Friday, August 24, 2012

New Music Tuesday August 14th

Why does Smmer attract the oddballs?  guess no one but me is paying attention. Enjoy,
You're gonna listen from In This Moment's 4th album Blood
Honestly this music of heavy metal inaudible screaming isn't for me.  However, I love that this Maria Brink screams 'shut up shut up shut up shut up' into the mic during this track.  I am sure there are multiple moments in my life where this song would be appropriate to blast.  This band has something going on tin the metal world, they have made it on the Billboard list several times and toured with Ozzfest.  However, two of Marias mates left this year to travel with American Idol.  Hmm....  Interesting genre jump.   For not being a fan of this music, I am kinda a fan of this Maria...
Devil's door from Slightly Stoopid's 6th album Top of the World
This Ocean Beach band got their start in 1995.  Annual tours haven't let up because of their cult following.   I enjoyed reviewing this not so stoopid album, a lil reggae doesn't hurt every now and again.  Apparently they are always compared to Sublime, but I wouldn't only because of the  bitch from my high school that always wore the bands t-shirt with a pius smirk on her stoned face.  Sorry, not so sublime at all.  Come on up to Portland, Slightly Stoopid.  We would love to have you. Skipping us on your 2012 tour is pretty.... stoopid. 

Birthday Suit from Daniel Powters 4th album Turn on the lights
We all know Bad Day, whether you watch tv, listen to the radio or walked into a store in 2005.  It would be like avoiding hearing Adele today (or all last year).   But I like this Canadian.  I don't agree that his musical genre is 'piano rock'.  Wikipedia is on glue.  Poor one hit wonder since his debut in 2000, I hope something comes out of this album for him.  then he can go celebrate in his birthday suit and have a GOOD day.

-- Faceless's 3rd album Autotheism
Yet another deathmetal band, part of the Summer Slaughter Festival.  Cohead toured with Dying Fetus.  There is a good chance I won't be attending this concer
And got nothing to say about the tracks.

Tusk by Cystal Ark from the Feetwood Mac tribute Collection.

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