Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Music November 26th baby

26 November
Pretty pathetic load up here. Nothing I'm all drooling over. I mean, the Killers rock... but it's only a single, and its a holiday song. And it's really January 2nd today. Damn.

“Work That” by Mary J. Blige from the queen of hi-hop soul’s new album“Growing Pains”. MJ doesn’t have to try to impress anymore. She had Bono on her last album, and when you incorporate U2 on a track, you have made it big. The album is full of energy, and the right kind at that. Sometimes I get bored with her lyrics, but her style and voice always brings me back. To be honest, I don’t think I have one song of hers on my iPod… except for “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest” which isn’t even hers or on an album of hers. It’s from the Bridget Jones soundtrack. That’s ok, it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate her talent – it means I don’t care for most of her music. Like Madonna, we have crowned them as queens of a certain genre, and well deserved of both women, I just don’t like their choices. Perhaps someday I will.

“Go Girl” from Pitbull, featuring Trina and Young Boss, from his nw album “Boatlift”. I like Pitbulls “Fuego” song. Usually I don’t seek out house music or whatever, but sometimes a certain song grabs me. The “Go Girl” song is totally bump and grind music. I guess I’m just too effin old to deal with it. I suppose it’s not horrible, though!!!!

“Material girl” performed by Mountain Party, from the “Through the Wilderness: A Tribute to Madonna”, which features tracks by Ariel Pink, Apollo Heights, and the Golden Animals to name a few. Now this actually makes me like Madonna (as I mentioned previously, I am not the biggest Madonna fan). Mountain Party is my best friend!!!! I HATE “Material Girl” but they have totally altered the song in the best way possible.

“World Shut Your Mouth” perfomred by Death Cab for Cutie, from “Causes I”, which is a benefit album for Darfur. Including artists such as Bright Eyes, Spoon, and even the Cure. I picked Death Cabs song cuz they usually don’t sound this energetic! Normally I want to snooze while they are singing…. Plus the world SHOULD shut it’s mouth. Now.

The Killers “Don’t shoot me Santa” single. This song is precious. The video is pretty funny, actually. Too bad Christmas is over and no one cares about holiday singles anymore, but I had to review it cuz they deserve it. The Killers are no match for the holidays being over. I will listen to this song in June.

“The Heinrich Maneuver Phones remix” from Interpol’s new Remix – EP. This is a great song, thanks Anne! But to remix it made it better, sorry Anne! Interpol isn’t on my favorites list or anything, but my friend Anne loves them, so I give them a chance and don’t overlook their releases as I normally would have (like Mudvanye and Mike Jones, who released new SHIT this week). So finally, thanks Anne. 

“Talking out da the side of ya neck” Dem Franchize Boys new single. Not as contagious as their “Lean with it” song, but I like the words better. It reminds me of what I used to say “Talking out of your ass” but people (like my mom) didn’t like it so much. “Neck” is a bit more “PC” than ass, so I’m definitely stealing ‘dems lyrics. Teehee.

“Lord Save me From Myself” from Jon Foreman’s new EP “Fall”. This is Jon’s first music released solo. He’s usually the lead for the band Switchfoot. He also is starting a project with Sean Watkins of “Nickel Creek” fame called “The Real SeanJon”. We will see if that works out as well as the “Wreckers” has done for Michelle Branch and Jessica Harp, he he. So Jon is a bit folky, and I love it. This song is beautifully instrumented.

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