Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Music Tuesday July 4th

Short and sweet with a side of ick. Enjoy

Holding onto something from Parlovrs 2nd album Kook Soul
Wow this Canadian band is definately holding on to something: which would be talent! 

Whistle from Flo Ridas album Wild Ones
Can I just admit right now I am not a hip hop, rap, or hardcore fan. UNLESS you are Flo Rida.  This big boogie man from Florida grew uo in the 'projects' but went to college and connected with smart celebrities.  Tramar Dillard is my age but so much cooler, with his baby right round and all that jazz. And I almost lost it thinking of him collaborating with Andrew Bird, whistling wars. Yes this is how my mind works. Thank you for making me feel a lil less white and Irish. 

Don't wake me up from Chris Browns 5th album Fortune
Apart being an abusive bastard, he's a talented little 23 year old from Virginia.  Reading about Chris's personal history and anger un-management only made me more upset.  Great songwriter, good voice, effed up in the head.  I do like this song however. Wish I didn't.

On my mind from Jeremy Fishers 5th album Mint Juleps
I love this guy. No, I hadn't heard of him before this week.  But this Canadian is just fabulous. A lil hippy, a lil indie, a lil 1970s, and I'm thrilled to discover him.  Now I have to go check out his last four albums...

Ginger from Easter Islands debut album Frightened
Wiki sent me Kris Kristofersons album Easter Island when I googled the band. This started me off on the right foot for my music research.  Their facebook info isn't updated.  I did find an endearing photo shoot of the band.. and they are from Athens, Georgia and they like dream rock.  I had fun listening to their debut album but it didn't blow me away. 

Neptunes Net by M Ward from The Savages soundtrack
This soundtrack is CRAy-zEE (to be pronounced like Randall).  I'm a huge fan of M Ward. He can do no wrong in my eyes. But I also want to say Bruce Lash's version of Psycho Killer is hilariously delicious.  I haven't seen this movie but I want to.

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