk City. I really like Elk City. I love the Pixies - who doesn’t. This tribute album is a mastermind. Not only is it a rare tribute to a band never to be forgotten, but it features bands that are up and coming new favorites of mine like Elk City, Ok Go, The Rosebuds, and British Sea Power, and more… This song is classic Pixie with the Elk City twist. Merry Christmas to me 

“They Call it Falling for a Reason” from Trisha Yearwood’s new country masterpiece “Heaven, Heartache, and the Power of Love”. That’s a mouthful of a title, ain’t it?? Trisha’s ‘new’ music is exactly like her old music, but what she sings, she sings well. How can we liiiiiive with out her? I want to know…. I think this song is a hoot. She’s right you know. When you fall – you land straight on your face. That’s life.

“Wedding Day” from Seal’s new album “System”. Love Seal. Don’t love the album cover. A little scary. It’s like a disco ball but with Seals face. So who wouldn’t want to hear Heidi Klum sing ? Yeah that’s right. Seal invited his lovely model wife Heidi to duet with him. On the snippit of sound iTunes allows you can’t really hear Heidi. So I perused the internet and found the full version. Verdict: She wasn’t so bad. The song would be perfect for a Victoria Secret show. They probably have already used it! Ha!

“You’re the world to me” from David Gray’s “Greatest Hits”. Oh David. How do you put a new single on a Greatest Hits album? I guess the best of them do it – and I love the single “You’re the world to me”, so I’m not complaining. It’s a real sweet song, and it’s even graced a birthday compilation I made already (little bro’s 19th the other day). Looks like “Destroyer” is a new song as well. Right on. Downloading time.

“Where the White Boys Dance” from The Killers sort of new music collection “Sawdust”. Mostly the album is songs that they’ve sang live (All The Pretty Faces, Indie RockNRoll) and released previously separately (Move Away, Shadowplay) but they DID give some new tracks like “Tranquilize” and “Leave the Bourbon on the Shelf”… To be honest, there isn’t one song by the Killers where I go “TURN THAT OFF!!!” !!! They are the best thing since sliced bread. The white boy dancing song is my favorite, though. It’s a bit more punk that pink.

“I want to be alone” from folk singer Vashti Bunyan's re-release “Some Things Just Stick in Your Mind: Singles and Demos 1964-1967”. I don’t’ know who Vashti is. But I know her now. A tid bit of trivia for you: “Some Things Just Stick in Your Mind” was not only her first single debut (back in 1965) but it was also written by the infamous Glimmer Twins (Jagger and Richards).

Friday, December 7, 2007

New Music TuesdayNovember 6th!!

New Music Tuesday November 6th! Yeah Baby!

It was an okay week for music. Mainly new stuff for me to check out. And that aint a bad thing!!

“Que Sera, Sera” performed by Damien Rice and David Gray from the album “Live Earth” with various artists titled “Concerts for the Climate Crisis” including Madonna, The Police, Foo Fighters, John Mayer, John Legend, and of course Damien Rice and David Gray to name a few. John Legend sings “Mercy Mercy Me” and I would have picked that song if Corinne Bailey Rae wasn’t singing with him. Ewwwe. David and Damien blend über well for this personal favorite of mine. I will never forget that drunken buffoon singing this at the Alibi karaoke and wanted me to come help him with the song. Turns out he didn’t really care if I sang; he just didn’t want to do the song anymore. Oh well, I picked up the reins and flew like nobody’s business. Great cause for the album, too. Cheers.

“Fine Line” from Little Big Town’s new album “A Place to Land”. They are a little bit big time country… Sometimes I don’t think I hear the twang that’s become so hickster, and perhaps I wouldn’t have submitted them to countrytown, yet they have done so themselves. So be it. They is a’ight. They get old school funk country in the song” Novocain”.

“Call to Arms” from Angels and Airwaves new album “I-Empire”. Even though this band is lead by the former frontman of Blink-182, this group isn’t as cheesy as their bandname suggests. Now I’m not gonna get surly here and bad mouth Blink-182 or Angels and Airwaves for that matter. No, this band deserves a little bit of credibility, for they wrote a song called “Star of Bethlehem”, which I have now seen. It’s actually a beautiful song. I’m sorry that people feel like they have to sabotage musicians by leaking their album onto the internet before the release date. That’s what happened to poor Angels and Airwaves. Lame. Stupid “fans”. Geesh.

American Gangster Soundtrack. Well, Jay-Z was supposed to be on the soundtrack, or have his own soundtrack for this movie, or something like that. Whichever it is, people are pissed. iTunes doesn’t have Jay-Z. So I would put a song from this soundtrack on my list, but out of principal, I am not. Just wanted to let you all know that the album is out. Haven’t seen the movie, but want to, cuz I myself am an American bad-ass gangsta.

