Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Music Tuesday September 11th...

Heartache in Blue from ZZ Tops 15th album La Futura
You may not know ZZ Tops been around since 1969. From Houston Texas the same 3 headliners have been growin beards together and making guest appearances in films and tv shows alike. "Gibbons has also commented during live performances while playing the string-bending intro to 'Foxy Lady' that Hendrix taught him how to play the song when Gibbons was 'about 17'."  Their look is known around the world, which is why I'm posting their rad album cover:

Blue Stockings from Sea Wolfs 4th album Old World Romance
From LA, California, this indie rock band has been rotating band members since 2003.  If you want to see their current line up, go to the Doug Fir 11/3.   Truth be told I thought Sea Wolf was trying to hard to sound like Coldplay and only chose Blue Stockings because of the bookstore in NYC I thought was pretty killer. 

Duquesne Whistle from Bob Dylans 35th album The Tempest

Robert Allen Zimmerman from Duluth Minnesota.  Yep, this rolling stone is your average hippie American starting in '61.   My biggest respect to Bob is his album in 2006 'Modern Times' kicked ass and he's still writing poetry and makin thunder on the mountain.  Bob you're a genius. Thank you. 

February Seven from Avett Brothers 7th album Carpenter
The two boys are from North Carolina but created this band in Cali in 2000, bringing the folk rock Cali natives can't produce. I love this band.  

Dinner for two from David Byrne and St. Vincents album Love the Giant
Miss Annie Clark (St Vincent) is from Oklahoma, has her own 3 albums, and has been singing since 2003.  I love her music.   
"Her stage name is a reference to Saint Vincent's Catholic Medical Center where the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas died in 1953. 'It’s the place where poetry comes to die,' she has said. 'That’s me. ' However, in another interview she claimed that it was to honor her grandmother, whose middle name was also St. Vincent."
As for David Byrne, he's from Scotland, you know him since 1974 TalkingHeads as well as books, solos, and performing at the Oregon Zoo in 2004 (well I saw him then).   So these two collaborated and created an indie rock organism. 

Puerta from Calexico's 8th album Algiers
From Tucsan Arizona, these guys have been crazy busy since 1996.  Collaborating with other high profile indie musicians, producing EPs, and recording for many film soundtracks.   
October from Helio Sequence's 5th album Negotiations
How did I miss this band is from Beaverton??? For those of you who don't know, Beaverton is a suburb of Portland, Oregon.  I didn't think anything original has been produced from Beaverton in the last 15 yrs... They got Nike, Techtronix, Resers Fine Foods... But music? Errrr, nada.  Let's go --- Beavers!!!!  

I don't dance from DMX's 7th album Undisposed
I want to do a 'mash-up' of I don't dance by DMX and I won't dance by Frank Sinatra.  With that off my chest, Earl Simmons (dba DMX) came to Yonkers from Baltimore and created the artist known as DMX the  "Divine Master of the Unknown".   I had to ask my much more savvy to the rap/hiphop music industry friend why the hell should I know DMX? Her reply? :"You all gonna make lose my mind up in here up in here?".  I googled it... Earl started in 84 but only has 7 albums. Write, produce, record carefully my friend.  But you still aint my type.

Sing what you can't say from Hoobastanks 5th album Fight or Flight
I had a hard time googling Hoobastank til I realized I was googling 'Hoobaskank'.  Hahahaha... So this Cali metal ska band formed in 94. Not at all what I expected to hear. Half the album is absolutely ska metal, the other half is rock and roll.  

Sweet from Dave Matthews Band's 8th album Away from the World
From Virginia, Dave added select musicians for their immense talent, hence his quote to potential band mates: "I know this is a song I wrote and I like what you guys play, so I want you to play the way you react to my song." 
I've heard the band live twice and love them.  I'll like to travel the the Gorge Amphitheater some September for their annual End of Summer show one day.  I love their Live at Red Rocks album.  I believe even if you hate Daves voice, that live album will rock your socks off.  I had to travel to Ameoba in San Fran to find it.  Worth it. 

Winner from Pet Shop Boys 11th album Elysium
Apparently this band is UK's top selling duo ever.  Guess they didn't have their own versions of Hall and Oats, Simon and Garfunkel,  Salt n' Pepa.  This powerful duo started in '81 and created a remix for the hands down best tv show that started in the 90's  Absolutely Fabulous 

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