Friday, January 25, 2008

New Music Tuesday January 8th

lovely music, for little there was released.

“Merry Happy” from Kate Nash’s new fan-tabulous album “Made of Bricks”. Very Lily Allen-ish music and lyrics. Not all the record is like Ms. Allen though. If I’d only hear this on the radio and didn’t know it was Kate, I would’ve said “Lily has a new single!”. “Made of Bricks” has been well received by the fans and critic alike. Guess we will see if she ends up being a social disaster like the rest of her mates. Hopefully not. Also, I was happy to see that someone else uses “Merry” in terms other than followed with Christmas, besides me. Thanks, Kate !!

“My Blakean Year” from Patti Smith’s iTunes Original album… which I hate it when they do this but this includes commentary from Patti which is insightful and interesting. This song was originally released in 2004. I’d also have to choose “Gloria” which is off her album “Horses”. Lovely album, Horses… Listening to the reasons why she wrote the songs etc is fantastic. I probably won’t be downloading this though, cuz I have the songs already and the commentary only comes with the full album purchase. Damn.

“The Girl you lost to cocaine” from Sia’s new album “Some People have Real Problems. I love the cover of Sia’s album. Her song “Electric Bird” is beautiful. I will be buying this album pronto. Seriously. Have to. Buy it. Now. She’s considered Pop, which is ok. I think I will have to come up with better genre names than Pop, Rock, Jazz, and Alternative. You can’t say Anne Murray is the same type as Britney Spears or the Beach Boys or Carrie Underwood or Eddie Vedder… which are all considered pop. Huh?
This Aussie songstress ranges from jazzy pop to altra-indie, backed up with the piano and strings. Now go support your local Starbucks and purchase this dammmit.

“Run it Back Again” Corbin Bleu’s new single. I’m gonna throw back up again in a minute here – to be honest a guy named Corbin doesn’t stand a chance in this cruel cruel world. His pre-pubescent fro and “I’m grabbin my nuts” high voice doesn’t really help his cause. Who said that these kids from HS Musical could release singles?? I don’t remember Jeff Conaway and Stockard Channing and Didi Conn releasing singles and albums left and right after Grease was released. Maybe that is because they were like 30 pretending to be 18… hmmm. My point is I can’t stand these kids from the movie. None of them have talent and none of them are original. They are playing the character that was written by someone else, for real life. For reals, people. Tastey tidbit: Bee Gee’s Barry Gibb wrote the song “Grease” and Frankie Valli performed it for the soundtrack. Cool.

“Jesus in the Temple” from Marah’s new album “Angels of Destruction”. I really don’t know Marah. I wonder if Dave Bielanko (lead singer) named the band after one of the locations which the Torah identifies as having been travelled through by the Israelites, during the Exodus…. Could be. I never listened to Marah, yet the band has been in business since ’93. My bad. I think I always associaed them with those chicks like Mya, Monica, Missy, Mariah, Melanie C…. see what I’m saying??? Dave should have some up with something less feminine. So I’m just venting cuz I wish I’d heard them earlier… He’s a lot like Steve Earl. I really love the bands sound. I have to download this song. It might be perfect for my trip slideshow soundtrack. Fantastic.
p.s. The genre they fall into is “alternative country” and “Garage Rock”. That’s better than simply “pop”, now, isn’t???

“Where’s the Music” by Medeski, Martin, and Wood… from their new album “Let’s go Everywhere”. This song is like part “I am the Lion” (neil diamond) and “The Guitar” (they might be giants). This band rocks my socks. They take children like songs and put spontaneous jazz pink martini style with kids speaking or yelling in the background. They all yell “Where’s the music”!!!!!!!! ????????? in this song.
Drastic Fantastic. ;)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Music December 25th and January 1st

New Music December 25th and January 1st
Short AND Sweet, my friends. And this is combining TWO weeks because both Tuesdays fell on HOLIDAYS.

“Reckoner” from of Radiohead's latest album, “In Rainbows”. I downloaded this months ago. Fantastic album. Fantastic band. Fantastic songs. Each one – fantastic. The general public can finally go to their local record store and buy “In Rainbows” for themselves. You could download it from their website since October. You could pay or not pay. The whole album is a masterpiece. Definitely on my top ten albums of 2007. Perhaps a list of those is in the works for you to read. Perhaps all 1 reader out there (thanks, Anne for being my reader) will want to know what this music fiends favorite albums were of last year. So many to choose from. I don’t know if I can put them in order of favorite. We will see. Can I get it done before January 31st? We’ll see! Ha! Challenge!! I love it!

