Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Music Tuesday August 28th

Several Debuts, a classic, and some new alternatives for us all to enjoy. ENJOY.

Follow the road from The Dunwells debut album Blind sided faith
The Dunwells are an all British male folk rock band formed by two brothers and a childhood friend.  I love finding new bands that have all sorts of hype (since 2009) and are finally giving the public the record to fulfill the anticipation.  They've teased their fans by playing at SXSW and Redrocks to name just a few shows, and have a wonderfully cognitive website.  This review is late because they played in Eugene Sunday (8/26) but this is a busy band that I am sure will make their way over here again.

Run to your mama from Goats album World Music
With a band name like Goat it was difficult to find information about their history.   They give little information in the net, but are from Sweden so perhaps its just a cultural issue (as in the US isn't hip enough to know Goat yet).  From what I did discover about Goat is this looks like their debut album.  I found this review interesting and felt rather than trying to paraphrase a well written article, I'd just share the whole damn thing.  How to you paraphrase psycho-voodoo-witch doctor verbiage anyways?

Heaven is a ghost town from Minus the Bears 5th album Infinity Over
I would have never guessed how they got their band name:
"A friend of the band had gone on a date,” explains singer-guitarist Jake Snider, "and one of us asked him afterwards how the date went. Our friend said, 'You know that TV show from the '70s B.J. and The Bear? It was like that... minus The Bear.' That’s the straight truth."
The band's from Seattle and started in 2001.  I love their website.  Seems to be a smart marketer behind Minus the Bear.  They give incentives to become a fan member, and lots of merchandise packages are available. Also, they post their tour on the first page of their site.
Thank you.  You can hear and see Minus the Bear at the Wonder Ballroom 11/16.

Fireflies from Caroline Herrings 6th album Camilla
Caroline is an incredibly intelligent singer songwriter.  She takes historical figures and turns their biography into a poem.  The creativity doesn't stop there, she's also written a childrens album (Little House Songs, 2011) and created a radio station in her hometown in Mississippi called Thacker Mountain Radio.  Camilla is reportedly about a gypsy woman losing her way.  As a wife and mother of two, it doesn't sound like Caroline is Camilla anymore.  My only disappointment here is I don't see Portland on her tour schedule. Damn. 

Womans down from Alanis Morisette's 8th album Havoc and Bright
Much to my surprise, this isn't a best of or live album, it's all new music. I remember when she blew up the radio in '95 and '96, sweeping up Grammys and 
Junos.  She started a revolution of female singers to come bitch.  When I dug deep for the green Alanis, I found she was Canadas 'Debbie Gibson- in '91 and 92, opening for Vanilla Ice, of all people.  She had a hit called Too Hot, which I googled and my mouth dropped.
With her third album Jagged Little Pill, she released it internationally and dominated the waves with 'You Outta Know'.   I remember being in Paris in '96  and hearing my schoolmates were going to her show cuz she was in Paris too, but I got tickets to Sonic Youth and Beck. Can't really complain, can I.  Rolling forward, Alanis has popped up culturally in my life since, showing up on Sex and the City kissing Carrie playing spin the bottle, as God in Dogma, sing Let's fall in love in the film DeLovely (about Cole Porter).  But her song Uninvited on the City of Angels soundtrack still gives me chills.  I'd walk the streets of Portland and just let the song blast in my ears in a dramatic movie opening credits kind of way.   I saw Alanis live eventually (in Clark County, not Paris), and she was much more mellow then her original introduction to the world, but was fun and vibrant since she was co heading the concert with the Bare Naked Ladies (who know how to put on a show, trust me).  What's wonderful about Alanis music is she was sing each hit with a new meaning and have it be just as powerful as when I first heard it in 1995.  That's a true artist.

Flying from Sean Rowe's 3rd album The Salesman and the Shark
This New York folker started solo in '09.  What bonded me to Sean was that Otis Redding inspired him to sing.  Hell yeah he did!  Otis will rock White Christmas off a xmas music Hater!   Sean was brought to my attention over the weekend from NPR, where he talked to Mr Simon about living in the woods, being afraid of his own voice, and growing as an artist.  His baritone rivals Nick Dake and Tom Waits with  twist of whimsy.

Holiday from Poor Moons debut album Poor Moon
Thei debut album from the boys of Fleet Fox decided to do a side project.  Pretty and interesting, alternative music. Whimsical and should be listened to as the sun sets.

Flaggin a ride from Divine Fits debut album A thing called Divne Fits
Spoon and Wolf Parade members created a project called The Divine Fits.  Guess it was a divine fit to create a side show??

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