Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Yes its been a month and a half since I went to the concert. So be it.

Pumping it up at the Clark County Amphitheater, we watched the sun set as we waited eagerly for Chris to step onto the stage. Step on it he did, not soon enough for the opening band can take a step back and well, you know (see Tom Cruise’s character in Tropic Thunder). Having already seen Coldplay, I wasn’t completely ecstatic. I know, blasphemy, right? The Great Coldplay? I had a long week of classes, and I had an all day class the day after the concert, plus a baptism and after party, and then the Country Fair in Eugene the following day. It was the first week of school that I felt overloaded with papers and quizzes, and although some would look at the concert as a nice break, I didn’t want to upset the flow.
Highlights of the concert: Coldplay singing “Billy Jean” on the lawn right in front of me, the weather, Anne, bar-noculars, Anne’s new satchel, “Fix You”, free new Coldplay cd, butterfly confetti, pizza, my Coldplay pictures (they really did turn out fantastic), and missing hours of traffic in the parking lot by leaving right on time from the concert.
Lowlights of the concert: the opening band (who?), Roy (don’t ask), Roy giving me a hug (ug), having school at the front of my mind instead of to the side, misplacing my seat while in antics ran to see Coldplay on the lawn and then realizing I left my purse on the blanket and ran back but couldn’t find it, but finally did and all was well – but missed some fun of the concert in the mean time.
There are a few things I would change but the concert itself delivered in SPADES, babe.