Sunday, May 12, 2013

New Music Tuesday March 26th!

We have a local artist this week, a debut, a country star, an 80's star, and a couple others.  All in all I will only be downloading one artist this week, and they are from my home town.  Enjoy.

Soothe my soul from Depeche Mode's 13th album Delta Machine
My dear topless Dave Gahan, lead singer of Depeche Mode... you crack me up.  My own personal Jesus of a band Depeche Mode started in 1980.  From UK, I had the pleasure of attending their concert back in 1998.  To everyones delight Dave had to encore sans shirt.  This is of course all I remember of the show, and I was sober.  But really, I just can't get enough.  They haven't lost their touch, and don't sound dated. Well done, Depeche Mode. Bravo.

Tap out from The Strokes 5th album Comedown Machine
How does one live up to such an epic debut fromo 1998?  You really don't.  These New York native rockers can stroke all they want, but I am all Stroked out.  Or Tapped out?  This isn't a terrible album, but to me just feels uncreative.

I still got a finger from Blake Shelton's 8th album Based on a True Story
Gotta love an angry cowboy.  This album in particular has high positive critic response, boosting Blakes career.  I am not in love with most of this album, but I still got a finger.  And so does Blake.

Lunge forward from Wavves 4th album Afraid of Heights
Any time a band self describes their sound as surf rock I cringe. Oh God no.  Debuting in 2008 from California, they woo woooo woooo their way through repetitive guitar riffs that require a stobe light to keep up with.  To be on the positive side, I love the lyrics to this song.

Love from Mwahaha's self titled debut Mwahaha
This electronic pop band from Oakland California makes me want to splatter paint on your face in the best way possible.  Channeling Pollock on the high of the legal drug of the precious Breve coffee.  Got any Modge Podge and feathers?

Sitting on the roof of the world from Dido's 4th album Girl who got away
Dido's interview on NPR was the last music chat on NPR that Karin and I listened to together.  From the UK, 'Dido Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O'Malley Armstrong aka Dido started her music career in 1995.   This was of course the era when female musicians exploded on the air - and frankly took over the music industry.  I admit I did attend a Lillith Fair or two, quite talented group of artists combined for one ticket price is hard to beat.  But until this album, Dido kind of bugged me.  It was refreshing to hear her on the radio...

A Poet's tune from Y La Bamba's EP Oh February
The first time I fell in love with Y La Bamba was not long ago... it was this past November. Please click on the link, let's celebrate Christmas in Mexio, k?  This lovely band is from Portland and I missed them May 4th at the Alhambra Theater on Hawthorne.  But seeing that they are a local band, I hope I get another chance to see them live.   There is a passion in that shrill of a voice, effortlessly seductive, drawing me in with the instruments. 

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