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New Music Tuesday June 5th

Maria from Patti Smith's 11th studio album Banga
Patti is the Godmother of Punk. Well ok then. I wouldn't consider her punk these days. But she is a mother and a rocker and one hell of a musician. She collaborates with her 2 kids on this album, which I always find endearing. Patti says this is a personal album created with her own dreams as the inspiration. This song is about Maria Schneider and it's a beaufitul poetic dedication to this late actress.  Banga? I'm channeling Sheldon as I say Bazoonga.

God save the Queen from Neil Youngs 34th solo studio album Americana
I first got the chance to see Neil live in Hong Kong, in the rain, at a fairly empty SARS benefit. He seemed to wail and express a distressed and repressed artist in a country that hasn't previously allowed such artists to perform. (The next night was the Rolling Stones who made the paper for breaking their contract by singing 'Brown Sugar' anyways, worth every penny...) Mr Young is a Canadian who is an in your face political activist you'd swear he was a born American. I've seen him stripped down to just him and his array of guitars in an intimate setting which honed in on Neils artistry and gentle lyrics as we all know a man needs a maid. I've seen him with his buddies Crosby, Stills, and Nash at a winery with the natural phenomenon Columbia Gorge as their backdrop as they sang about ending war, corrupt countries, and peace and freedom. What else does the man have to say on 'Americana' that we haven't heard? He brings out the big guns: traditional American songs like 'This land is our land', which I heard during an interview with him from NPR as he explained 'Who doesn't feel this way?'. Agreed. Keep trying to united us Neil. Your passion is admirable.

Slumbers Sympathy from Kelly Hogans 3rd solo album I like to keep myself in pain
Kelly is from Atlanta Georgia. In the early 90s she was part of a band, due to circumstances and other obstacles broke out as a solo artist in 2009. My first introduction to Kelly's music was her version of everyone's favorite Rubber Duckie.   Who knew that childhood song could sound so seductive...  She's an official member of Neko Case's band, and who wouldn't want that honor?

Annual Moon from Liars 6th album WIXIW
The New York band Liars started in 2000. A bit punk, a bit rock, a bit artsy expiremental... The cover cracks me up, and I should add WIXIW means 'Wish You'. How sweet. oh- Also they have a crazy website that could give one a siezure but they update it daily and are coming to Portland (Doug Fir July 7th) so I forgive them.  By the way, this song is serene and visionary.

Body of work from Mynabirds 2nd album Generals
Miss Laura Burhenn is the general of this band Mynabirds, debuted in 2009. She dons the this album cover with intense force.  General indeed.  The band has been in the shaddows but they believe this will be their year to succeed.  They will be at the Pickathon in Happy Valley August 4 and 5th.  The line up looks too good to be true.  (better than this years Sasquatch festival...)  This song Body of work is a bit tribal in an intriguing and fantastic way.

The Hives 5th album Lex Hives
Saw these Swedish Hives in 2008 with The Donnas. They got a lot of energy and tear it up on stage. The lead singer is known as Howlin Pelle Almqvist and appropriately so. He howls and bounces on stage like a slinky. Slight punk slight garage rock, a whole lot of energy and just try to contain them.

Rabbit Hole from The Temper Trap's 2nd album The Temper Trap
This Australian band in '05 slowly gathered, wrote, and produced, making their debut in '09 in London but Australia still loves, supports, and awards them. Indie rock but what does that really mean these days... I really am not a fan of Temper Traps website.  First off, it has one of those ENTER buttons I despise.  This time, however, you have to really look to find it because of how busy the greeting page is.  I guess I will have to just deal with this as a band site trend for now.  Terrible marketing, people!!!!!  TERRIBLE!  Even when I get to the actual site I am not impressed.  The layout is difficult to track, and they aren't even coming to Portland.  And I am pretty sure they borrowed Aaron Neville's vocals during this song.

Raise Hell from Brandi Carlile's 4th studio album Bear Creek
My dear sweet Brandi.  Her lyrics and voice are exquisite.   I could (and have) listen to her on repeat, all day long.  I want, and listen to, this whole album today.

Tearz for Animals from CocoRosie's EP We are on Fire
These two American's sisters reunited in France and decided to create a band called CocoRosie Well while the hell not?  Their sound reminds me of a white version of Macy Gray.  Tis a good thing.

Isn't it time? from The Beach Boys 29th album That's why God made the radio

"Preceded by the single "That's Why God Made the Radio", the album reached number 3 on the Billboard 200 and was their highest charting since 1965, placing them second all-time with longest span of top 10 albums at 49 years passing The Beatles by two years. Frank Sinatra holds the record at 52 years of top 10 albums."

I saw the Beach Boys in 2006 (along with Lover Boy, KC and the Sunshine band, and Kool and the Gang) at the Hot July Nights in Vancouver, WA.  Hey, if you hang with me you will see legends... The latest album from the Beach Boys doesn't make you question who is behind each track, as each one sounds like old school Beach Boys.  I'll let you decide if you think that this is to the bands advantage.

Little Queen from Heart's album Strange Euphoria
Well this is just a greatest hits album but I love it.

On my own from Shawn Colvin's 8th album All Fall down
This South Dakota Grammy award winners new album is about as interesting as her award winning song Sunny Came Home.  Which is to say, it all sounds like her award winning song.  All of the tracks on this album.  Therefore, play Shawns new album if you want to take a drive to the desert and watch the sun set.

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