Saturday, February 23, 2013

New Music Tuesday January 29th 2013!

I have a couple new favorites and four actors on board this week. And two legends. Enjoy.

Love they say from Tegan and Sara's 7th album Heartthrob

I want to like these Canadian twins, but I am afraid I really don't care for their music. I heard them at the Killers concert last December and wasn't falling head over heels. Sorry ladies. These indie hotstars have been playing music since 1995.  I get their appeal but I probably wont be nodding my head along with their album. 
These girls are adorable though.

I'm in I'm out and I'm gone from Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite's album Get up!
I love me some harmonica and the blues. Ben Harper I am familiar with, but I needed a 411 on Charlie, and found out he's an old time blues artist, starting in 1967. Part Cherokee Indian, he wails on the harmonica while Ben shows off his inner badass. Who knew.  This is an incredible collaboration and yes, I will be downloading.  How couldn't I, check out this cover art?   This track makes my shoulders and hips move, suddenly I am transported to a Mississippi pub.

I was first introduced to Emmy when I saw her as Christine in Phantom of the Opera. She has taken classic songs I absolutely adore in this collection of covers produced in time for Valentine's Day . Emmy is a singer and an actress, starting her career in 1993. This is a big year for this quiet songstress, as she is also sub-starring in the movie Beautiful Creatures, which opened Feb 16th. If she just wants to act and sing for her own benefit, keep it up Emmy you are talented. But if you are trying to get our attention, you better start jumping on Oprah's couch or something. 

The Feeling Kind from Thao the Get Down Stay Down's album We the common
From San Francisco, Thao Nguyen got the hankering for singing when exposed to the Lilith Fair. She has performed with the Portland Cello Project, Andrew Bird, and Joanna Newsom since she emerged in 2003.  She has a funky pop sound with great brass and sass.  Love her horn section.  Wish I could see her at the Doug Fir March 5th.

Me & Whiskey from John Corbett's 2nd album Leaving Nothing Behind
Oh John you will forever be Aidan to me. And thank you for showing up in Sex and the City Movie 2. From West Virginia, this heartthrob has caught our attention in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Northern Exposure, Sex and the City, and of course him dating Bo Derek, which he is currently doing. Keep up the singin, cowboy, but I prefer you on the silver screen.

The Great conversation from Charlie Winston's 3rd album Running Still
Perhaps my favorite pick of the week, Charlie is from the UK and a rather large singing family. Everyone goes by their first and middle name, dropping their last. So we will never know they are related…. Ha. Charlie has a beautiful falsetto, and would love to fly to France to catch up with him (which is where he is based out of now).

Bicycle from Hey Ocean's album Is
Ashleigh the lead singer is from Canada, started out singing in 2005. You may recognize her voice as the My Little Pony theme song singer. No?

Bo Diddley Special from Eric Burdon's album Til Your River Runs Dry
Yes you should know who Eric Burdon is. He once sang about a house in New Orleans, with his Animal Brit buddies back in the 60's.  I could listen to this whole album consecutively and not be bored.

Hotel no name from Trixie Whitley's debut album Fourth Corner
Well if you were a determined little girl in Belgium who wanted to make it as a star, what would you do? Yes, at 14 dj at the Museum of Modern Art in Belgium, then move to NYC at 17 to waitress and sing in clubs til someone offers you a record deal. Just you wait til you hear what she has to say. My second favorite of the week. 

Nuclear from Destiny Child's album Love Songs
First off, these aren't love songs. Way to market to the Valentine crowd looking for a hookup. Second, the track Nuclear is the only new song off this album. These three ladies started in 1990, which means they were like 10 and 11 years old. Fortunately for us, they didn't "Say my name" til 1997. Then of course Diana Ross I mean Beyonce jumped into movies and her solo career, landing Jay-Z in the process. I must admit her performance at the Super Bowl wasn't terrible, but she should have blow dried her hair back at the hotel instead of taking out the electricity after her number was up. 

Brave from Josh Groban's 6th album All that Echoes
The fourth artist of the week that likes to sing AND act, my boss at the Postal Annex wore me out on Josh's music. I realize IM STILL ME, stop saying that, GROBAN! However, this track I picked Brave is interesting and not his usual wine and dine me shit. He shows passion like he did when he replaced Andrea Bocelli to sing with Celine Dion at the 1998 Grammy's. Be brave Josh. Bring it on.




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