Monday, May 20, 2013

New Music Tuesday April 2nd 2013

Well, personally this week really sucked, specifically April 2nd.  Music-wise, it wasn't terrible.  Will I remember this week when composing my best of list? Perhaps, I do love Cold War Kids.  Enjoy.

Take my breath away from New Kids on the Block's 6th studio album 10
I'm afraid NKOTB didn't take my breath away with this album or their comeback tour announcement.  What DID take my breath away was the karaoke rendition of "The Right Stuff" from the bride to be Anne when she busted out the old school moves last month at her bachlorette party.  I don't have her permission to post the video, and since she reads this blog I won't post it without her permission either.  But Anne - it is still on my iPhone and I have shown a few people who think you should tour with the boys.  Just sayin.  Back to the actual review of this band, New Kids started i 1984 ( I had no idea they were that old) and I recall in gradeschool the cool girls getting to go to the concert.... So glad I wasn't cool enough.  *sigh*

Officially Alive from Brad Paisley's 9th album Wheelhouse
This country star is from West Virginia, been rockin since 1999.  I am not the biggest country fan whatsoever but I can appreciate why Brad has won so many Grammys.  The man wrote a Christmas song when he was 13 and it isn't half bad.  Adorable.  Love the stings in the track Officially Alive...

Lost that easy from Cold War Kids 4th album Dear Miss Lonely Hearts
First things first, I love this band.  Thank you so much kids from Long Beach.  I have had the pleasure of attending the Cold War Kids concert at the Crystal,  there is a haunting magnatism that kept me on my toes the entire show.  The band started in 2004, and are gracefully growing their 'discography' and my love for their indie rock and roll.   I want to look up the lyrics to all of their songs and sing at the top of my lungs along with them.

Forever Nevermind from the Band Perry's 2nd album Pioneer
A bit country, this sibling trio from Tennessee started in 2005.  I don't hear the country in this song, I hear a pop song with a story to share.  What I enjoy about the Band Perry over other pop bands is this Taylor Swift?

Catalina from The Besnard Lakes 4th album Until in Excess, Imperceptible UFO
What I love about 'shoegazing' bands is they take their time with songs.  There is an incredible long introduction, sometimes minutes in length.  This Canadian married couple formed The Besnard Lakes ( the band, not the body of water in Saskatatchewan)  in 2003.  What I don't love about shoegazing bands is they take their time with songs... yep, it's a love-hate relationship. 

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