“My Dear Acquaintance ( A Happy New Year)” Regina Spektor’s new single. I first saw Regina on VH1 in her video for “Fidelity” at 7 in the morning, all blurry-eyed and waking up, thinking I needed to remember this gal. She has something different. After, of course, the radio etc overplayed the song but I still liked it cuz I felt like I discovered it on my own and not through the damned radio. Its really a sweet video, all in black white and red (til the end). This song is a nice way to start out the year. I am happy with Regina’s choice of songs, very sweet and pointedly purposeful yet not depressing, ala the lady songwriters of the 90’s (hello Lilith Fair?).

“Declare Independence (Mark Stent Mix)” Bjork’s new EP mix of her ‘hit’ Declare Independence called, if you haven’t already guessed, “Declare Independence – EP”. Normally I ignore these releases for they are redundant and pointless to talk about. They aren’t ‘new’ by any means. However, Bjork is sending a message to all of us scaredy-cat Americans to declare our fucking rights in the land of the free. I actually ordered this cd, and it should be coming soon. I have a sneaking suspicion that I am going to really like this album. “Here Here” to the wonder that is Bjork.

“Love the World you Find” performed by the Flaming Lips from the “Mr. Magnorium’s Wonder Emporium” soundtrack. I thought this movie was supposed to be silly, but this song makes me think it may have a heart after all. I do love Natalie Portman… and the Flaming Lips are blistering… ouch. Could someone maybe go to this movie with me or rent it when it’s on DVD and perhaps we can enjoy a crazy flick together? I’ll bring the Milk Duds (thanks to Melody)…

“Gorgeous” from Idina Menzel’s new single. I don’t like the remixes of this song (The “Gorgeous EP” also was released this week) – they remind me f all the techno-pop songs of ‘98-99 era, like “Unbreak My Heart” drag queen style. There is a time and a place for that shit, and it ain’t on my watch. I chose the single instead of anything off her EP, which in my opinion wasn’t ‘gorgeous’…

“Love TKO” Michael McDonald’s new single. What New Music Tuesday blog would be complete without a review of this former Doobie? Honestly, ever since the 40yr Old Virgin, I have been obsessed with this guy. William can’t stop playing him, and I was pissed to see he wasn’t with the Doobies cuz I got to check them out over the summer. Yeah, and it was my second time seeing them and missing the Mac. This song is a Total Knock Out. Ohhhhh yeaaaaah.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Music Tuesday December 18th

All in all not a horrible week for music. Just in time for your stocking Christmas morning. I know, that was SOOO last month.

“All I Want For Christmas” - Joss Stone’s new single. I was hoping a more upbeat song from Joss, but it’s a bit 80s with the sax and the love making R&B intro, like Issak Hayes but not as smooth. Ms Stone is still a favorite in my book. Her style is distinctive and there is no one like her. I will continue to support her but I am soooo done with the shitty holiday single releases. Perhaps if I had completed this review on time (say… three weeks ago) I wouldn’t be so negative about xmas music, but since the holidays weren’t exactly a gas, I am jaded. Oh well.

“Longtime Sunshine”, from the Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo new released album “Alone - The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo”. Yet another frontman feeling the need for speed and headin solo. On his own, Rivers doesn’t have the energy that Weezer does as a band. Blech. Kinda a disappointment. He’s no Rob Thomas *wink*wink*….

“Stranded the Line” from Radiohead’s guitarist Jonny Greenwood's score for the film, There Will Be Blood. Mind blowing.. esp. the title song. It’s like the soundtrack to a futuristic remake of “Fantasia” – like the scene where the brooms multiply while Mickey’s mopping and the bucket overflows, flooding the room? This album could totally be played simultaneously and flow.

“Bad Woman” from the Arctic Monkeys new “Teddy Picker” EP. This is the first song from these crazy primates that I would actually seek and download. Does that make me a “Bad Woman” too??? These guys were such the hype last year at this time, and fortunately for them the limelight didn’t blind them. They are still too cool for school, unlike some of the other freshman we were so excited about in January of 07…

“Grown Woman” from Mary J. Blige’s new album “Growing Pains”. So MJ released her new album. This song has more attitude that Mary usually shows us. Usually she Toni Braxtons’s the hell out of her songs with the R & B candle light dinner bull. I like this hit.

