Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Music Tuesday July 24th

Three sophmore albums and a personal favorite has released her fifth album this week.  Enjoy.

Dooeny rock from Fang Islands 2nd album Major
This east coast band met at design school in 2005.  Yet another indi rock band, but with a damn hilarious sense of humor.  Their name came from The Onion article:
"I think it was just a funny blip about Donald Rumsfeld having a secret hideaway, and it was on Fang Island"
Too cute.   This song along with many others are so much funon this album I am debating on purchasing the whole thing... gulp. 

Top Floor from Micachu and the Shapes 2nd studio album Never
Led by Brits own Mica Levi who started her own band in roughly 2009.  She describes their sound as pop, the media likes to think of it as expiremental.   I AGREEEEEEE WITH THE MEDIA.   A wee bit expiremental for me.  

The love we had (stays on my mind) from Joss Stones 5th album Soul Sessions Vol II
I thought I owned all of Joss's albums but I guessed I missed her 2009 release.  I downloaded the singe 4 and 20 and love it.  There is something about her I absolutely love.  She has soul, great taste in music, love that she performs barefoot.  There are a few artists that I would purchase an album without thought, she is one.  (I said this about Rufus Wainwright and M Ward this year. ).  She's won a Grammy, multiple Brit awards,  she's the 5th richest artist under 30.   What can I say, Jocelyn Eve Stoker has my number.  Her first album was Aretha's greatest hits when she was 12. What's yours? 

Moi Sans Zach from Laetita Sadler's 2nd album Silencio
Stereolabs own Laetitia has gone solo. This is her sophomore album.  She has been performing since 1987.  She was born in France and started with Stereolab in 1990 in the UK.  My good friend introduced me to their music and I never listen to them. Laetitia's solo music reminds me a bit of this:   je t'aime.     

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