Monday, May 20, 2013

New Music Tuesday April 9th

All in all a pretty successful week in music.  You may need a Kleenex. Enjoy.

Hey Lover from Dawes 3rd album Stories Don't End
I do love this new (to me) band!  From Los Angeles, I heard their interview on NPR and fell in love.
A soft Americana band that started in 2009, I have already purchased a few tracks and will continue to follow them.  I missed them April 28th here in Portland but that is ok, I have every confidence they will be back. 

Our love comes back from James Blake's album Overgrown
Bit of a tear jerker, grabbing my heart and leading me to the ocean.  Wow James Blake.  From England, this dubstepper has such a gorgeous voice I want to wonder into ice caves and watch the rainbow reflections.

BFF from Kleenex Girl Wonder's album Let it Buffer
Oh wow indie crack.  Yes this crazy band from Chicago is brilliant but I never want to hear them ever agian.  That's all I got.  Just not for me.

Pure Pain from Kurt Vile's 5th album Walking on a Pretty Daze
From Philly, Kurts band is so much better than Kurts voice.  Is that a vile thing to say? He's an indie rocker that started in 2003, but I just want to hear his band. 

The Very thought of you from Molly Ringwalds debut solo album Except sometimes
We all know this brat packer, I even saw her in Sweet Charity on stage in 2006.  She was adorable.  Ok Molly, if you are reading this, I want the sass you brought to the Breakfast Club on your next album.  Please, tell me to pick myself up with some conviction, babe.

New Music Tuesday April 2nd 2013

Well, personally this week really sucked, specifically April 2nd.  Music-wise, it wasn't terrible.  Will I remember this week when composing my best of list? Perhaps, I do love Cold War Kids.  Enjoy.

Take my breath away from New Kids on the Block's 6th studio album 10
I'm afraid NKOTB didn't take my breath away with this album or their comeback tour announcement.  What DID take my breath away was the karaoke rendition of "The Right Stuff" from the bride to be Anne when she busted out the old school moves last month at her bachlorette party.  I don't have her permission to post the video, and since she reads this blog I won't post it without her permission either.  But Anne - it is still on my iPhone and I have shown a few people who think you should tour with the boys.  Just sayin.  Back to the actual review of this band, New Kids started i 1984 ( I had no idea they were that old) and I recall in gradeschool the cool girls getting to go to the concert.... So glad I wasn't cool enough.  *sigh*

Officially Alive from Brad Paisley's 9th album Wheelhouse
This country star is from West Virginia, been rockin since 1999.  I am not the biggest country fan whatsoever but I can appreciate why Brad has won so many Grammys.  The man wrote a Christmas song when he was 13 and it isn't half bad.  Adorable.  Love the stings in the track Officially Alive...

Lost that easy from Cold War Kids 4th album Dear Miss Lonely Hearts
First things first, I love this band.  Thank you so much kids from Long Beach.  I have had the pleasure of attending the Cold War Kids concert at the Crystal,  there is a haunting magnatism that kept me on my toes the entire show.  The band started in 2004, and are gracefully growing their 'discography' and my love for their indie rock and roll.   I want to look up the lyrics to all of their songs and sing at the top of my lungs along with them.

Forever Nevermind from the Band Perry's 2nd album Pioneer
A bit country, this sibling trio from Tennessee started in 2005.  I don't hear the country in this song, I hear a pop song with a story to share.  What I enjoy about the Band Perry over other pop bands is this Taylor Swift?

Catalina from The Besnard Lakes 4th album Until in Excess, Imperceptible UFO
What I love about 'shoegazing' bands is they take their time with songs.  There is an incredible long introduction, sometimes minutes in length.  This Canadian married couple formed The Besnard Lakes ( the band, not the body of water in Saskatatchewan)  in 2003.  What I don't love about shoegazing bands is they take their time with songs... yep, it's a love-hate relationship. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

New Music Tuesday March 26th!

We have a local artist this week, a debut, a country star, an 80's star, and a couple others.  All in all I will only be downloading one artist this week, and they are from my home town.  Enjoy.

Soothe my soul from Depeche Mode's 13th album Delta Machine
My dear topless Dave Gahan, lead singer of Depeche Mode... you crack me up.  My own personal Jesus of a band Depeche Mode started in 1980.  From UK, I had the pleasure of attending their concert back in 1998.  To everyones delight Dave had to encore sans shirt.  This is of course all I remember of the show, and I was sober.  But really, I just can't get enough.  They haven't lost their touch, and don't sound dated. Well done, Depeche Mode. Bravo.

Tap out from The Strokes 5th album Comedown Machine
How does one live up to such an epic debut fromo 1998?  You really don't.  These New York native rockers can stroke all they want, but I am all Stroked out.  Or Tapped out?  This isn't a terrible album, but to me just feels uncreative.

I still got a finger from Blake Shelton's 8th album Based on a True Story
Gotta love an angry cowboy.  This album in particular has high positive critic response, boosting Blakes career.  I am not in love with most of this album, but I still got a finger.  And so does Blake.

