Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Music Tuesday January 15, 2013

I am floored by two artists this week (2 Cellos and Cristina Pato), intrigued by two others (The Low Bellows and Serafina Steer),  and there are three others that of course out of this whole blog are the only ones highlighted on ITunes.  Enjoy!

Stupid Things by Yo La Tengo's 13th Album Fade
In case you don't recognize the band name yo La Tengo, they DO play under the alias Condo Fucks.
True Story.  This New Jersey band got their start in 1984 as a hubby and wife duo.  Their band name origin is pretty cute - thanks Wiki.  They won't be replacing anyone in my heart as a new love, but I wouldn't turn them off if they popped up on my Pandora.  Alternatively subtle, I want to take a nap in the warm sunlight while I 'Fade'...

Supermassive Black Hole featuring Naya Rivera from 2 Cello's album In2ition
Yes this is the Muse hit track, but these two cellists bring pop rock to an unlikely instrument.  Sexy and erotic, light the candles and invite your infatuation over for a rendezvous in front of the fire before Spring comes.  They were featured on Glee during the Michael episode, playing Smooth Criminal while Santana boasted naughty Sebastian's socks off into confession.  They must have enjoyed themselves, these 2 cellists from Croatia, because they invited Santana/Naya to be featured on their album.  Rock on.

Sorry seems to be the hardest word from the Tenor's 3rd album Lead with your heart
I am so sorry, my dear Canadian quartet, but Il Divo will always be #1 in my boy band serenade of cheesy love songs from the heart.  Beautiful, and please keep trying.  This is only your third album since you started in 2003.  And I believe Il Divo is off the market now.  I love this song, nice choice. 

I come apart featuring Florence Welch from ASAP Rocky’s debur album Long Live A$AP
Yes what we need from Rakim Mayers of New York is to be another hip hop artist with an attitude and an ego to title his first album LONG LIVE A$AP with a DOLLAR sign as the S.  With that said, thank you for inviting Florence Welch of Florence and the Machines to sing with you.  Holy cow I might even download this track.  I was cringing at the sight of the song titles and their collaborations until Florence jumped off the page.  You are slightly forgiven for this debut, A$AP.

World of Love from Serafina Steer’s 3rd album The Moths are Real
This folk classic Brit is definitely what she self described ‘the Kitchen Sink’.   The album is haunting and off the mark for what has been speaking to me lately but I can’t compare her to any other.  And for this I commend Serafina.  Unique task fulfilled. 

You can be all kinds of emotional from The Lone Bellow’s self title album The Lone Bellow
I believe this is Lone Bellow’s debut album.  There isn’t a lot of information about them on the internet but self described as Brooklyn country can’t be a bad thing.  This song is one I would love to play for someone sometime.

Giatango ( A Cristina Pato) from Cristina Pato’s 5th album Migrations
If you love sensual jazz, breathtaking piano, and sassy bagpipes, Cristna’s your gal.  This 32 yr old Spaniard blew me away with her NPR interview last Saturday.  Actually I was told about it and looked her up (THANKS, KARIN!)– please listen.  Even Yo Yo Ma has her traveling with him on tours. 

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