Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Music Tuesday July 10th

It seems to me summertime ebs and flows when it comes to music releases.  All the pop artists have to release their shit out at once and compete.  This week is quiet, but NOT if you listen to this playlist.  Enjoy. 

Gopher Guts by Aesop Rocks 6th album Skeleton
Ian Matthias Baritz from New York became his hipster Aesop Rocks self in '96.  He was smart to go get his BA in Art at Boston U, and pursued his dream as an entertainer later.

Gun has no trigger from Dirty Projectors 6th album Swing lo Magellan
Another New York native this week, this is one of those bands where I know I have a cd of theirs but can't think of a single hit.  A bit hip hop and a bit rock, they are all over the map genre wise, and I believe that is so brilliant.  You can't put me in a box!   This track should be a movie theme song.

ABC City from Holograms self titled debut album Holograms
From Stockholm, they will be playing at our local Mississippi Studios 9/19.  Holograms have a Facebook page but poorly managed.  Ug.  They are an absolute punk band with bouncy songs and lots of yelling.  I found this track pretty entertaining...

Magic Summertime from Eleni Mandell's 8th album I can see the future
This folkster songstress is from Los Angeles.  Eleni first caught my attention when her version of "I Love Paris" came on the tv, with none other than Paris Hilton hand washing a car while eating a Carls Jr burger in a very unlady-like way.  It was shortly pulled off the air, but not before I got the name of the artist that was behind that brilliant rendition of a classic.  I haven't bothered to check out her other music. Glad to see she's stil around. Another commercial, Eleni?  Magic Summertime transported me to falling in love.  Beautiful.
Hope to see you at the Arlene Schnitzer August 21st. And so can you!

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