Saturday, May 19, 2012

New Music Tuesday May 8th

As much fun as this week was to review, I was out of town and started another job so my time was limited and my brain was tired. Sorry for the delay. Enjoy:

I can, I will, I do from Barenaked Ladies album Stop Us If You've Heard This Before
This band has a special place in my heart. I've seen them twice in concert and are always entertaining.  Their songs Shoebox of Lies and Call and Answer were monumental during my coming of age time in my life.  I picked out their tone/voice when the Big Bang Theory tv theme song played as theirs (I am right).  This album is full of rare recordings. Yes please. Oh and I loved this quote so much from Wiki I had to share:
"When Page had an extra ticket to a Bob Dylan concert at Exhibition Stadium, he asked Robertson to join him. Bored by the show, the two turned to amusing each other, pretending they were rock critics, inventing histories and comments about the Dylan band. They also made up various fictional band names, one of which was 'Barenaked Ladies'." 

How do I know from Here We Go Magic's 3rd album A Different Ship
This Brooklyn band got their start in 2008.  Caught the eye of Thom Yorke (Radiohead frontman) and off they went.  Toured with Broken Social Scene and gained fan interest.  Started by an artist from Massachusetts, Luke Temple is an indie rocker riding the waves under this moniker Here we go magic.
Check out the album art:

On the Run from Keane's 4th album Strange
I saw Keane in concert some time ago at the Roseland here in Pdx with my recently engaged concert buddy Anne.  That night I was introduced to a band I now love Rocca de Luca.  I am forever in debt to Keane.  Thank you.  p.s. I can't believe you are skipping Portland on your tour this year. Bad form.

Drag Ropes from Storm Corrosion self titled debut album
Storm Corrosion is a collaboration of the duo Sweede Mikael Akerfeldt and UK's Steven Wilson.  This is their project with no plan of touring.  They did have the motivation to create their own website however.  The artwork and artistry in the video floored me. 

Jet Black Girls from OFF! debut album OFF!
The OFF! are a punk band from LA.  This is their first full-length album since their debut in 2010. They seem to be a collaboration of mates from other works. And the OFF! website is wonderfully straightforward.  Mucho appreciato.
This track made me boogie. The album on the whole is impressive for a debut.

Avalanche from S. Carey 's Hoyas (EP)
The Wisconsin indie drummer gone solo artist Sean Carey (of Bon Iver drums) has recorded an EP for all of our enjoyment since his 2010 debut.  Rock on.

Yeah C'mon! from Turing Machine's album What is the Meaning of What
Another MATH ROCKER band! From the broken collection of history, I believe this these New Yorkers third album since their debut in 1998.    Please read the following Wiki quote:
'On November 7, 2009, drummer Gerhardt Fuchs died in an elevator shaft accident. The last of Fuchs' studio work with Turing Machine will be included posthumously in the 2012 album'
They will be at the Mississippi Studios June 2nd. FYI, 'turing machine' a device that manipulates symbols on a strip of tape according to a table of rules  Just thought you needed to know this information.

Landline featuring Ingrid Michaelson from Greg Laswell's 5th album Landline
Best Laswell info in my opinion: married to Ingrid Michaelson.  The indie Cali has been featured on numerous tv shows and movies since '98.  He has the voice you want to listen to while laying on the beach. Greg will be at the Mississippi Studios June 2. 

Gun-shy Sunshine from Silversun Pickups 3rd full album Neck of the Woods
I'm pretty sure I saw these guys (Anne?).  A'ight, I googled them at indeed I saw them with Snow Patrol and OK GO in 2007.  I didn't really care for them then, but the Memorial Coliseum is the worst venue in Portland to hear anyone.  They've been around since 2002 and are from LA.  I am willing to give them another chance.  You can see them May 25th at the Sasquatch Festival (along with a whole 'pickup' load of other amazing artists)

Will you love me tomorrow from Rita Wilsons debut album AM/FM
Started in the acting bizz in '72.  She's often credited for making the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding happen (and Rita is Greek herself).  Rita's a lovely singer, adding to her repertoire of talents of movie acting, the stage, and producing films.  My favorite moment is her in the mosiv  Mixed Nuts. If you haven't seen it, please do. Madeline Khan will rock your socks.

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