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New Music Tuesday May 2nd 2012

This week 2 from Brooklyn, 2 Canadians, 2 from Baltimore, and a local celebrity I hadn't heard of before this week.  Enjoy.  

Clown from Don Ray Band's album Full Throttle
The Don Ray Band recorded this album in The Nutthouse in Alabama.  And it reeks of the place all over.  This is a good thing. If you are looking for a southern rock band that's logo includes wings of feathers and red outlined font B0ND title, these guys are your men.  And of course they will be at the fourth festival in Gnadenbutten Ohio.   I was drawn to this song because of the lyrics 'like a clown that hides his frown by dancing in the rain'.  You just don't expect this from buttrockers of the South. Hells yes. Clown me baby. Thank you Don Ray Band for having a comprehensive website.   
Nova Anthem from Lower Dens second album  Nootropics
The self professed 'dark nerds' are a stunning band.  Jana Hunter the frontwoman sings like an Islander songstress waking the sun.  The band got together in Baltimore, but I'm not sure when. Their ABOUT in their website says nothing.  Speaking of their site, I get miffed at the ENTER SITE button when you log on to peoples pages. No, I don't want to see your site, I just searched for you to see if anything would come up. Thanks, now I know.  Don't need to see it, you, etc.  *sigh*

Girl from Sea of Bees' breakup album Orangefarben
My dear Julie Baenzinger has produced a second Sea of Bees album.  Her first was so successful it caught the eyes of Rolling Stone Magazine and NPR.  I have to say, this song got under my skin. And then I googled for more information. Please read.

Step out for a while from Patrick Watson's album Adventures in Your Own Backyard
This lovely Canadian gent wrote a whole soundtrack for a movie titled 'C'est pas moi, fe le june' which impresses me already.  This and he's labeled as cabaret pop, I mean who could want more??? See him at the Mission Theater June 12th please. I can't, I will be in flight...

Good Girl from Carrie Underwood's album Blown Away
Won American Idol in 2005, multi Grammy award winner, sweet next door girl. Right? No I don't buy that either. But she has kept her personal life underwrapped and stays under the media radar.  What caught my attention was her version of San Antonio Rose at the 2007 Grammys.  Perfect.  On a personal note, my Uncle Jim was going in for prostate cancer surgery, and requested Carrie Underwood on a cd made for him.  Huh what?  So I did.  Thank for Carrie for bringing my Uncle peace during that time. Carrie sounds best when she's sassy I have to say.  Her ballads sound the same to me. 

Annie from Hope for Agoldensummer's album Life Inside the Body
I don't have a lot on them besides they have a bit write up on the New Yorker which I have the pleasure of receiving weekly. Their Facebook page is unhelpful and they don't have their own site.  I love this song and enjoyed their album and hope that they have better representation on the web in the future... just for me.  At least they are all over You Tube.

You're so vain (feat. Johnny Depp) from Marilyn Manson's album Born Villain
Brian Hugh Warror. I read much about this man that I had no idea.... I know he had a sick grandfather (sick meaning sadomasechist and D. all of the above) and is from Ohio.  I did know he created his persona from combining Marilyn Manroe and Charles Mansons names... A mock on pop culture and what makes one famous. A quote of his 'we sell our shadow to those who stand within it.' He also created his own absinthe: Mansinthe. This made me giggle...  I have to admit after reading about Brian and understanding his stance, I have come to appreciate him as an artist.  And I actually LIKE this song.  oh my.  Further more, this isn't the only track I enjoyed. Holy crap. 

Welcome to the Ball from Rufus Wainwright’s album Out Of The Game
I have bought this album already.  Hey, give this girl a coupon and a day off, there's no stopping me.  There are few artists I don't have to listen to the album before I purchase it.  Neil Diamond, M. Ward, Martha Wainwright, Tom Jones, any previously unreleased music from Roy Orbison, Otis Redding, or Etta James, and of course subject at hand, Rufus.  With that said, this is his 7th album... When I saw him live I knew I was hooked.  My mouth dropped. The Schnitzer was a beautiful venue to hold such a great performer.  HOWEVER, the big day came when I saw him at the Crystal and he re-enacted his performance as Rufus! as Judy! Live at Carnegie Hall.  I became enraged with jealousy. This man had the kahunas to get on stage in nylons, heels, lipstick, and diamonds and step for step performed Judy's 'Get Happy'.  Gorgeous legs, spectacular performance.  This album is more pop than opera or experimental,  but equally as strong as anything else I've heard. And I have all of Rufus' music, including EPs and soundtrack contributions.  I will follow you wherever you go Rufus. 
Divide by Zero from Ramona Falls sophomore album Prophet
I didn't know who Ramona Falls were until I went to Music Millennium and saw their album everywhere.  I made a note to google them when I got home.  Come to find out they're local and named themselves after, you guessed it! Ramona Falls!  This is located by Mt. Hood in Oregon.  The bands website's clarity could give many others a lesson on coherent information displayed.   Oh and they have a free download. Who can argue with that? Thanks Ramona Falls!  Smart move!  Go check out our local celebrities May 18th at the Doug Fir. 

Figure it out from Suckers album Candy salad

Also a band from Brooklyn and also a website I found comprehensble.  Been indie rockin it since 2007, and love this tatement too: "Though raised in the shadow of Yale, the three were inspired to seek the kind of cultural stimulus one could only acquire hours away in New York City.  Upon arrival, they soon immersed themselves fully in the city’s unpredictable and volatile intersection of art and music –Fisher would spend off hours working at the Guggenheim and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, while Walker released a solo double-album to considerable underground acclaim on Voodoo-Eros, the label run by influential avant-pop band CocoRosie."

and does anyone recognize this hit? It gets body moving.  I had a lot of fun previewing this album, and had a hard time choosing just one track.  And i want a candy salad. Ohh and who doens't want this cover? 
Funetimes in Babylon from Father John Misty - Fear fun. 
Joshua Tillman's moniker, debut album. Another Baltimore artist this week, and will be at the Doug Fir May 8th (popular venue and month for this NMT).  So I have a confession about Father John Misty... He was on my list to review and then I deleted it. Then I want to the Music Millennium and saw they had them available to listen to.  I was completely intrigued and felt guilty about taking him off my list. So back on, and I love track 2 as well. Google him.   

Norah Jones 5th album  Little Broken Hearts
This lovely lady has won 9 Grammys starting out as a jazz artist.  She's been on film, on Sesame Street, worked with Ray Charles and Herbie Hancock... Guess when you change your name at 16 you know what you want, huh? I got the chance to preview this album on NPR over the weekend and immediately was impressed.  New twists, new range, different direction.  Thank you Norah.  Gorgeous per usual.  And the b@*ch is my age.  Ok.  

Crying in the rain from Carole King 
I love Carole King.  She was the beast selling female solo artist until Whitney Houston.  Carole is a wonderful song-writer, musician, and entrepreneur.  A lil info on her that made me giggle was that she wrote the song The Reason for Aerosmith but Celine Dion recorded it instead. I can just hear Celine now...  Please keep entertaining me, Carole.  And we will still love you tomorrow... (Ending blog on HUGE cheesy note. Enjoy) 

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