Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Music Tuesday March 5th 2013!

A little bit coutry, a little bit rock and roll.  A personal favorite, a few stand bys, and a few plesant surprises.  All in all a fabulous week for music (for me!). Enjoy!

Two weeks late from Ashley Monroe's 2nd album Like a Rose
Miss Ashley is from Tennessee, a country singer since her debut in 2005.   She is a fabulous song writer, and has collaborated with the likes of Raconteurs, Wanda Jackson, and Miranda Lambert.  Blake Shelton is her latest contributor, rocking with her in"You Ain't Dolly (And You Ain't Porter)".  I always have respect for a young artist who writes their own music - and it always pays off.  If you can get the music worlds attention with your talent and not your ass, you will last.  With all that said,  I nearly fell apart while listening to this song.  Do you have any guesses what Ashley is two weeks late for?  no?  Not a bill payment, not a phone call, but her period.  Yep, we be talking about getting knocked up in this song.  Beautiful.  

When I'm gone from Caitlin Roses 3rd album The Stand In
What I'm confused about Caitlin is her genre's country, she used to do punk, and ITunes put her in Alternative.  She is without a doubt country on this album.  Almost boring country. I read she has been compared to Patsy Cline and the like.  As an avid Cline fan, I can honestly say I don't agree with such statements.  I got bored reviewing Caitlin's album (sorry Caitlin).  But you're in Nashville! Gather some soul and personality while you are there, Miss Rose.

Uma Thurman from Jared Evan and Statik Selektah's collaboration Boom Bap and Blues
This is an R&B / Hip hop duo.  While reviewing their album,  I wanted to like it and forced myself to get excited about it but truthfully I really am not.  It isn't terrible R& B/Hip hop, especially since I recoil at the comboniation.

Cafe Lights from Hey Mersailles 2nd album Lines We Trace
From Seattle, this indie-folk-jazz band started in 2006.   Gorgeous music, I love the strings that have been incorporated throughout this album.  Please listen to another track of theirs: Tides.

Love The First Law Of Thermodynamics from Cloud Cults 9th album Love
This art rock band from Minneapolis got their start in 1995 who got their name from the Native American ancient prophecies.  Cloud Cult pleases me sporadically but hearing their interview on NPR broke my heart.  I absolutely love their instrument choices, including the trumpet, cello, French horn, and violin.  Just listen to this track.  

Sweet Lady from Lady's debut album Lady
This cross-Atlantic r&b duo have the funk of Motown and the hip of En Vogue.  I can totally picture this music on a movie soundtrack, the love and breakup only r&b can give us.  Work it, girls.  I enjoy a little sap every now and then. And this song is about their mothers.  How adorable.

Part heart from Kate Nash's 3rd album Girl Talk
This Brittish pop star started in 2006.  Kate has a real appeal for me, but some of her songs I actually have to turn off.  Personally I don't see this as a bad thing because it shows she is versatile with her genre.  As you may have picked up by now, my dear reader(s), is I can't stand a repetitive album.  The tracks on Girl Talk don't disappoint the already born appreciation I have for Kate's talent.  Some I absolutely love, and some I didn't at all.  Consistently true to herself.  

Bird on the Wire from Madeleine Peyroux's 7th album The Blue Room
I have been following Madeleine's music career for several years and thought she is French. C'est ne pas vrais.  She was born in our wonderful peachy state of Georgia and moved to Paris at age 13 with her mom. By age 15 this songstress was singing jazz with the locals in the Latin Quarter.  When she sings, you will fall in love with love.  And my oh my check out her album cover.  

In your arms again from Josh Ritter's 7th album The beast in its tracks
I would like to thank for supplying free downloads, one being Josh Ritter.  Josh is from Moscow Idaho, a little country, more soft rock.  Let's go on a walkabout, Josh.  I can feel the John Wayne and Bob Dylan influences in your music, and it's grand. 

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