Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Music Tuesday Jan 22nd!

What an eclectic week. Enjoy.

F*ck You from Bad Religions 16th album True North
From LA, these punk mofo's been Bad since 1979 (and so have I).  I went through Bad Religion's music catalog and don't recognize, or even really liked anything.  Does this make me a hater? Maybe. But I'll take it. And even quote them: "F*ck You!" You made be bad-ass with these legends at The Roseland April 14th.
Little Blimp from The Joy Formidable's 2nd album Wolf's Law
Many music greats have come from Wales: Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey, er... Charlotte Church. Anyways, The Joy Formidable have gathered quite the hype from other music reviewers.  I'm not buying it.  Just another alternative band from overseas.
Whore from FIDLARS album FIDLAR
While I'm a huge fan of Fiddler on the Roof and Whores, I am not so much into this band. Damn. They too seem to have a lot of hype, but I'm sensing that there's not a lot of 'must have albums' competition.  I had a hard time with this LA alta-rock band, but they would rather skateboard than make music. I'm not a total hater of Fidlar, I really like this song Whore.  Please read this from their Facebook page:
"FIDLAR are slackers at heart. The only thing they really care about is skateboarding; trivial things like doing their homework and making the grade in school have little meaning to them. But when their adopted Vietnamese brother turns up dead after discovering an error in the shipping records at his place of work, FIDLAR begins to suspect something more. Refusing to accept the police's theory of suicide, FIDLAR launches their own investigation, determined to uncover the truth of what really happened to their brother."

Side note: "whore" as a word isn't recognized by my Blackberry, and that makes me happy.

Someday from The Growlers 3rd album Hung at Heart
Another California band, they are skipping Portland on their national tour but DID play at Bunk (??) during MFNW here last September.  There's something about this album that makes me want more. I must say I'm disappointed I can't see them live soon.  This 'alternative' band has coined the term 'beach goth'.
That guitar riff you hear from the intro to Hawaii 5i-O with the modern garage/coffee shop ring.  I'm in.

Be My Baby from Aaron Neville's album My True Story
If only I had access to the video of my childhood best friend, and myself lipsyncing to this Dirty Dancing favorite... Alas, I don't. Mr Neville is from Louisiana and started his career in 1966.  We know his duets with Linda, but to know he could get down and grove his true story all over our asses, well thank YOU.
Binary Mind from Ra Ra Riots 3rd album Beta Love
From Syracuse, NY, this band has changed genres of music since it's dawning in 2006. After they lost their cellist, what do you do? Go synthpop of course.   I like Ra Ra Riot, but haven't downloaded a Perhaps this album will change my binary Mind.  oh snap.
Running outta moonlight from Randy Houser's album How Country Feels
Mr Houser is from Mississippi.  This is this country artists 3rd album, and it made me smile.
Grown up Calls from Toro Y Moi's album Anything in Return
I liked their 2012 album more.
Bones from Gary Allan's album Set you Free
Oh Gary from California, this is your 9th country album since your debut in 1996.  That's pretty good stats.  I must say I'm more impressed with the country folk this week than any other genre. I dare you not to like this country song.  Kick it, Gary.
Castaway from Kris Krisofferson's album Feeling Mortal
From Texas, he's been an outlaw country singer since 1966.  I just saw him in the cutest movie Joyful Noise. Seriously. Dolly don't do no wrong. And Kris gave us Janis Joplin singing 'Me and Bobby McGee'. I heard him on NPR the other day, please listen:

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