Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Music Tuesday December 18th

All in all not a horrible week for music. Just in time for your stocking Christmas morning. I know, that was SOOO last month.

“All I Want For Christmas” - Joss Stone’s new single. I was hoping a more upbeat song from Joss, but it’s a bit 80s with the sax and the love making R&B intro, like Issak Hayes but not as smooth. Ms Stone is still a favorite in my book. Her style is distinctive and there is no one like her. I will continue to support her but I am soooo done with the shitty holiday single releases. Perhaps if I had completed this review on time (say… three weeks ago) I wouldn’t be so negative about xmas music, but since the holidays weren’t exactly a gas, I am jaded. Oh well.

“Longtime Sunshine”, from the Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo new released album “Alone - The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo”. Yet another frontman feeling the need for speed and headin solo. On his own, Rivers doesn’t have the energy that Weezer does as a band. Blech. Kinda a disappointment. He’s no Rob Thomas *wink*wink*….

“Stranded the Line” from Radiohead’s guitarist Jonny Greenwood's score for the film, There Will Be Blood. Mind blowing.. esp. the title song. It’s like the soundtrack to a futuristic remake of “Fantasia” – like the scene where the brooms multiply while Mickey’s mopping and the bucket overflows, flooding the room? This album could totally be played simultaneously and flow.

“Bad Woman” from the Arctic Monkeys new “Teddy Picker” EP. This is the first song from these crazy primates that I would actually seek and download. Does that make me a “Bad Woman” too??? These guys were such the hype last year at this time, and fortunately for them the limelight didn’t blind them. They are still too cool for school, unlike some of the other freshman we were so excited about in January of 07…

“Grown Woman” from Mary J. Blige’s new album “Growing Pains”. So MJ released her new album. This song has more attitude that Mary usually shows us. Usually she Toni Braxtons’s the hell out of her songs with the R & B candle light dinner bull. I like this hit.

“Pretty Women” from “Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street Deluxe - Complete Edition”, performed by Alan Rickman and Johnny Depp. I can’t wait to see this movie. Anything with Alan and Johnny singing, I’m there. Too bad it’s not 3D like Beowolf! Ha!

“Give Up” from Hot Hot Heat “Happiness Ltd.” EP. The EP’s following the album thing seems to be sooo popular. If it weren’t for a brilliant song like “Give Up” I would be complaining here. Since I DO like this EP, and I love Hot Hot Heat, I will accept that they have followed the path of the EP releasing. I’d like to 'give up'. This song doesn’t make me want to though, ironic enough. Thanks Hot Hot Heat. You’re Hot.

“Miss You Love You” from Maroon 5’s new album “The B Collection”. Yes they released an album back in May, and I claimed I didn’t care for them at the time... yet this song surprised me. The whole 'B' album surprised me. If they had released this instead of their album “It won’t be soon before long”, I may have actually considered buying this. I am hesitant, however, for their past has clouded my judgment. You should still give this a try. It’s better than you think.

“Deep Love” from Mel Brooks “Young Frankenstein” , performed by Megan Mullally. Megan almost has the comedic chops to carry on Madeline Kahns legacy in the roll of Elizabeth Benning. She tries sooo hard and I commend her for that. But no one can touch the great Kahn. No one. I think I would see this crazy and obnoxious musical on Broadway. It looks horrible to the average eye, but if you haven’t seen the movie, you won’t understand the appeal. The classic film is one of Mel Brook’s best. Anything with Gene Wilder deserves an A+ from me. You combine Gene, Madeline, and Mel, and I swoooon.

“Shine of Babylon” Sheryl Crow’s new single. This is classic Crow. So happy to have her back. Her Wildflower album wasn’t well received by the critics or fans, and she was only popular cuz she was dating Lance for awhile there… now she is recovering from cancer and adopted a baby. I’m so happy I am writing about her not because of her personal accomplishments today, but because I’m impressed with her new single. Look for her new album, due February 5th. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, you mother fuckers, if it ‘MAKES YOU HAPPY’.

“2001 Spliff Odyssey” from Thievery Corporation “Warning Shots – The Digibox”. Who wouldn’t want to listen to a song named 2001 SPLIFF Odyssey. It screams ‘martini – shaken, not stirred”. You never shake the martini, darling – it bruises the gin. FYI. Anyway, Thievery Corp is on my top ten favorites of 2007ish. Definitely up there anyhow on that list-ish. The ‘DigBox” collection doesn’t have anything unreleased previously, but it does contain a 10 minute interview recorded. I’m in love – they speak of sound modules. YES! Show me your modules, Rob and Eric!

“Small Town Southern Man” Alan Jackson’s new single. Just what you’d expect. Tid bit I heard singing about ‘7 poor people all together, four pretty daughters, little words with loving, and understanding’ in 20 seconds. He has a nice voice, not too twangy. I miss Chattahoochee. I think Alan may be a one hit wonder for me. ‘Way down yonder on a Friday night…we made love by the pale moon light’. Oh no. I still know all the words. Shhhh. Keep that on the down low please. Rufus and Thom would have a fit.

“I Hate You (Big Daddy) performed by John C Reilly from the Walk Hard, the Dewey Cox Story” soundtrack. Who can argue with John C Reilly? He blew me away as Amos in Chicago, cracked me up as Lefty in “A Prairie Home Companion”, and made me jealous as Cal in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. His acting chops will deliver him the top award one day, just you wait.

“Clumsy – the Collipark Remix” from Fergie’s new EP – “Clumsy Remix featuring Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em – EP”. I know I know. Over played to the utmost annoying extent, yet I can’t get enough of Clumsy. The first Fergie single that I would voluntarily spin on the dance floor (uh.. if I were a dj. Ha!). I’m so proud of Fergie. Her album has been released for over a year and she is still monopolizing on it, creating new singles and remixes left and right. That’s the way it’s done, girlfriend. Now don’t cry, you are a big girl.

“Ordinary Day” Nick Lachey’s new single. Nick has the charisma of a gnat. Yeah, he’s good looking. And perhaps he IS better off with Vanessa than Jessica. But who really gives a shit? Can the guy sing? Kinda. But his songs a boring and he has no feeling. Plus he does that heavy breathing thing that Jessica does – I think he actually got some singing tip from his ex. Unfortunately they weren’t the right tips to borrow from her. Come to think of it, the only thing Jessica does right is wear low cut tops and short shorts. Hopefully he doesn’t try ‘acting’ next. Yikes.

“Story of an artist” from The Daniel Johnston tribute disc, “The Late Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered Covered” which has been remastered. It’s a 2 disc release that has the originals plus covers with effin all my favorites from 2006-2007 ish era.
Check it: TV on the Radio, Eels, Bright Eyes, Death Cab, Beck, M Ward, and much much more… Bright Eyes version of Daniel’s “Devil Town” is fantastic. “Story of an artist” is covered by M. Ward, whom I can’t get enough of. If you have any of his music, please burn it for me and mail it to me? Thanks.

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