“Loose Ends” from Great Northern new EP “Sleepy Eepee”. Love the sleepy eepee part. Love this song. The whole EP is kickass. The melodic tones and outrageous cover art intrigues me. Their sound is Great. Ha ha. Seriously though, if Sheryl Crow and her buddies decided to become modern day Mamas and Papas, this would be it. Great enough for you yet? I’m checkin up on them now. Great.

“NY State of Mind” from Nas “Greatest Hits”. Never before in my New Music blog history has the quotes on the album been so appropriate. I’m sorry, but “Greatest Hits” from NAS??? What?? More like Nasty! Ok. So a hiphop fan I am not. I don’t reach for my Akon or Snoop Dog or Bow Wow or Lol Jon or Ludacris or Mario or Outcast or Sean Paul or T.I or 50 Cent or Young Jog or Nitti or Parrell Williams tracks straight when I get home. I let them grace my iPod because they have some good songs with a good beat and catchy lyrics. You can’t deny that the hiphop industry is here to stay. I chose this song because it’s a different take on the NY that I know and love, and unlike some people I know, I like to hear and understand the other side of the coin of something I am passionate about. Life’s a bitch and then you die, right?

“Book of Lies” from Saga’s new album “10,000 Days”. Well this band is definitely mid-80’s soundtrack material. The have been together since 77, which is cool. What’s not cool is that their lead singer Michael is leaving them at the end of this month. WTF? This song rocks. I’m gonna go get my Mr Pib and leather glove (notice singular not plural on the glove) and rock out to my new found friends Saga.

“Brave” which is Idina Menzel’s new single. You can tell she’s a Broadway star even when she’s singing a normal song. This song Brave is similar to the ballad they have the American Idol sing every year. Even the words “If this is the moment I stand here on my own. If this is my right of passage that some how leads me home” are totally idol. Can’t you picture Kelly or Jordan or even Clay sing it??? Yeah me too. Idina is the star from Wicked and Rent, so I’m not makin fun here. I’m just pointing out that it’s a bit musical theater sounding, and I love musical theater! However, her song from the Desperate Housewives soundtrack doesn’t sound like Broadway at all. So Idina doesn’t have one foot on stage while in the studio after all.

“Headlines” which is the Spice Girls new single. Mostly, these girls make the headlines through their personal lives and not their talents. Oh well, as Americans we are supposed to like that sort of shit, right? Even Perez has fallen under the Spice Girl trance. Step away from the light Perez!! See them for what they truly are! Five has-beens who need money! I must say they all look phenomenal! This song is a bit boring, but the clips I’ve seen of their recent performances are not, so maybe their new album (??!) will be a bit more exciting then “Headlines”. Blech.

“The Girl you lost to Cocaine” from Sia’s new EP “Day Too Soon”. Wow, Sia is wicked cool. She’s naughty and nice all at the same time – good thing cuz Santa’s on his way. She has that flicker in her voice like Fiona, lyrics like Tori, and sassiness like Joss Stone. Her style is totally different from the three I mentioned though. She’s somehow positive while singing about cocaine. How’s that? Well I really can’t say. You must listen for yourselves. I have her “Breathe Me” song from “Colour the Small One” and it’s rad.

“Hijómalind” by Sigur Ros’s album “Hvarf/Heim”. You all probably don’t remember me mentioning an iTunes essential called “Alt. Yoga” a long while back, that contained songs by Mono, Eplosions in the Sky, and Jens Lekman to mane a few, but Sigor Ross was a part of that list as well. I am gonna have to start collecting those tracks, I seem to stumble across these bands that I like and am wanting more. This band is from Iceland, and like the other famous Icelander Bjork, they have that cold eerie instrumental psychedelic sound. Here is my favorite part of this review: they actually are described in the genre of “shoegazing”. SHOEGAZING??? Huh??? That is AWESOME!!! You: “So… how would you best describe your band’s sound?” – Me: “Oh, I’d have to say we fall in the category of SHOEGAZING.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Must be an Iceland thing.

“Paths in the City” from Richard Youngs' new album “Autumn Response”. Good lord you can actually feel the weather change while listening to this album. The whole thing is perfectly sync with the leaves falling outside my office window. You see the fog settling in, the harvest moon shining, and the smell of the smoke in the fireplace. Amazing and beautiful. IT would be even better if there were no words and just instrumental. We can’t always get what we want, right?