Lunge forward from Wavves 4th album Afraid of Heights
Any time a band self describes their sound as surf rock I cringe. Oh God no.  Debuting in 2008 from California, they woo woooo woooo their way through repetitive guitar riffs that require a stobe light to keep up with.  To be on the positive side, I love the lyrics to this song.

Love from Mwahaha's self titled debut Mwahaha
This electronic pop band from Oakland California makes me want to splatter paint on your face in the best way possible.  Channeling Pollock on the high of the legal drug of the precious Breve coffee.  Got any Modge Podge and feathers?

Sitting on the roof of the world from Dido's 4th album Girl who got away
Dido's interview on NPR was the last music chat on NPR that Karin and I listened to together.  From the UK, 'Dido Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O'Malley Armstrong aka Dido started her music career in 1995.   This was of course the era when female musicians exploded on the air - and frankly took over the music industry.  I admit I did attend a Lillith Fair or two, quite talented group of artists combined for one ticket price is hard to beat.  But until this album, Dido kind of bugged me.  It was refreshing to hear her on the radio...

A Poet's tune from Y La Bamba's EP Oh February
The first time I fell in love with Y La Bamba was not long ago... it was this past November. Please click on the link, let's celebrate Christmas in Mexio, k?  This lovely band is from Portland and I missed them May 4th at the Alhambra Theater on Hawthorne.  But seeing that they are a local band, I hope I get another chance to see them live.   There is a passion in that shrill of a voice, effortlessly seductive, drawing me in with the instruments. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

New Music Tuesday March 19th 2013!

Whoa baby what a week!  Lots of new favorites for me personally.  This will be a week to remember when I create my end of year best of 2013.  Enjoy!

Pusher love girl from Justin Timberlakes 3rd album 20/20
JT has been nSync with performing since 1991.  This Jack of all trades is a Grammy winning Saturday Night Live hosting King of the dance moves FOOL.  Try to hate him.  Dick in a box? Check.  Boy band star? Check.  Summer movie film star? Check.  He's got it bad, this triple threat man.  Watching his performance at the Grammys 2013 reminded me of why I love Justin so.

I love you from WoolKid's debut album The Golden Age Club
Wool Kid is headed by baroque pop French artist Yoann Lemoine.  He also is a big time director of music videos in the industry, credits including Katy Perry and Lana Del Rey.  Not many can receive a Grammy nominee BEFORE releasing an album.  This would be for the single Run Boy Run's video.
I can see why... what do you think? I'm keeping my eye on this band,  I find myself wanting to keep listening to Yoann over and over. 

Let the day begin from Black Rebel Motorcycle's 7th album Spectator at the Feast
This is the album I purchased at Record Store Day but haven't been able to listen to it - the cd player in my car is located in the trunk, which I am currently locked out of.  And my mini-laptop doesn't have a cd load, and my stereo is in storage, and my partners laptop got purchased after she died 4/2/13.  Oh yes, this is why I am so behind on my blogging, forgive me.   HOWEVER, when I DO get to finally let loose to the Black Rebel Motorcycle band,  the wait will be worth it I am sure.  They are a 'garage rock' band, formed in 1998 in San Francisco.  They got their name from the movie The Wild One, with Marlon Brando who was in said name 'gang'.   Sweet.

On my own from Low's 10th album The Invisible Way
From Minnesota, this slowcore band debuted back in 1993.  I wanted to see them at the Mississippi Studios 4/5 but it was too soon for me to want to go anywhere.  Total chill and lowkey,  harmonious vocals and will definately be downloading.  Hopefully I wont drive off the road listening to them in a transcendent haze...   Please listen to the linked video - great guitar riffs. 

These Times from Walk off the Earth's 3rd album REVO LP
From Canada, this indie rock band started in 2006.   I love this song.  I pretty much could sing this song every day right now.  With an added FUCK YOU after.  Hey, I just don't want it enough I guess. 
Still Moving from Marnie Stern's 4th album The Chronicles of Marnia
Love this title, Marnie.  Made me laugh.  Thank you.  True to the mathrock genre, its like skatting punk garage indie pop rock, a little whiney and all over the place for me.  Sorry Marnie I missed you at Mississippi Studios 4/26 on purpose. 

Sir Patrick Spens from Anais Mitchel and Jefferson Hamer's collaboration Child Ballad
Francis James Child was a folklorist from the 1800's, and this album is a collection of his work by two modern folk artists.  Anais is known today as the Queen of Modern Folk Music.  Instrumentally stunning folk. 

Terror in the Canyons from Phosphorescent's 6th album Muchacho
This Georgia Peach Matthew Houck started his indie rock career in 2001.   The lyrics tear my heart out (what is left of it)  but the brass section and the twang from Matthew's voice puts me at ease. 
It's always comforting to know you aren't the only one suffering, isn't it.  I'll be downloading this track for sure.

Keep it to yourself from Kacey Musgraves 4th album Same Trailer Different Park
Miss Texan started in 199, country style.  She was nominated for several ACM awards this year, which is always encouraging when you have co-wrote the album like she did.  Not my favorite country album, it takes a special soul to draw me down the country trail.  Really I only picked this track because I am sick of having to keep things to myself.  I am working on that little flaw...