Saturday, August 4, 2012

New Music Tuesday June 26th

You are my world from R. Kelly's 14th album Write Me Back
Mr Kelly has rocked our rocked since 1989. And he wants us to write back to him.  I am actually totally impressed with this song.  He is channeling his inner MJ. And as I wrote that I discovered Kellys own child pornography allegations.  True or not, 14 counts is a lot. The videos found on his property (not him in the films) involved girls younger than 18.  No wonder he's now divorced... I think I WILL write him back.  

Lost in the echo from Linkin Park's 5th album Living Things
Look, I know this band has won Grammys and financially gifts to national disasters (Katrina, Haiti, Japan and others) but I really really have a hard time with their music.  I understand they are talented and have collaborated with some artists of high stature.  I picked this song for 2 reasons: one, the town of Echo where my Dads mother was born, and I actually like this song. Yep I'm admitting it publicly that I like a Linkin Park song. Good thing no ones reading this...   

Lady Killer from Maroon 5's 4th album Over exposed
Truer word have not been written on this blog entry: Over exposed.  This is how you get it done, right? Be on a tv show (The Voice) so people don't forget your one ( or few) hit wonder and get pumped for your next single or album. Also smart? Collaborating with a hotter and better artist via tv show and song release (Christina Aguilera).  Well played Adam.  To be fair, I like some of the bands hits.  I have a sister-in-law who sings 'Moves like Jagger' while taking Jager bombs with my sister and cousin.  I can mention this b/c none of them read this. Actually none of my family members read my blog. I'm not sure they are even aware I have one. 

All things are possible from Blues Travelers album Suzie cracks the whip
Did anyone know that "The group changed their name to Blues Traveler, taking the latter part from the name of the primary demon in the film Ghostbusters, Gozer the Traveler" ??? 
No, I  did not.  I'm not sure if I was just becoming aware of current music (versus Frankie Vallie, Neil Diamond, and Frank Sinatra) in 1994 or the album 'four' was truly this bands best work.  But all of my favorite hits are on that album.  I got the chance to hear them in 2007 and Popper delivered per usual.  Amazing, rockin blues.  Thank you for keeping the music alive.  Yes yes yes. 

First time ever I saw your face feat. Erykah Badu from Flaming lips album The Flaming Lips and their Heady Fwends
I am unbelievably torn between this track and 'You, man? Human'. feat. Nick Cave.  I love both track equally. LOVE.  And I must list the other collaborators on this album:  Yoko Ono, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Bon Iver, and Kesha to name a few more.  I THINK this is their 14th album since these Oklahoma men started in '83.  They have been all over the map via genre, and their troop on this album really displays that. They got my vote.

Slim Pickens does the right thing and rides the bomb to hell from Offsprings 9th album Days go by
These California boys formed in 1984.  Not being a huge punk fan, I cringed at the thought of reviewing this album. This particular track is hilarious.  They are the best selling punk band ever, so don't be a bum like me and judge before you take a gander.  Guess not being a Grammy nominated band doesn't mean sh*t.

No Queremos Oro from Beachwood Sparks 3rd album Tarnished Gold
A few men in LA collaborated in 97 to create Beachwood Sparks.  With a country twang and an indie pop influence, I read a distinctive description "country through a kaleidoscope"
I am most likely downloading this single.  Too fun.  And to think they've only produced three albums in 15 years....

Red Guitar from Cassandra Wilsons album Another Country
She's been one of my favorite jazz artists ever since I heard her version of Little Drummer Boy off a jazz Christmas album about 15 years ago.  Who is THAT? I asked the world.  Her spirit leaps from her soul to your ears when you listen to a Cassandra song.  She's an award winning Mississippi grown woman, dueling with music since 1985. My favorite piece of info about Miss Wilson is 
'For many years she and her son lived in New York City's Sugar Hill, in an apartment that once belonged to Count Basie, Lena Horne and the boxer Joe Louis'. 

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