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New Music Tuesday October 16th

October 16th, 2007!
Not much this week, folks, but Radiohead makes up for that tenfold withtheir new album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Nude" from Radiohead’s new only downloadable album from their website "In Rainbows" but will be released on 3 December 2007 as a double album "discbox" with a second CD, two vinyls, artwork and lyric booklets. Their album is beautiful. This song has harmonious strings with Thom Yorkes almost falsetto voice and it’s soft, haunting, peaceful… I downloaded the whole album, and will be sharing amongst you all if y’all request it… I love the track "Reckoner" as well…

"State of Oblivion" from Southeast Engine effin rocking third album, "A Wheel Within a Wheel". This is what I’d call a modern alternative rock band. I am enamored with the lead singers voice. These geniuses are from Athen, Ohio, and it doesn’t look like they will be making their way to Portland any time soon, but we can hope. For now, just check out their music, unless you’re afraid to be alternatively folkified.

"Disko Bay" from the Capstan Shafts' new album "Environ Maiden". Only partially following the Capstan Shaft tradition, this album isn’t 4 or 5 dollars, well at least on iTunes. However, it is consistent with the other records they have released in that the songs are all under a minute and a half. Weird. This is a project that Dean Wells has started, and he records the albums in his house rather than a studio. I guess they just performed live for the first time at some church in Vermont. Hmmmm… They really are just a normal alternative rock band, with something to hide I think… what is it?

"I Saw the Bright Shinies" from Octopus Project's album 'Hello, Avalanche' which totally sounds like Alice in Wonderland or something…They are totally electronic pop, with a real beat and real instruments meshed with the electro-computer sound. They rotate on the instruments while on stage live, and one member(Yvonne) plays the glockenspiel!!!

"The Ascent of Man" from REM’s live album, titled (!!!) "REM live". I don’t think I’d heard this one, and it’s pretty cool. Always a fan of REM, even if I won’t be seeing them live nor buying their live album. I totally lost my religion to them, in the corner. Over there. Special place in my heart for queer friendly Michael Stipe! Go Stipe!

"Baby" from Angie Stone’s new album "the Art of Love and War". Ok, so Angie would have never made to my list if there wasn’t shit to pick from this week. I don’t think the music industry needs another Anita Baker / Roberta Flack, but Angie thought wrong. So she released another album which in my opinion sounds like the same R& B she’s been producing since she started. But I don’t want to be too harsh on her, since she is self taught and she writes a lot of her own music, which is something to say these days… even if it’s not my cup of tea.

"Let It Happen" from Jimmy Eat World’s new album "Chase this light". I have been feeling like I’ve been chasing the light for a while now, and since I couldn’t put a name to the feelings, I was relieved to find the words to my agony. Thank you, Jimmy. So is my little friend Anne excited about Jimmy’s new album? This song kinda rocks, Anne.

"Daylight" from Kenna’s new album "Make sure they see my face". This Kenna fellow is totally unique. Originally from Ethiopia, he taught himself how to play the piano to Stevie Wonder tunes, and was heavily influenced by U2’s "Joshua Tree" record. Because he sooo varies in genre, he had a hell of a time getting backed up $$ cuz the idiotic companies didn’t now how to market an unknown who can be versatile enough to fit into altertnative, indie rock, dance, new wave, synth pop, and house music. Sounds like someone should be fired now, because Kenna is stepping it up on the big box and is finally finding his time to shine. Daylight falls in the electronica style, with a bit of the Cure mixed in. I love it when an artist confuses the genre worlds.

"Mister and Missus Fitch" from Bobby Short’s newly released "Live at the Café Carlyle". The Café Carlyle is in the Carlyle Hotel, where Bobby lived from 1968 til the end of his life, in 2004 (actually he died in the hospital in 2005 of leukemia). I listened to his version of "Manhattan" while I was in the cab gong to Kendra’s in NYC last Fall ’06, and I passed the streets Bobby was singing about and I got all excited and teary… I had always thought" where are all these NY landmarks he is singing about " and then I was on them and passing them. I didn’t go to Coney Island, but that is on my LIST, babe. Bobby Short is a fabulous cabaret act, and I think it’s best if we all head to the Café Carlyle and give a toast in his memory for all the lovely music he has provided us. It’s in the Upper East side of Manhattan, on 35 East 76th Street. Perhaps we will see Woody Allen play with his jazz band there… cuz they do sometimes. Ok, so I looked up a room at this hotel (out of curiouslty and bordem at work) an I’d have to give err… ‘favors’ shall we say, to be able to stay there. Bobby must’ve been LOADED!!

"Omaha" and "Mr. Blue" from Moby Grape‘s reissue of their first album, self titled "Moby Grape". This 60’s psychedelic rock band reissued their first five cd’s, but this is their classic. If they hadn’t gotten lost in LSD while recording their second album, perhaps they’d be opening for Richard Marx at the Beaverton Bite or something. All kidding aside, these guys kicked ass… and I’m positive I probably tripped over their old pipe on Haight-Ashbury December, since San Fran was their home in the swinging sixties…

" Guilt by association" which is Louis XIV’s new single. This is a hilarious song. You can tell that Louis XIV are having a blast while recording this. The change in tempo, the leads voice, the lyrics… all hit the mark. They don’t take themselves too seriously, and they put on one hell of a live show, right Anne?

"59th St. Bridge Song" from Patrick and Eugene, from a collection of cover songs for the album "Under Covers", which consists of various artists, not just these two random blokes. This whole album is alternative versions of songs we all love like Fever, Tainted Love, and, errr, Wack Wack. ????? It’s insane, but you gotta love it. The cherry on top here? I haven’t a clue who any of the artists are that are singing these out of sync ‘familiar’ songs! Wack Wack is totally downloadable material, just so you know.

"Jingle Bells ( A Hip Hop Carol) from the AWESOME collaboration of The Disney Channel Holiday – which includes Billy Ray and daughter, Ashley Tisdale, the Cheetah Girls, Aly and AJ, and more. I didn’t think I could hear "Last Christmas" and hate it more than Wham’s version (ewwwww) but Ashley proved me wrong. Her fellow HS Musical *star* Corbin Bleu also graces us with this pre-pubescent voice… at least he doesn’t sound like he’s straining his voice the way Ashley’s singing does, but it’s still horrible. So Kyle Massey is, um, singing this rendition of Jingle Bells… and I’d have to say it’s the only pick of the bunch here. The others sound like the commercial Double Mint gum, which isn’t very appetizing.

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