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New Music Tuesday April 24th 2012

This week was so weak (not including Jack White) even Itunes listed the New Releases after Remixes, Reissues, and Pre-Orders. With that said, there are several debuts this week. This is always exciting and refreshing. Enjoy. (I did).

Girl Problems from Toro Y Moi's 3rd album June 2009 Oh lots of information to impart to you. Toro Y Moi is Chazwick Bundick. I have to say if my name was Chazwick Bundick I would never change it. Not even for the stage. Especially not for the stage. He's a chill-waver from South Carolina, wavin since '07. He's remixed with Tegan and Sara... Oh and his blog is pretty spectacular. I really enjoyed reviewing this album, will be downloading Girl Problems (but hopefully not inheriting them!). The other tracks were equally as fun, not a lot of chill, more bouncy wave. Lastly, yes the album is called June 2009, but its new and inspired by his guitar work in - you guessed in, June 2009.

Call Girl Blues from Diamond Rugs DEBUT Diamond Rugs Love this track. The others I l got the chance to hear were a bit downer for my mood. I would love to see them with the oh so suddenly popular Alabama Shakes @ Central Park Summer Concerts. Can you go wrong with a band that incorporates the banjo, horns, trombone, and sax? (No.).

All good in the hood by Jamiroquai's 7th album Rock Dust Light Star I am a HUGE fan of this UK funk band. Or should I call them 'acid jazz'. They took 2 years to make this record, and it paid off. I wouldn't have guessed these super villans are from North Dakota. And then of course there's Buffalo Man.
Smart to have a logo that is recognizable without your band name. Like the Dead, Stones, and um... Who else? My favorite Jamiroquai moment is in a movie, if you care to watch. And as for this new album, I have to add 'yeah baby'. That's all.

Happy most of the time from Brandan Bansons album 5th album What kind of world This sly man is better known as a member of The Raconteurs. Why I call him sly is because he is releasing an album on the same day as is cohort Jack White. I enjoyed Brandans album quite a bit, rock and roll with a lot of talent and soul. Totally different from Jacks release. This is a good move. I saw the Raconteurs live and ohhh they were good.

Inside out acoustic from Eve 6 album Speak in code I love this song. I don't really like anything else the bands produced. I may, but the attention span I had for this one didn't last. I will always think of my childhood best friend Rachelle when this plays. I'm happy the three main members have stuck with the band, and I should have given the rest of the album more care. I just couldn't.

Sad Vacation from Dandy Warhols 8th album This Machine. A local celebrity has made it! I have to admit I don't respond to this music like others do. However, they were thinking of naming this album 'Pastor of Muppets', 'Whirrled Peace', or 'Shitty Shitty Bang Bang'. Funny kids...

Make the pain go away from Brads 5th album United We Stand This entire review of Brad is for Anne. Every Fourth of July we exclaim 'United We Stand!' To each other. It's at least a 10 year old tradition. (I think 9/11 started it). I didn't get the patriotic vibe from Brads album but I love the cover and album title. ALSO, Brad shares their lead guitarist Stone Gossard with Pearl Jam, Annes favorite band in the entire world.

Aloha Moon from Magic Wands DEBUT album Aloha Moon. Gorgeous album artwork.
I would love a poster of it. These lovewaving rockstars are from Tennessee, playing since '08. They have released singles and EPs, but this is their first full lengh album. I don't know how to describe this music... Lovewave! Ok then!!

Hypocritical Kiss from Jack Whites DEBUT album Blunderbuss As I was sitting in a cafe blogging, I was asked what I was typing and taking notes on. I said my music blog, and currently looking up Jack White. The stranger claimed that Jack White started a career in an upholstery apprenticeship. I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes trying to google this craziness. It is, in fact, TRUE. AND he started a band with the apprenticeship head called 'The Upholstery'. I can't make this up. Anywho, Jack can't do no wrong. He's an incredible actor, guitarist, song writer, artist, and upholsterer. He will make the books of legends emerged in the 90's. And here's another Napolian moment for you: XXX

It's rough all over from Craig Ericksons album Galactic Roadhouse I'm not sure what pissed me off more, the fact that most sites insinuated I should know this guy as an establoshed blues artist but then come to find out he emerged in the 90's, or the fact that his name is too close to Craig Ferguson whom I had tickets last weekend for but missed it due to the assumption he was on Saturday (not Friday). I cried.

Hopscotch Machine Gun Madness from A Genuine Freakshow's DEBUT album Often times. This band is from the UK, and produced this album in 2010. However, they are just now surfacing American interest and the album is just now released here in the land of the dollar bill. Thank you for this. Love the song titles. Clever.

Bad Ghosts from The Raveonettes DEBUT album The Revonettes. They are from Denmark. Therefore I decided to challenge myself by linking them to Neil Diamond in 6 or less connections. Enjoy: The Raveonettes are a duo inspired by the Everly Brothers harmonious singing - and Neil Diamond plays the Everly Brothers flat top Gibson guitar.

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