Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Music Tuesday May 15th

Not a lot to review this week but I love Jack Black and Santana's albums.  Enjoy!

Throw Down from Tenacious D's album Rize of the Fenix
This album just goes to show you one's mask of humor can be just as talented as that of a straight faced stick in the mud.
Jack and Kyle met in Scotland and formed in '94.  They got a full band in '06, have made a movie, and have established themselves as musicians.  When I first heard Jack sing in High Fidelity, I was shocked.  He's actually really great.  Thank you Jack and Kyle for continuing the create and share and making me laugh.

I'm in love from Meiko's album The Bright Side
She's from Georgia, left for LA at 18,  has been singing for others since she was 8 yrs old.  Meikos dad assisted her with the guitar and encouraged her musical talent.  I found her music endearing.  Plus I would love to tell people that the first song I sang in front of an audience was 'White Christmas'...

Heartless from Lisa Marie Presley's 3rd album Storm and Grace.
Oh Lisa. If I have to tell you who her father is, stop reading my blog.  What I most respect from this self-driven hard headed woman is she produces all original work, co-writing each track.  Beautiful cover...  The album on the whole is a little dark for me in this time of my life, but gorgeous work nonetheless.

The Butterflies from The Cribs 5th album In the Belly of the Brazen Bull
Siblings from the UK were in the 30th anniversary of Sex Pistols 'Never mind the Bollocks'.  (Nothing like Never mind the Horrocks).  I'm not the biggest fan of The Cribs, but I see their appeal and talent.  Just not for me.  What can I say: Honey don't F@*k with the butterflies. 

Elephant in the dock from Mewithoutyou's 5th album Ten Stories
No, I didn't type the above incorrectly. I carefully copied these Philly rockers info.  Incredible artwork on their album cover.  They have been around since 2000.  For me this music was hard to get.    Talented, but the arrangement throws me off.  Check out their song Aubergine...

Macumba in Budapest from Santana's 36th album Shape Shifter
I love this song.  I want to be in Budapest on a horse listening to this.  Can you make this happen for me, Santana? Thank you.  This Grammy award winner came from Mexico and on the music scene in '64.  Brought Latin Jazz to Woodstock in 69.  Had written Evil Ways and Black Magic Woman by 1967, living in San Francisco. Wish I was there too.  Well I don't know why I have been stalking Neil Diamond instead of Santana. Damn. 

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