Friday, January 25, 2008

New Music Tuesday January 8th

lovely music, for little there was released.

“Merry Happy” from Kate Nash’s new fan-tabulous album “Made of Bricks”. Very Lily Allen-ish music and lyrics. Not all the record is like Ms. Allen though. If I’d only hear this on the radio and didn’t know it was Kate, I would’ve said “Lily has a new single!”. “Made of Bricks” has been well received by the fans and critic alike. Guess we will see if she ends up being a social disaster like the rest of her mates. Hopefully not. Also, I was happy to see that someone else uses “Merry” in terms other than followed with Christmas, besides me. Thanks, Kate !!

“My Blakean Year” from Patti Smith’s iTunes Original album… which I hate it when they do this but this includes commentary from Patti which is insightful and interesting. This song was originally released in 2004. I’d also have to choose “Gloria” which is off her album “Horses”. Lovely album, Horses… Listening to the reasons why she wrote the songs etc is fantastic. I probably won’t be downloading this though, cuz I have the songs already and the commentary only comes with the full album purchase. Damn.

“The Girl you lost to cocaine” from Sia’s new album “Some People have Real Problems. I love the cover of Sia’s album. Her song “Electric Bird” is beautiful. I will be buying this album pronto. Seriously. Have to. Buy it. Now. She’s considered Pop, which is ok. I think I will have to come up with better genre names than Pop, Rock, Jazz, and Alternative. You can’t say Anne Murray is the same type as Britney Spears or the Beach Boys or Carrie Underwood or Eddie Vedder… which are all considered pop. Huh?
This Aussie songstress ranges from jazzy pop to altra-indie, backed up with the piano and strings. Now go support your local Starbucks and purchase this dammmit.

“Run it Back Again” Corbin Bleu’s new single. I’m gonna throw back up again in a minute here – to be honest a guy named Corbin doesn’t stand a chance in this cruel cruel world. His pre-pubescent fro and “I’m grabbin my nuts” high voice doesn’t really help his cause. Who said that these kids from HS Musical could release singles?? I don’t remember Jeff Conaway and Stockard Channing and Didi Conn releasing singles and albums left and right after Grease was released. Maybe that is because they were like 30 pretending to be 18… hmmm. My point is I can’t stand these kids from the movie. None of them have talent and none of them are original. They are playing the character that was written by someone else, for real life. For reals, people. Tastey tidbit: Bee Gee’s Barry Gibb wrote the song “Grease” and Frankie Valli performed it for the soundtrack. Cool.

“Jesus in the Temple” from Marah’s new album “Angels of Destruction”. I really don’t know Marah. I wonder if Dave Bielanko (lead singer) named the band after one of the locations which the Torah identifies as having been travelled through by the Israelites, during the Exodus…. Could be. I never listened to Marah, yet the band has been in business since ’93. My bad. I think I always associaed them with those chicks like Mya, Monica, Missy, Mariah, Melanie C…. see what I’m saying??? Dave should have some up with something less feminine. So I’m just venting cuz I wish I’d heard them earlier… He’s a lot like Steve Earl. I really love the bands sound. I have to download this song. It might be perfect for my trip slideshow soundtrack. Fantastic.
p.s. The genre they fall into is “alternative country” and “Garage Rock”. That’s better than simply “pop”, now, isn’t???

“Where’s the Music” by Medeski, Martin, and Wood… from their new album “Let’s go Everywhere”. This song is like part “I am the Lion” (neil diamond) and “The Guitar” (they might be giants). This band rocks my socks. They take children like songs and put spontaneous jazz pink martini style with kids speaking or yelling in the background. They all yell “Where’s the music”!!!!!!!! ????????? in this song.
Drastic Fantastic. ;)

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