“Little Brother” from Grizzly Bear's new album “Friend”. Anne and I saw Grizzly Bear open for Feist, and I wasn’t super impressed at the time. I was in a funk though. So I was surprised that I really liked the tracks I listened to from this new album of theirs… Sometimes a band live isn’t that great. Sometimes it’s the sound, sometimes it’s their showmanship (or lack there of), sometimes it’s your mood. OR sometimes, they just suck. I think Grizzly Bear’s problem that night was me. This song is contagious. It makes me want to direct the music video for it.

“In Mcdonalds” from the Burial’s new album “Untrue”. Electronic synths being portrayed here need your speakers to be top notch. Other wise you will not be getting the full Burial experience. Definitely club discothèque music here, but I like it. It’s very “Banana Republic” during the holidays – you know the haunting almost Christmas music but it’s not and yet it should be snowing outside to the beat? Yeah you know.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

New Music Tuesday October 30th!!!!

It's taken me a month to complete the October 30th New Music Tuesday blog. Eff Me.
I was out of town for 18 of those days, does that count??? Thanks. The other days I have been dealing with effing bastards who are effing with my effing credit cards and my life. Eff!!!!
So you y'all go. Enjoy!!!

October 30, 2007

“Brompton Cocktail” from Avenged Sevenfold’s new record “Avenged Sevenfold”. Yeah, these skater-boys are pretty rockin. Totally not my cup of tea here, but I applaud them for stepping out of their comfort sound by takin a stab at country (in the track “Dear God”). We’ll see. I don’t know. They are too “Good Charlotte” for me. Ewwwwwe.

“Inconsolable” from Backstreet Boys new album “Unbreakable”. Yesssss, nothing better than cheesy boy bands coming back as bloated middle aged fags. Ok, that wasn’t fair. They aren’t bloated, and they are still younger then my boyfriend, and as for their sexual preference, I haven’t a clue. This album gives me more material to make fun of though, and I thank them for that. I think Hanson’s new album is better …

“The Elephant Pharmacy” from Ian Ball’s new album “Who Goes There”. I like this song. It’s about elephant tranquilizers. That’s fun, right? Ian is just a ball of joy here. May have to check out more of this Ian Ball fellow’s music. Very indie. Very now. The cover of their album is super sweet, too. The only thing missing on the cover is a picture of yours truly.

“Kiss Kiss” from Chris Brown’s new album “Exclusive”. I wasn’t expecting to like this at all. I don’t really like Chris Brown. He sounds too digital for me. Probably cuz most of his shit is from a computer. It works for this song somehow. It’s great, not in a “Britney Spears gimme more” great but a “Mrs. Brown you gotta lovely daughter” great.

“Red Carpet Massacre” from Duran Duran’s new (!!) album “Red Carpet Massacre”. Yes I am breaking my cardinal rule of picking the song with the same name as the album. Lame. But I really like this song! It makes me hungry… like a wolf. Duran is back, and the other Duran is back as well. They still have the 80’s-esque with a bit of killer riffs and interesting lyrics. You will have to just check it out yourselves, I think.

“How Long” from The Eagles new album “Long Road Out of Eden Double CD”. iTunes from America doesn’t have this available - but you can test it out if you sign in under the UK’s site. Cool. Anywho, I love this new album. Classic Eagles, and who wouldn’t want a piece of that?

“Vagina Mine” from “Puscifer’s new album “V is for Vagina”. This is a very peculiar band. The genius behind Tool has created a new-ish band called Puscifer, cuz apparently the name “Tool” wasn’t suggestive enough… So to conclude this review, it’s raw vibrating sounds are surprisingly soothing to jam to. Rock on, dude.

“Piece of Me” – oh and “”Get Naked (I gotta plan)” … and probably “Toy Soldier” and definitely “Hot as Ice”. All from Britney Spears new album “Blackout” Is it just me or do these song titles sound like 1992? All of the songs are club songs, which is appropriate since she spent more time in one than with her kids this past year. And “Blackout” is a bit scary of an album title since she is infamous for being completely fucked up, like ALL the time. On the other side of the coin, her album has gained serious points on the charts and everyone loves it. I’m guessing they are all like 14 yrs old buying it? Oh hells bells, I gotta gimme more Brits.

“In Your Dreams” from Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden’s new album “Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden”. This is totally what I was in the mood for during this weeks music review. It’s calming baptismal tracks eased my mind back into the swing of things. Merci, Kate et. al.

The whole soundtrack to the Bob Dylan biopic “I'm Not There”, which are all Dylan tunes sung by some new favs of mine, like Sufjan Stevens, The Hold Steady, Calexico, plus Cat Power, Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeah’s lead), Sonic Youth, Yo La Tengo, and the great Eddie Vedder. Can’t wait for the biopic to hit Portland, cuz I’m there. The soundtrack is fabulous, and I’m dying to see Cate Blanchett play Bob Dylan.

