Monday, September 10, 2012

New Music Tuesday September 4th

Devils Dance from Big Bad Voo Doo Daddy's 8th album Rattle Them Bones
This Cali swing band started in the late 80's but didn't get their big break until appearing in the movie 'Swingers', also on the soundtrack.
I bought said album in 96 when the film came out, falling in love with VooDoo's sass and sound. Totally thrilled am I that they are still writing music.

Manhattan from Cat Power's 9th album Sun
Charlyn Marie Marshall, known to the music industry as Cat Power, is from Georgia. I heard her interview on NPR (LINK) and learned Charlyn is terrified of singing in public. She can't relax her voice but has taught hersself a plethera of instruments. One piece of info I found quite fun is she babysat here in Portland. odd...

Need You Tonight from Richard Cheese's album Back in Black Tie
I love Mr Cheese. Thats all. Mark Jonathan Davis is from LA and adopted the name Richard Cheese in 2000. If you aren't familiar with his take on music, Richard likes to take well known hits from the rock, metal, and pop genres and lounge them up. You can see him live here in Portland in August of 2013, locale TBA.

Justin Bieber from Smashmouth's 6th album
This California band likes to poke fun, have fun, and be fun. They brought I'm a Believer back to popularity which I love.

Javelina! from The Sheepdogs 4th album The Sheepdogs
These Canadian dogs are my favorite release this week. They started in 2006 and had a hell of a time picking one song. will definately be downloading and checking out their older music.

The Heart has its reasons from Azure Ray"s EP As Above So Below
Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink met at art school and formed Azure Ray in Georgia circa 2008. They've been wishy-washy on keeping the band together from '04-'09. In 2010 they made an album. This is their 'dreampop' fifth album. I got a little depressed while listening to this, a bit like Sarah Mclachlan. I like it however....

How Long from Matchbox Twenty's 4th album North
These guys are from Florida, and started in 1995. I loved their overplayed radio hits of the 90's. 'Damn' is still a personal favorite. Plus you have admit Smooth is smooth. This album has potential to be a winner and I hope it is. Completely rooting for them.

Rosie Oh from Animal Collective's 9th album Centipede Hz
I didn't need to listen to the rest of the album after
hearing this track. I didn't know what to expect, 9 albums since their '99 as Animal Collective of Maryland. Feel like should know this band but don't. I plan on it though. Got 8 other albums to edumacate myself now. Looking forward to it.

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