“Pretty Women” from “Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street Deluxe - Complete Edition”, performed by Alan Rickman and Johnny Depp. I can’t wait to see this movie. Anything with Alan and Johnny singing, I’m there. Too bad it’s not 3D like Beowolf! Ha!

“Give Up” from Hot Hot Heat “Happiness Ltd.” EP. The EP’s following the album thing seems to be sooo popular. If it weren’t for a brilliant song like “Give Up” I would be complaining here. Since I DO like this EP, and I love Hot Hot Heat, I will accept that they have followed the path of the EP releasing. I’d like to 'give up'. This song doesn’t make me want to though, ironic enough. Thanks Hot Hot Heat. You’re Hot.

“Miss You Love You” from Maroon 5’s new album “The B Collection”. Yes they released an album back in May, and I claimed I didn’t care for them at the time... yet this song surprised me. The whole 'B' album surprised me. If they had released this instead of their album “It won’t be soon before long”, I may have actually considered buying this. I am hesitant, however, for their past has clouded my judgment. You should still give this a try. It’s better than you think.

“Deep Love” from Mel Brooks “Young Frankenstein” , performed by Megan Mullally. Megan almost has the comedic chops to carry on Madeline Kahns legacy in the roll of Elizabeth Benning. She tries sooo hard and I commend her for that. But no one can touch the great Kahn. No one. I think I would see this crazy and obnoxious musical on Broadway. It looks horrible to the average eye, but if you haven’t seen the movie, you won’t understand the appeal. The classic film is one of Mel Brook’s best. Anything with Gene Wilder deserves an A+ from me. You combine Gene, Madeline, and Mel, and I swoooon.

“Shine of Babylon” Sheryl Crow’s new single. This is classic Crow. So happy to have her back. Her Wildflower album wasn’t well received by the critics or fans, and she was only popular cuz she was dating Lance for awhile there… now she is recovering from cancer and adopted a baby. I’m so happy I am writing about her not because of her personal accomplishments today, but because I’m impressed with her new single. Look for her new album, due February 5th. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, you mother fuckers, if it ‘MAKES YOU HAPPY’.

“2001 Spliff Odyssey” from Thievery Corporation “Warning Shots – The Digibox”. Who wouldn’t want to listen to a song named 2001 SPLIFF Odyssey. It screams ‘martini – shaken, not stirred”. You never shake the martini, darling – it bruises the gin. FYI. Anyway, Thievery Corp is on my top ten favorites of 2007ish. Definitely up there anyhow on that list-ish. The ‘DigBox” collection doesn’t have anything unreleased previously, but it does contain a 10 minute interview recorded. I’m in love – they speak of sound modules. YES! Show me your modules, Rob and Eric!

“Small Town Southern Man” Alan Jackson’s new single. Just what you’d expect. Tid bit I heard singing about ‘7 poor people all together, four pretty daughters, little words with loving, and understanding’ in 20 seconds. He has a nice voice, not too twangy. I miss Chattahoochee. I think Alan may be a one hit wonder for me. ‘Way down yonder on a Friday night…we made love by the pale moon light’. Oh no. I still know all the words. Shhhh. Keep that on the down low please. Rufus and Thom would have a fit.

“I Hate You (Big Daddy) performed by John C Reilly from the Walk Hard, the Dewey Cox Story” soundtrack. Who can argue with John C Reilly? He blew me away as Amos in Chicago, cracked me up as Lefty in “A Prairie Home Companion”, and made me jealous as Cal in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. His acting chops will deliver him the top award one day, just you wait.

“Clumsy – the Collipark Remix” from Fergie’s new EP – “Clumsy Remix featuring Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em – EP”. I know I know. Over played to the utmost annoying extent, yet I can’t get enough of Clumsy. The first Fergie single that I would voluntarily spin on the dance floor (uh.. if I were a dj. Ha!). I’m so proud of Fergie. Her album has been released for over a year and she is still monopolizing on it, creating new singles and remixes left and right. That’s the way it’s done, girlfriend. Now don’t cry, you are a big girl.

