Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Music Tuesday April 17th

Last Watlz from Horse Heathers 4th album Cynics New Year They are from Portland, which is news to me. How did I not know this?? oh pook. Well these folking folksters have been folking around since 2004. And if you are cooler than me you were aware that the lovely Horse Feathers were playing at the Aladdin April 21st. Actually I knew this for some time but had no idea they were local or producing new music this week. Hope you had a good time.

 Old and Gray from Maps and Atlases album Beware and be Grateful Also getting their start in 2004, but in my kind of town of Chicago. I had to do a search as to what the hell 'math rock' is, since this is the genre they have submitted themselves into. Playing at the Bunk Bar June 11th.

Ghosts in my heart from Mariee Sioux's 5th album Gift for the End This young-ens been mixin it up in the music industry since 2006. She's from California, and uses the Native American flute in her songs but isn't Indian herself. Her sound reminds me a bit like Jewel with more of a trill. Beautiful and wonderful songwriter. Oh and gorgeous album cover.
Quicklife from Moonface's 2nd album With Sinai. Sinai is a Finnish band, Moonface is the Canadian boy Spencer Kings band. If you can keep track of Mr. Kings musical projects you will find he is a very talented and busy man. The album is pretty intricate and abstruse to the point of I was wondering if I was listening to the same album, track by track. I love a variety but not having a consistant tone isn't always smart.

 Too Late by Spiritualized from their 7th album The Brits got their start in 1990, and took 3 years to make this album. I am not sure I would categorize them as 'space rock', to me they sound like Tom Petty or Bob Dylan. Come to think of it, those crazy kids used to listen to that space rock back in the 60's, with their Pettys and their Dylans. Hey Mr Spaceman? Who are you? Who, who? Who, who?
Lights and the Sea from Dar Williams latest album In the Time of Gods I learned something while getting my Dar education: she isn't gay. She's just very LGBT supportive. So this 11th-ish album is referring to Greek Mythology. Ms. Williams likes to toy with subjects like religion and sex - as she majored in philosophy and theater. Dar got her big boost by opening for Joan Baez and has been entertaining us ever since. Transcending lyrics, poetic movement, transforming album. She was at the Aladdin Theater 4/20.

Mermaid from Trains 4th album California 37 Only lately have I been able to listen to Hey Soul Sister. In fact, I downloaded it within the last 5 months. But these Grammy award winning boys have a following, and will be at the Edgefield Sept 22. I enjoyed this album, and this song is a whole lot of fun.

Watching you with him from Eric Hutchinson's 4th album Moving up Living down The pop rocker of WA DC toured with Kelly Clarkson and got his big break. With the help of Perez Hilton and performing the at the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade, Eric's been gathering an audience since 2003. I actually really loved every track I listened to. I'm a fan. A lil pop-rock never hurts anyone. Check him out at the Hawthorne Theater May 23rd. 

Everything is sound from Jason Mraz latest album Love is a 4 letter word I like Jasons new album. I don't always love his work but am a huge fan of 'I'm yours' and the other hit 'If it kills me' thanks to So you think you can dance?. Jason will be at the Gorge September 22nd. Bet that would be a good show...

Portland Cello Project's album Homage. They have been plucking since '96, and take contemporary hits and twist them into a classical remix of their own. Jay-Z and Kanye West would be proud... Check out their website and please read their mission.

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