Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Music Tuesday June 18th

Holidays and Summer make for a hit or miss week in music.  This week is short but sweet. ENJOY.

Beautiful Son from Peaking lights 3rd album Lucifer 
Peaking lights are a married duo that have their own wonderful website but no wiki page. Wiki-wtf? Also I totally judged this album name until I read this: “Lucifer sat so strong with us. It means ‘Venus, bearer of light’ and is the first sign of the sunrise. There are some major astrological and astronomical events involving Venus in this year of 2012.”

Violent Rays from Smashing Pumpkins 8th album Oceania
I first realized Smashing Pumpkins were huge when I saw their Mellon Collie album ads in Paris in 1996.  To give you an idea of my music taste at 16, my first record purchase was a 3 disc collection of Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons hits.  

Valentine from Fiona Apples 4th album Idler Wheel is Wiser
Fionas adorable. I had the pleasure of seeing her live at the Roseland a few years ago and she was so shy. She hadn't played a live show in like 4-5 years.   Fiona was going to stop recording after her first record until she dueted with Johnny Cash singing 'Bridge over troubled waters'.  I'm stoked she is still working. Yes yes yes. 

As long as you love me from Justin Biebers 3rd album Believe
I am not a willing Bieber fan. HOWEVER, this album is good. Thanks to a former co-worker, I too was in anticipation of this uber awesome release. 

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