“Ordinary Day” Nick Lachey’s new single. Nick has the charisma of a gnat. Yeah, he’s good looking. And perhaps he IS better off with Vanessa than Jessica. But who really gives a shit? Can the guy sing? Kinda. But his songs a boring and he has no feeling. Plus he does that heavy breathing thing that Jessica does – I think he actually got some singing tip from his ex. Unfortunately they weren’t the right tips to borrow from her. Come to think of it, the only thing Jessica does right is wear low cut tops and short shorts. Hopefully he doesn’t try ‘acting’ next. Yikes.

“Story of an artist” from The Daniel Johnston tribute disc, “The Late Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered Covered” which has been remastered. It’s a 2 disc release that has the originals plus covers with effin all my favorites from 2006-2007 ish era.
Check it: TV on the Radio, Eels, Bright Eyes, Death Cab, Beck, M Ward, and much much more… Bright Eyes version of Daniel’s “Devil Town” is fantastic. “Story of an artist” is covered by M. Ward, whom I can’t get enough of. If you have any of his music, please burn it for me and mail it to me? Thanks.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Music Tuesday December 11th

December 11th

A very quiet week for new releases, unless you count the overload of hip-hop crap. Atleast one release is local, one is friggen sweet, and one is on to ‘ to purchase’ list.

“Alarm Clock” by The Rumble Strips’ new EP “The Alarm Clock”. This is a great “teen movie opener theme song”. These indie-pop rockers will be on the tip of your tongue by this Spring, I think. They’re British, and sometimes us Americans don’t get to hear music from across the pond til they get too big. So be the first to rock to the Rumble Strips in the US - cuz like the band The Kooks, they are still under the radar, and that’s a good thing.

“New York 1930” from The Dimes new album “the Silent Generation”. This is simply a fun album. These boys like to harmonize in their folkesque way. They are actually from here in my hometown of Portland, which is pretty cool. Always nice to see a neighbor make it big. They had their record release party last summer with Jonah at Holocene. Pretty neat, huh? Yeah I wouldn’t know, I didn’t make it. That’s ok, they play all the time. For their schedule, check for details. 

“Superstar” by Lupe Fiasco featuring Matthew Santos, from Lupe’s new album “Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool”. Yeah, Lupe is cool. I do not apologize for promoting this song. You might as well face the music and enjoy Lupe, cuz he’s here to stay.

“It’s my fault for being famous” off of The White Stripes “Conquest” EP. Icky Thump is one of my top albums from 2007, so I was intrigued to see that they released an EP of my favorite song from the album. It’s totally their fault for being soooooo kick ass. I just hope their magic doesn’t fade away. It’s a love hate relationship for me with this EP, I want them to keep producing music, I absolutely love it, but I’m afraid they may need to stop while they’re ahead for right now. However, if they keep making music like “Honey I can’t afford to look this cheap” than I have nothing to worry about.

“Want to Fly” from Philip Glass’s album “Book of Longing: A Song Cycle Based on the Poetry and Images of Leonard Cohen”, which he composed songs to coincide with Leonard’s words from his poetry. Always happy with Cohen’s work, and am equally happy with this piece of art. It’s seemingly amazing to see two artists work together like this and have it flow in the right direction. Mr Cohen and Mr Glass both have a reputable history of work and someone was a genius to mesh these two talents together. This is on my must buy list for 2008. Too late to ask for it for Christmas…

“The Heart Gently Weeps” from Wu Tang Clan, featuring Erykah Badu, Dhani Harrison, and John Frusciante, from the Wu’s new album “The 8 Diagrams”. It’s silly to me to read the words “heart, gently, and weep” followed by the ‘n’ word and “killers” and “shooting” and “booty”. I was expecting something quite different. Clearly, I didn’t get the hip/hop vibe taste that seems to be infecting the radio these days, for songs like this I have a hard time ‘jamming’ to. I do believe that there is a strand of poetry in hip hop that deems it worthy of being played, the Wu Tang Clan has been around for ages and can hold their own in the music industry. In fact, this song was on the ‘Key Track” list to download in Rolling Stone Magazine in December. I have it on my iPod and will have to listen closer…

“Freaky Gurl” from Gucci Mane’s new record “Back to the Traphouse”. The song also features Lil Kim and Ludacris. I actually skipped 4 hip-hop record reviews this week and two still made on my list. Gucci Mane borrows Rick James hit “Super Freak” which was revived last year after Abigail’s dance in “Little Miss Sunshine”. It’s a different version from the classic, no doubt about it. I’m sure its playing in the Abercrombie and Fitch as we speak….

Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Music December 4th (30 days ago!)

December 4th

This week blowed. All singles or reissues or best of’s or ‘live’ albums, nothing extra-ordinary. Blake Lewis is the only album I reviewed that is an original. Go Blake. However, Rufus Wainwright released his live album at Carnegie Hall dedicated to Miss Judy Garland. Wow. I actually BOUGHT it from iTunes. I hardly ever buy from iTunes anymore. I like the real deal – I just haven’t had the time to look for Rufus’s new album in the stores, and sites I normally download off of didn’t carry his new album (appalling) so I broke down and paid for it through the big bad Apple. Love it.

“The Blowers Daughter – LIVE” from Damien Rice newly released album “Live from the Union Chapel”. I love this song. Sometimes it makes me cry – yes, ME cry. I know. I don’t cry at anything (normal). I cry when my dinner doesn’t turn out right, when my iPod doesn’t load in time for me to go to workout, or if its Christmas morning… ok that last one doesn’t make sense. Does any of it? No. Blow me. Or the daughter. The Blowers daughter, that is. This live version is just as chilling as the original. I bet it was amazing to hear live in a chapel. Jealous…

“Slow Down” by Wyclef Jean featuring T.I. “Carnival Volume II: Memoirs of an Immigrant”. Yeah Wyclef can hold his own outside of the Fugees. This track is a bit like the Marley family… in a good way of course. They sing about the world being in a war zone. When hasn’t it? Can you name one time where there hasn’t been a war someplace? Ok – that’s a challenge everyone! GO!

“THE WHOLE ALBUM!” from Rufus Wainwright: Rufus Does Judy at Carnegie Hall. Ok. So I actually downloaded this whole album. Yep. Rufus is fan-friggen-tastic. He played here a while back and closed his show with “Get Happy”, and the audience did get happy. If you’ve never seen Sir Rufus live, check out this video -
Wainwright covers some well known hits as well as obscure ones like “You’re Nearer” and “Rock a Bye Baby with a Dixie Melody”. He of course added “Over the Rainbow” to the collection and it too is a incredible rendition.

“Up the Bracket” from Libertines: Time for Heroes - The Best of the Libertines… Well I actually due own four Libertine songs… and I do like the Libertines, I really do. But does their history really warrant a “best of” album? I guess so! These lil punk tykes are on their way. Totally.

“Let’s go get stoned” from “James Brown: The Singles, Vol. 4: 1966-1967”. Oh if we must. Call me, James… 

“Crash and Burn” Pink: I'm Not Dead (Deluxe Edition). I’m bummed cuz I bought this cd last year and I didn’t get these extra songs – damn! I actually am a big fan of Pink. She ain’t dead – and she proves it on the album. So I missed out on this song plus two more. I may buy them – they are pretty killer. Appropriately titled fourth album of hers, she lets us know how she feels about the other ‘celebrities’ her age in the song ‘Stupid Girls’ which I immediately fell in love with… and in “Dear Mr. President” (which features the Indigo Girls – yay!) she pours out her thoughts regarding YOU know WHO. I was expecting a sassy bitchy song, buts its actually soft, angry, and sad. Plus she has an amazing voice and I’m hoping she is still considering playing Janis Joplin in a movie. I’m pink with overjoyment.

“Carcinogen Crush”, AFI’s new single. I think the song is actually good! BUT I really don’t like Davey Havok’s voice. I thought I liked AFI before, but every time I hear them I say “Ew, who is THAT?” Sorry, there is no ‘A Fire Inside” here. Other than that, the song itself, music and lyrics, is surpasses what I’ve heard from them previously. Poor kids.

“Know my name” by Blake Lewis (featuring Lupe Fiasco) from his debut album “Audio Day Dream”. I’m loco for Lupe. He’s a Muslim rapper from Chicago. How Blake got cool enough to include Lupe is beyond me. Don’t get me wrong, Blake has got talent. He just can’t SING sing. He’s more of a bee-bopper. Hip hop saved their lives, you know.

“Santa Clause is coming to town” - Bucky Covington’s new single. Holy crap. That’s the best way I can describe this winner. And yes, I am being sarcastic. Oh Bucky, stick to what you know. Please don’t try to country-ize a Christmas song and make it your own… and speaking of Christmas singles from former idols….

“Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel” - Clay Akin’s new single from his Christmas EP. Whats ironic is that he is getting old enough to get away with singing like Barry Manilow. But the hair??? And when is he finally coming out of the closet already? All in all, this holiday EP is better than Bucky’s sad attempt, and you can take that any way you want (I’m sure Clay will…).

“Please come home for Christmas” - Josh Gracin . Now Josh gets the country-izing factor right for this holiday hit, unlike our dear idol Bucky. I can’t believe I’m recommending Josh Gracin… country ain’t my thing, folks. He also released the single: “The Virgins Lullaby” which is the epitome of why I don’t listen to country. Blech.

“Christmas in Dixie” - Trent Tomlinson’s new holiday single. Thank God the holidays are over, so I don’t have to review shit like this anymore. Good Lord. He doesn’t like his women drunker than he is – just a heads up to y’all alcoholics.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Music November 26th baby

26 November
Pretty pathetic load up here. Nothing I'm all drooling over. I mean, the Killers rock... but it's only a single, and its a holiday song. And it's really January 2nd today. Damn.

“Work That” by Mary J. Blige from the queen of hi-hop soul’s new album“Growing Pains”. MJ doesn’t have to try to impress anymore. She had Bono on her last album, and when you incorporate U2 on a track, you have made it big. The album is full of energy, and the right kind at that. Sometimes I get bored with her lyrics, but her style and voice always brings me back. To be honest, I don’t think I have one song of hers on my iPod… except for “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest” which isn’t even hers or on an album of hers. It’s from the Bridget Jones soundtrack. That’s ok, it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate her talent – it means I don’t care for most of her music. Like Madonna, we have crowned them as queens of a certain genre, and well deserved of both women, I just don’t like their choices. Perhaps someday I will.

“Go Girl” from Pitbull, featuring Trina and Young Boss, from his nw album “Boatlift”. I like Pitbulls “Fuego” song. Usually I don’t seek out house music or whatever, but sometimes a certain song grabs me. The “Go Girl” song is totally bump and grind music. I guess I’m just too effin old to deal with it. I suppose it’s not horrible, though!!!!

“Material girl” performed by Mountain Party, from the “Through the Wilderness: A Tribute to Madonna”, which features tracks by Ariel Pink, Apollo Heights, and the Golden Animals to name a few. Now this actually makes me like Madonna (as I mentioned previously, I am not the biggest Madonna fan). Mountain Party is my best friend!!!! I HATE “Material Girl” but they have totally altered the song in the best way possible.

“World Shut Your Mouth” perfomred by Death Cab for Cutie, from “Causes I”, which is a benefit album for Darfur. Including artists such as Bright Eyes, Spoon, and even the Cure. I picked Death Cabs song cuz they usually don’t sound this energetic! Normally I want to snooze while they are singing…. Plus the world SHOULD shut it’s mouth. Now.

The Killers “Don’t shoot me Santa” single. This song is precious. The video is pretty funny, actually. Too bad Christmas is over and no one cares about holiday singles anymore, but I had to review it cuz they deserve it. The Killers are no match for the holidays being over. I will listen to this song in June.

“The Heinrich Maneuver Phones remix” from Interpol’s new Remix – EP. This is a great song, thanks Anne! But to remix it made it better, sorry Anne! Interpol isn’t on my favorites list or anything, but my friend Anne loves them, so I give them a chance and don’t overlook their releases as I normally would have (like Mudvanye and Mike Jones, who released new SHIT this week). So finally, thanks Anne. 

“Talking out da the side of ya neck” Dem Franchize Boys new single. Not as contagious as their “Lean with it” song, but I like the words better. It reminds me of what I used to say “Talking out of your ass” but people (like my mom) didn’t like it so much. “Neck” is a bit more “PC” than ass, so I’m definitely stealing ‘dems lyrics. Teehee.

“Lord Save me From Myself” from Jon Foreman’s new EP “Fall”. This is Jon’s first music released solo. He’s usually the lead for the band Switchfoot. He also is starting a project with Sean Watkins of “Nickel Creek” fame called “The Real SeanJon”. We will see if that works out as well as the “Wreckers” has done for Michelle Branch and Jessica Harp, he he. So Jon is a bit folky, and I love it. This song is beautifully instrumented.