The soundtrack to the band Joy Division’s biopic “Control” which I hope Portland will be cool enough to have play at one of our theatres… The film made it’s debut at the Cannes festival last May, and after reading about it’s reviews and the sad short lived Joy Division spirit, I would like to see this movie. The soundtrack has the great rocker punk artists of Mr David Bowie, New Order, The Velvet Underground, Kraftwerk (can you say Disneyland Electrical Parade??) , Supersister, Iggy Pop, and The Killers who sing the Joy Division song “Shadowplay”. Sweeeet.

“Party’s Over” from Nicole Atkins' debut album, “Neptune City”. This little lady caught the eye of Rolling Stone Magazine, naming her the artist to watch, or whatever. I must admit, her music the best shit I’ve heard in a loooong time. To think this is her first album and each song is incredible, to repeats, her chilling twang voice bringing you back to the 20’s and 30’s style with alternative twists. iTunes describes her as having the sounds of Roy Orbison, Loretta Lynn, and Jenny Lewis (of Rilo Kiley)… and I’d have to agree with them for once.

“Feelin Good” by Levon Helm: Dirt Farmer. No this isn’t my favorite “Feelin Good” song that so many have made famous (Muse, Michael Buble, Nina Simone to name a few)… but it’s a song that really does make you feel good. It’s a hokey jam that calls for bales of hay and Jameson whiskey bottles with a big toothy smile on your face as you belt the words out. Yes, m’am, tis a doozey of a song.

“…Slowdancing on the Inside” from Taking Back Sunday’s new cd “Notes from the Past”. I would just LOVE to get really drunk after a really shitty day (like today or any day last week) and just BELT this song out at the Galaxy karaoke bar. Why the Galaxy? Because there you can make a fool of yourself and still be the coolest person there. They just don’t care. Taking Back Sunday is just another boy band like Fall Out Boy or Jimmy Eat World, yet they don’t bring anything special to the table for my liking. But this song I’d nail on the mic for all your poor ears to bleed.

“Ecoute mon Coeur” by Ria Bartok from “Various Artists: La Belle Epoque: EMI's French Girls 1965-1968”. Wow. This is friggen spectacular. It’s all like French Mama’s and the Papas!!! Classic! Each song was so priceless it was really hard for me to choose, but Ria won me over with her “avec moi…..” and the cheesy ass horn and key board in the background. Niiiice, Ria, nice! Anne Kern was totally French’s version of Linda Ronstadt. Oui Oui!

Larry the Cable Guy’s new lame-ass holiday album “Christmastime in Larryland”. Ok. I can’t pick anything off this piece of shit disgusting crap of “comedy”. I’ll take Nickleback any day over Larry. Maybe it’s cuz my old bitch of a boss listened to him. Who knows? Perhaps if she hadn’t lied to SAIF insurance about me, I wouldn’t still be bitter and take out on Larry… Gitter-done.

“4-4-44” from Youssou N’dour’s new album “Rokku Mi Rokka”. Pretty interesting music we got here. Youssou is a native African French speaking UNICEF ex employee and was part of the Live 8 shows (3 of them). He’s an amazing individual, singing for great causes helping his country and spreading the PEACE around. Sang for Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela’s release in ’90, was on the Darfur compilation John Lennon covers, and has even won a Grammy for his previous album “Egypt” in ’05. So whip out your French-English dictionary and pocket book, head down to Everyday Music, and purchase all the Youssou you find.

“The Reefer Man” from The Harlem Experiment’s The Harlem Experiment album. The group itself is pure funk. Truly authentic Harlem jazzy arrangements with clear-cut soul. They got a serious band to back up a serious group of singers. They cover old school songs, it’s true, but their originality and tightness as a group will lift them up on the radar if not already done. The clarinet spun with Caribbean style and the Louis Armstrong-impersonator is too much in this ‘Reefer’ song. I really need Mr Fabulous when I hear their music, know what I’m sayin???

“Everything Went Down” from Kate Tucker & The Sons of Sweden self titled album “Kate Tucker & The Sons of Sweden” Everything went down for me last week. So this song really gets me. Her voice is beautiful, but I feel like she sings the same note in all her songs, like Sarah McLaughlin, you know? What I really like is her band. The strings are breathtaking, and I’d imagine seeing them LIVE would be fantastic. Just don’t drink and listen, it’ll send you in a coma.

“What” from the album "Doubt is for Losers" by Pete Pidgeon and Arcoda. This song should be in a musical. Most of their songs are sung with such feeling, you know they are singer songwriters. I guess you feel the character, or the mood the singer was in, when listening to the songs off this album. Each track is quite different, which I love love love of course. No doubt, they are as original as they come. Did I mention they are a bit funny and quirky?